GeneralsJoes Reviews Vitruvian HACKS Series 02 Wave 01

A great late summer present as Boss Fight Studio launches their second series of Vitruvian HACKS introducing us to their world of Fantasy!

Check out my Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or just link to the reviews directly below.  Believe me, these figures are just as amazing as you expected them to be.


Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Lacuna

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06-lacuna-front-equipped 07-lacuna-back-equipped

This is one bad ass looking fairy.  Though it looks like the proper terminology here is faerie.  I’m not sure of the difference from my perspective (to be honest, when I started I don’t think I ever envisioned myself reviewing an action figure of a fairy or faerie or anything in between) but I know a great action figure when I see it.


As a Cavern Faerie, Lacuna’s obvious trademark are her wings, looking much more bat-like than the insect wings what I’m familiar with when it comes to faeries, but honestly, that’s totally cool with me.  It makes perfect sense as well, with Lacuna being a “cavern” faerie that her wings should be more adaptable to creatures who live in caves.


Lacuna is the first figure to feature this new rear torso piece for the HACKS line which has twin ports for her wings (and additional arms!).  That’s right, the plugs for the wings are the same as the plugs for the female arms, so not only can you tweak Lacuna to have four arms, but you can also make her more like a “harpy” by giving her wings instead of arms.  As one would expect with the HACKS line, they are always pushing their limits.


The majority of the figure uses the familiar female blank template (except for the back of to the torso) and that suits me just fine.  In all of our experience with female figures throughout Series 1, it’s certainly clear that the base figure there is pretty great and can be used for countless different figures, apparently even including cavern faeries.

Lacuna’s head sculpt is pretty fascinating, with a huge, meandering hair style and a pair of goggles (apparently developed by dwarves to help filter her vision in sunlight).  Apparently driven from her caves by a mysterious skeleton attack, Lacuna now finds herself up among the other denizens of this fantasy world, and she doesn’t seem especially pleased about that fact.


As I mentioned, she has ports in her back for wings, and she comes with two different sets of wings, one closed and one open, which is a nice touch.  Each wing has a nice multi-joint peg as well, so they can be posed in either formation, making for a wealth of opportunities for cool displays.  Lacuna’s skin color is a nice gray/blue which seems to fit with her cavern lifestyle in great ways.  She is an intriguing looking figure and even as a faerie doesn’t follow many of the traditional call outs, definitely going her own way as so many Boss Fight designs tend to do.



The first thing you’ll notice about both Lacuna and Aiyana is that neither of them come with as many accessories as the Knight or Orc, but honestly, I don’t feel like they have to.  Lacuna’s wings are large enough to make up for it, and as a faerie she travels pretty light anyway.  Along with the wings, she comes with a fantastic looking scythe made from what looks like a tree branch and some kind of cave grown crystals that are cast in translucent colors that look spectacular.  Her other weapon is a scepter, a magic device that enables her to be a “lightcaster” which is a really awesome story element added to the character.  She can hold the weapons very well and their designs are exceptional.


Lacuna is a great figure built around an increasingly interesting character.  I don’t know a whole lot about the whole faerie race from fantasy stories, but Lacuna seems like an interesting evolution to the typical narrative and fits the concept perfectly.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Aiyana

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05-aiyana-front-equip 06-aiyana-back-equipped

So I did it again.  Back when Vitruvian HACKS Series 1 was first in its Kickstarter phases, I looked at the offerings and while I fell in love with many of them, there were a few that didn’t especially tickle my fancy, most notably Eurayle.  I mean, she seemed neat, but was basically a female blank with some accessories and not much more.

Then I got her in hand and was promptly blown away.

History has repeated itself.  While I love the idea of elves, and they’re one of the few fantasy concepts that I feel like I have some exposure to, Aiyana wasn’t knocking my socks off.  She didn’t have as much gear as the knight or the orc and she didn’t have the awesome wings of Lacuna.  I mean, she looked great, as all of the HACKS figures do, but I wasn’t enthralled.


I am now.

Like Eurayle, the simplicity of Aiyana is one of her strengths.  With a simple grass top and grass skirt (plus the gauntlets and leg coverings) you can truly appreciate the impressive sculpting and articulation of the base figure, which is the same as the female base figure we’ve gotten countless times before, but that doesn’t detract from the amazing articulation, balance and poseability that exists within it.  Aiyana’s joints are smooth and pose well, and I really love the way her rocker ankles work.  I keep hoping that perhaps somewhere along the way, the male figures will get the same treatment.


The sculpting and material of the secondaries for Aiyana help sell the figure as well.  They are soft and malleable, easily moving with the limbs and maintaining an awesome look.  They fit snugly, yet are easily removable, the perfect combination of aesthetics and function.

Aiyana’s head sculpt is great as well.  Her understated pointed ears are complimented by the nicely sculpted and decoed hair, which gives her a ton of character.


