In hand pics and mini-reviews for Wave 5 vehicles

Good friend of GeneralsJoes, madmac41 from JoeBattleLines has posted some images and mini-reviews for the recently released Wave 5 vehicles.  Read the text below, links to the original threads are in the titles…check out the great mini reviews with a ton of pictures after the jump!

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Wave 5 vehicles in stock at!

The fans have been waiting, and it seems as if the wait just might be over!  GeneralsJoes sponsor appears to have the Wave 5 vehicles in stock (with the exception of the Stinger sold singly).  Check out the links below!

Thanks to Fast Draw of for the intel.

Images of new vehicles (including Wave 5!) on

Continuing the recent trend, has some great images of soon-to-be released items up on their message boards.  This time around are some terrific shots of the upcoming vehicles, including the Arctic HISS, the Stinger, and the FLAK vs. CLAW 2-pack!  Check out the thread here, or see the images mirrored below.

Thanks to cmderinchief of JoeBattleLines and the Coil Club for the info.