YoJoe.com’s guide to Revolution is essential reading

It seems with every new comic day there are new issues tying into IDW Publishing’s Revolution storyline.  Even I’ve had a hard time keeping it all straight.

Thankfully, over on YoJoe.com, their comic aficianado antarctica is diving headlong into the Revolution story and has posted several updates in the YoJoe comic section.

You can see a number of links in this Revolution One-Shots forum post, which will direct you to all sorts of other pages with full information and summaries on all the one-shot comics released to date.  There’s also a general Revolution forum post as well, which links to a number of different comic book recaps for all of the associated Revolution stories.

It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to dive into Revolution and keep up to date with all of the associated titles.  Huge thanks to antarctica and YoJoe.com for providing this great resource!


Metric ton of 2016 G.I. Joe Convention Images on YoJoe.com

I know most of the attention at JoeCon focuses on the Hasbro booth and Club exclusives, but the truth is there is a ton of stuff that goes on at JoeCon beyond just the fancy new toys.

Phil from YoJoe.com went above and beyond this year as he always does taking images, organizing them and posting them in the always awesome YoJoe Photo Galleries.  Custom and Diorama contest photos, Cosplay, and yes plenty of images of new toys, too.

Check out the YoJoe Photo Gallery, there’s some awesome stuff to look at there.


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 104 is online!

Hold onto your butts… What’s on Joe Mind is here with Episode 104, just recorded last week and ready to roll for JoeCon 2016!  We cover the latest news, talk about the Joes of 2004, and lose track of what we’re saying consistently for nearly two hours.  Just another day at the WOJM studio.

You can listen to the episode on Podbean, or the embedded player below.

Show Notes

We talk about the Joes from 2004, catch up on the news, begin to set the table of what will happen at JoeCon…and generally get side tracked – A LOT.  Download it now and listen to it on your way to JoeCon!

Speaking of JoeCon, be sure to catch Mike, Gary, Joe and Chris McLeod from the Full Force at our JoeCon panel on Sunday, June 19th at 1:00.  It will be the last ever panel at JoeCon. Join us as we turn out the lights…forever (maybe, maybe not, we will see – we’re looking at you Hasbro!)

If you have not signed it already, be sure to sign our petition to Save the GI Joe Convention! If you want a Joe-only convention like us, make sure you sign the petition and let the powers-that-be know what you think!  More than 2500 people have signed.  Sign on the campaign today!
G.I. Joe in 2004

News and Intel


NEW YOJOE! PRO Collection Management Subscription Service


ST. LOUIS, MO. – April 08, 2015 – The premier G.I.Joe information and fan site for nearly two decades, YoJoe has been leading the charge in the G.I.Joe collectors’ community with innovative solutions for tracking and managing collections. Big or small, vintage or modern, YoJoe is the single source for up-to-date news and the most comprehensive G.I.Joe collection database on the internet.

For the past two years, the YoJoe team has been hard at work developing an all-new way to manage your collection with our YoJoe Pro Collection Management System. Offering collectors the ability to track items in their collection, document prices paid on items, upload collection photos, create a personalized Have/Want Checklists, and even buy, sell or trade directly thought the YoJoe Pro platform.

We are excited to announce that after an extended Beta Testing period, YoJoe Pro is now available to the entire G.I.Joe collecting community as a monthly subscription service. Every collector is invited to come and join in with a FREE 30-day trial of YoJoe Pro.

The pricing for YoJoe Pro fits every collector’s budget and need. You can subscribe for $3.00/month, $30/year or $55/for two years.
Membership has its benefits! Be one of the first 50 to pre-enroll for two years and receive a YoJoe-exclusive print of the iconic USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier artwork.

YoJoe creates so many different ways for collectors to interact within the hobby and G.I.Joe community – from social media to the database and forums, event coverage, editorials and so much more. We are very proud to bring our latest technologies to the community and we are excited about doing so much more.

Please join us as we continue to deliver all new and exciting ways to collect G.I.Joe. YoJoe.com is made for collectors, by collectors and we are counting on your support.

Thank you and Yo Joe!


For up to the minute Convention coverage – YoJoe on Facebook

While I’ve been busy running around, intrepid photographer and admins for YoJoe.com have been conspiring to keep up to the minute coverage flying to the YoJoe Facebook page.

If you haven’t already “Liked” that page, I’d strongly recommend you do so this weekend, especially since there are likely to be some big reveals coming from the Collectors Club tomorrow in relation to FSS 3.0.

So check out YoJoe on Facebook and stay in the know!


Amazing landmark for YoJoe Pro Users!