But at the end of the day, as usual with these simpler figures, it’s the accessories that really take the figures to the next level.

If I have any complaint with this figure or with Lacuna it’s that the female feet still have a real issue fitting on the Boss Fight display stands.  It’s an issue that Boss Fight is aware of, I know, but it would be nice to have that little issue resolved.  It’s tough to do with how small the feet are, though, I’m sure, and in the meantime, the rubber clamps that come with the dozens of skeletons you bought can work just fine.



Aiyana comes with a nicely sculpted bow and set of six arrows, which gives you just enough arrows to fit in the quiver with one extra to be fired by the bow itself.  Speaking of the quiver, it’s a great look, definitely capturing that wilderness feel, but with some impressive functionality.  Along with a chamber to hold five arrows, there are also twin sheaths that hold both of Aiyana’s knives.


And her knives are awesome.  The deco and rigid nature of the material makes them look and feel as if they’re sculpted stone.  She can hold both knives very well and they fit perfectly into the quiver as well.  The design of all of these accessories makes them look as if they were crafted by nature, which suits the story of the elves to perfection, yet the gear is all functional and looks great as well.  Aiyana can hold the arrow perfectly between her fingers and can be posed firing the bow better than any 1:18 figure I’ve ever seen.


Yes, Aiyana is a great figure that I didn’t give enough credit to when they were all first revealed.  As an Autumn Archer, I’m looking forward to seeing what else evolves from the elf story, especially the Withered Branch and the potential for spring elves down the line.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Orc Conqueror

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06-orc-front-equipped 07-orc-back-equipped

Although I’m not a diehard fantasy fan or anything, I’m still very familiar with Orcs and the basic background of their monstrous race.  Including them as part of the Vitruvian HACKS fantasy series makes a lot of sense and I anticipate some pretty cool stories evolving from these creatures.


As with the majority of Series 1, Boss Fight Studio manages to take some existing tooling with some interesting new additions to really evolve the figure and character.  The Orc Conqueror’s torso is all new tooling and they did a great job with it, making it look worn and beaten.  As with the Knight, the magic really happens when you start layering on the additional secondaries, however.  The Orc suspenders cover the armor well and add some great detail with the cross-strapping and the circular emblem in the center, and the fur covered belt does the same, managing to cover a chunk of the armor, but not reduce articulation at all.


The same fur texture is used in gauntlets and boot covers which, again give the figure some nice bulk and great design (not to mention the potential for customizers) while underneath it all is the familiar bare arms and HACKS construction system we’re all used to.

Also like the knight, the Orc Conqueror comes with removable shoulder pads that are more narrow than the knight and sculpted with a nasty trio of spikes that give the figure a great, menacing look.


The Orc Conqueror’s legs are sculpted in baggy, bulky pants which add to the menace, with some great spiked thigh armor that is removable.  It stays in fairly well, but if you’re serious in keeping the thigh armor in place permanently, you may want to consider a little glue.  I didn’t have huge problems with them, but if you pose them frequently, you could jar them loose for sure.  A recurring theme so far with the Fantasy figures are additional heads, and the Orc comes with a pair of them as well, one bearded and one clean-shaven and they both look fantastic.  The sharp fangs, the furrowed brow, and the menacing scowl all combine together to give us a great 1:18 scale version of everyone’s favorite fantasy bad guy.


So, there you have it.  As one of the main enemies of Series 2, the Orc Conqueror is a great base figure with some nice new tooling.  Now, what about the accessories?



Yeah, the accessories rock, as expected.  I already mentioned the various fur sculpted compliments, but didn’t even mention the fur cape, which hooks into the pegs of the shoulder pads, and is then held in place there when the pads hook to the figure.  The Orc Conqueror comes with the same helmet system as the knight, which accommodates two separate skull-themed helmets, one bearded and one not.  The face plates are really awesome and give a nice look to any Orc trooper variants you manage to assemble.  The primary Orc helmet is somewhat similar to the knight’s, with the wing ornamentation, but the Orc’s looks much more devilish and evil than the knights, providing an excellent contrast while maintaining a similar look.

Along with the secondary pieces, the Orc Conqueror also comes with a massive hammer (which separates into two pieces and as evident in Blasted Land Orc images, can be customized into different weapons) and a sword that looks as if it were carved from solid stone.  The sculpting and design work on the sword is absolutely incredible.  It’s one of my favorite edged weapons in the line, without hesitation.


This figure makes for a perfect cannon fodder foil against the knights, faerie’s and elves that are already making their way into the Series 2 ranks.  He’s mean, he’s nasty, and he comes with a brutal assortment of forged weaponry that carries with it a ton of character.  This is one nasty looking bad guy.