Attention YoJoe readers and YoJoe Pro users! A few days ago we made a huge landmark, surpassing 5,000 users of YoJoe Pro, who are managing over ONE MILLION G.I. Joe items in their collections! This is a fantastic mark to reach and a huge thanks to every single one of the YoJoe faithful who have used YoJoe Pro in any of its myriad forms in order to organize their collection, as well as buy, sell, and trade!

For folks who haven’t used YoJoe Pro, why not?!

Sure, there’s somewhat of a lapse of G.I. Joe product at retail, but that’s a perfect opportunity to dive into your existing collection and start filling in some of those holes, or even just get it more organized. Join the over 5,000 other YoJoe Pro members who are using the terrific resources of YoJoe to manage their own collections.

The full details can be found at the YoJoe Pro section right here. Create your account and get to it!


Disclaimer – Yes, GeneralsJoes is affiliated with YoJoe.com, but that doesn’t mean the YoJoe Pro resource is any less helpful.  Check it out for yourself!


Start off the new year with a new YoJoe Contest!

First of all, a belated congratulations to YoJoe member gijoecollector1 for being the winner of the IDW Limited Complete Collection Volume 1 edition late last year. But where there’s Volume 1, there must be Volume 2!

YoJoe has launched the second “CobraThon Contest” for an absolutely free copy of the IDW Limited “Complete Collection” Red Label Volume 2. The details are below:

This Red Label edition of G.I. JOE: The Complete Collection Vol.2 is signed by Russ Heath and Larry Hama and hand-numbered to 250. This collection of classic G.I. Joe
tales has been packaged and presented in beautiful hand-assembled casing and re-imagined covers.

• Limited to 250 copies
• Limited-edition, custom-designed slipcase
• Mounted signature page signed by Larry Hama & Russ Heath
• Exclusive canvas cover only available through this IDW Limited release
• Vellum title-page overlay
• New end pages
• Collects 12 issues of the original Real American Hero series
• Stamped with the IDW Limited Red Foil Imprint
• Red satin ribbon bookmark

This is G.I. JOE like you’ve never seen it before. Presenting the full run of the original Real American HeroSpecial Missions, and Yearbook tales, placed in proper reading order and collected in handsome hardcover volumes. Presiding over this project is legendary pop-culture aficionado Mark W. Bellomo.

Check out the latest Contest on the YoJoe Contest Page and good luck!


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 85 is online!

The G.I. Joe news front has been somewhat quiet in recent weeks, so some of the parts of Episode 85 of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast dip back in time just a little bit.  But then again some of the discussion here is timeless.  We speak to former Hasbro designer Rick Schad who gives us some great insight into his time on G.I. Joe, and of course, with it being episode 85, we pick our favorite figures and vehicles from 1985!  Vintage love for you.

Check out episode 85 at Podbean.com (or the embedded player below) and the show notes can be seen below.

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YoJoe Pro – A great resource for managing, selling, and trading your collection

I think I speak for nearly every G.I. Joe fan online when I gush about what a great resource YoJoe has been over the years.  Tracking the new figures, in depth and intricate listings of variations, vehicles with their drivers, and even dipping into the accessory realm with the great Whobit.

But have you checked it out lately?  And have you considered YoJoe Pro?  YoJoe Pro is like YoJoe on steroids…  you can track your collection based on the figures in the fantastic YoJoe database, and then sell or trade your extras with the simple click of a button.

Base membership is 100% free and allows you to organize your collection with checklists and provides unlimited listings to sell items in your collection for free.  If you item sells, there is a miniscule .99 (or 2.5% of sell price) fee, which is a fraction of what eBay would charge you.

But if you think you’re going to be a heavy user, consider one of the paid plans.  Starting at $20 per year (yes, less than $2 per month) you have all the same functionality as the free version, plus exporting your collection to Excel, and adding photos or notes to your collection entries.  It really is awesome functionality that can really personalize your own collection.  Along with this, you get 25 free sell listings per year.  There are other paid options as well, and each offers more free sell listings.

These are all amazing resources for maintaining your collection of G.I. Joe figures, which can get out of hand very quickly (I speak from experience) and I would strongly recommend signing up and kicking the tires.  I’m currently a member, and it’s been an awesome addition to my G.I. Joe life.

Check out the YoJoe Pro page for all of the details!  Yo Pro!

Exciting news from GeneralsJoes and YoJoe.com!

As some might have noticed, recent G.I. Joe events, including Toy Fair and this weekend with the G.I. Joe Convention, I have been sharing coverage here on GeneralsJoes and over at YoJoe.  I’ve always had a fantastic collaborative relationship with YoJoe, and it seems obvious that during the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention, we should announce that this collaboration will be growing even further going forward.

Please click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the full statement about this collaboration and what to expect in the coming months.  Hint: They’re all good!

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