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Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Knights of Accord

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07-knight-accord-front-equi 08-knight-accord-back-equip

I won’t lie, it’s been a challenge to try and figure out how to frame this review.  One of the inherent issues with reviewing action figures is that you can only frame your opinion around what has been in existence at the time that you do your review.  If you’d asked me to review A Real American Hero Hit & Run in 1988, I probably would have given it 5 stars.  Looking back through the reverse-rose colored glasses, that kind of score seems laughable compared to the quality, ingenuity and technical improvements of action figures these days.

I ran into these issues with G.I. Joe from 2009 – 2012 all the time.  In 2009 I gave City Strike Snake Eyes a 5 Star Review because it was one of the finest examples of the G.I. Joe Commando released to date (in my opinion of course).  Little did I know two years later the Pursuit of COBRA version would be released, not to mention the G.I. Joe: Retaliation version which manages to do great new things for the figure as well.  So, stepping back, both City Strike and PoC Snake Eyes received 5 star ratings… are both figures equal?  No, I’d say definitely not.  But I can only review figures based on my impressions at that time.

Which brings me to my current conundrum.


Yes, the Vitruvian HACKS Knights of Accord action figures are some of the finest 1:18 scale action figures I have ever seen.  Coming from someone with only a passing interest in medieval history and fantasy, this figure is perfect in nearly every single way.

Thing is, I said the same thing about the Spartan Warrior a couple of years ago.  At the time, the Spartan Warrior is a nearly perfect action figure (and still is) but the Knight eclipses it in almost every way.  If they end up with the same score, are they “equal”?

I’m spending way too much time thinking about this.


Anyway…  putting aside any comparisons to past reviews, looking at the Knights of Accord, this figure does pretty much everything right you would want an action figure to do.  The sculpting of the layered armor on the torso, the nearly seamless integration of armor and cloth garments underneath (truthfully, I didn’t even know the gauntlets were removable until I stumbled upon it by accident) all comes together to give us a terrific, bulky, yet supremely well articulated action figure.


Some folks have pointed out that the huge shoulder pads could conceivably limit the arm motion of the Knight, and in truth, yes they do.  The new plug system which enables these shoulder pads to fit perfectly into the shoulders (and be swapped with others) allows for the pads to be removed if you want your knight to be more mobile, and come on, let’s face it, I’m pretty sure guys walking around in bulky suits of armor back in the day had some issues lifting their arms above their heads, too.

The Knight is 100% new tooling for the first time since the Spartan Warrior was first released (well, except maybe for the neck barbell) with new parts from neck to toe, and he is terrific.  Range of motion throughout all joints is fluid, yet rigid meaning they move easily, yet hold their pose well.  Underneath the removable thigh armor and shin armor is some pretty normal looking cloth pants which could work well for other future customs as well.

On his torso is some great angular armor with a great design aesthetic that maintains its range of motion even being bulky and imposing.  What really brings the figure to life, though, is the layered secondary accessories.  A removable belt and cloth add some nice flair to the figure, as does the thigh armor, shoulder armor and gauntlets, adding thick layers of armor while not greatly restricting articulation.


Knights of Accord are many in number, and Boss Fight gives this figure three separate heads so you can build you armies and maintain a sense of individuality among your ranks.  Just looking at the base figure itself, it’s clear that there’s a level of playability and customizability here that is more or less unparalleled.  And I haven’t even touched on the accessories yet.



Yes, along with the impressive base figure, the Knights of Accord come with a veritable armory of great looking weaponry.  Two different helmets combine with three different face plates (that works with one of the helmets)  and provide a number of different looks and different combinations.  The helmet that doesn’t work with the face plates is an ornately designed and sculpted helmet with great wings flaring out on each side of the face that looks really gorgeous.

Along with the helmets he has a sheath that plugs in nicely to a port on the right hip of his belt (though it takes some pressure to get it hooked in there).  There’s another port system on the other side that doesn’t appear to work for anything included in this figure, but I’d imagine there are some things still to come.  His sword fits in the sheath perfectly, and he also comes with a great two-bladed axe just in case the sword doesn’t do the job.


His angled shield is nicely designed with a much improved grip system (though it would have been cool if the grip could be reversed so left-handed knights could use it as well).  The leather straps are soft and pliable and easily moved to wrap around the forearm and the hand fits the handle well.  In fact most of the parts feel a bit softer and more malleable than those same parts in the first series, just one of the many different improvements from two years ago.


This knight is spectacular.  I love the different head sculpts, I really enjoy the combination of bulky, layered armor with impressive articulation and the customizability of removable parts and pieces.  Even with these first four figures I’m starting to see a wealth of different options of the first figures (not to mention Series 1) really bringing this whole Vitruvian HACKS theme to life.  I can only imagine how things will continue to improve and evolve as Series 02 continues and stuff like the mini-kits start getting released.  These figures manage to be the perfect blend between fantastic action figures and an entire system of figure build pieces that can keep collectors happy and excited for years to come.

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Series 02 of Vitruvian HACKS gets a great unboxing

We are neck deep in the summer season which means the release of Vitruvian HACKS Series 02 is almost imminent!

Good friend of GeneralsJoes Chris McLeod has been fortunate enough to get his British mitts on Wave 1 of the second Series of figures and has posted an amazing unboxing video on his YouTube channel.

Full blown diorama action, exciting unboxing and a very first look at these fantasy figures in hand and in action, this should get us all a lot more pumped up for their release.  Check out the embedded video below, keep visiting and hit up the pre-orders on  Good stuff coming!

Boss Fight Vitruvian HACKS Series 02 “Felonious” Paint Master Revealed

It’s already an exciting day at the Capital City Toy Show today in Concord, New Hampshire.  An fun, family oriented show with great dealers and a surprising amount of collectible product also has Boss Fight Studio in attendance today and they’ve revealed the very first look at Series 02 “Felonious”, one of their mages from the upcoming Fantasy series!

Featuring some fantastic soft goods, tons of removable accessories and newly posed “magic spell” hands, Felonious (and his trusty mouse Doai) come to Series 02 and add some more  magic influence to an already fantastically supernatural Vitruvian HACKS story.

Felonious features a great modular hole in the back of his belt, which fits his closed book, as well as a dagger, dragon staff, magic potions and a removable hood.  Not just a terrific looking figure, but a great foundation for some awesome stuff still to come.

If you’re in the Concord area, be sure to stop by the Capital City Toy Show and check it out for yourself!

If you like what you see here, make sure you’re jumping over to to pre-order Wave 1 of the Fantasy Series!

Check out all of the images below, and prepare to be stunned!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Kokomo Toys Exclusive Atelis Warrior

If you haven’t gotten your hands on the Kokomo Toys Exclusive Vitruvian HACKS Atelis Warrior then you are seriously missing out!

One of the stand out figures from the first series of Vitruvian HACKS, the Atelis Warrior is a fun new concept with great paint applications and a ton of cool accessories.

Head on over to my Vitruvian HACKS Review Page or click the link below to read my review!


Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Atelis Warrior

Available for sale now at the Kokomo Toys eBay Store!

01-atelis-front 02-atelis-back

In spite of how utterly awesome the Vitruvian HACKS Gorgon figures are, there has been some demand among the collector community for Gorgon “foot soldiers”.  Snake creatures that run around on two legs rather than slithering on their spectacularly engineered, articulated tails.


Well, for Kokomo Toys’ most recent exclusive, Boss Fight Studio did just that with the Atelis Warrior.  The majority of the figure is repurposed from the Amazon template, with the standard female buck, Amazon skirt, leg armor, and gauntlets, except we get Medusa’s chest armor and arm gauntlets to compliment it.  Along with that we get both different variations of the Gorgon head, the “calm” version and the “screaming” version which adds a very nice layer of customizability to this fun troop builder.


Putting aside all the great extra pieces, just looking at the figure itself, this is a spectacular looking new type of Gorgon soldier.  The green skin color is a really great, unique shade of green that is different than any other shade before it, an almost pale, faded hue, complimented by intricate and fascinating tattoo work throughout.  As an “Altered Amazon” this figure has a neat back story, and built upon the already terrific Boss Fight Studio female figure buck, it’s a poseable and well balanced fighting machine.  The overall presentation of the figure is terrific, with the Amazon Skirt complimenting the Medusa armor to perfection, giving us a figure that is truly inspired by the Amazon Warriors, but has some really great Gorgon elements.



The Atelis Warrior comes with an excellent assortment of great accessories.  Her weapons are a nice gold sheen and she is loaded.  This tailless Gorgon comes with two swords, two snake whips, one snake knife, two helmets (one Myrmidon and one Gorgon), and the Gorgon shield, allowing for many awesome variations of accessory load outs.  Being able to swap out the head and arrange the weapons in so many different ways gives collectors a wealth of options for posing various different Atelis Warriors.  As you can see, I bought several for this very reason.


The Atelis Warrior is a ton of fun.  A great Gorgon figure worked into the fantastic female base figure adds a fun new element to the Vitruvian HACKS mythology and is an exceptionally fun figure to boot.  Great stuff from Boss Fight Studio and huge kudos to Kokomo Toys for pulling off this great exclusive!

Available for sale now at the Kokomo Toys eBay Store!

GeneralsJoes Reviews latest Vitruvian HACKS Series 1 Releases

It’s been an exciting ride over the past year and it’s with mixed emotions that I post my review for the final three main figures in the Series 01 Vitruvian HACKS line!  These three figures are the final wrap up to the Greek Mythology series (at least barring the upcoming Kokomo Toys exclusive) and they are certainly ending on a very high note.

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