Fantastic Vitruvian HACKS and Bucky O’Hare pictures from NJCC

This spring’s New Jersey Collectors’ Con has come and gone, and there were a ton of great reveals from the folks at Boss Fight Studio.  While we’ve already seen some sporadic images from the show floor itself, over on ToyArk they’ve posted some insane galleries featuring all of the new figures that were shown.  I’ve mirrored a small selection of their images below, but you can hit up ToyArk directly to see over 100 images of these great looking items!

This includes figures tentatively scheduled for Series 02, Waves 04 and 05:

  • Naga Serpent 
  • Barbarian
  • Gargoyle 
  • Dragon Harvester
  • Half Orc Mage
  • Psionic Warrior

Along with this, several great images of Bucky O’Hare figures were shown as well, including the previously unknown Stealth Deadeye Duck and Aniverse Bucky O’Hare releases!

Some more details were shown about the upcoming Mighty Steed Kickstarter, scheduled to hit this month, including the apparent inclusion of Aspen’s Elk!

Finally, we got a nice look at the Hellhounds, an upcoming product release from Dream Concept Studios, the folks who brought us the Zombie Lab Kickstarter not so long ago.

Man, I’m really digging the looks of those Hellhounds!

Lots of cool stuff revealed at the show, and if this is what the independent toy scene is looking like these days, I’m cool with G.I. Joe being off retail shelves for a little while.  Check out for even more images than what I’ve shared above.


04-cerisier-front 05-cerisier-back

She’s en elf of many names…  initially revealed at the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Cerisier was a very pleasant surprise.  She had not appeared on any input drawings or concepts before her reveal, and many folks were a bit confused by where she fit in.


Technically not a part of wave 3 she also had been identified by several separate names (Sakura Elvish Assassin and Cherry Blossom Elf among others) and folks were a bit unsure of her place.

Well,  Boss Fight Studio gave us all a pleasant surprise, revealing that she was a exclusive and she is available for sale RIGHT NOW.


As many folks have gotten used to, Cerisier is another excellent release from Boss Fight.  Using the familiar female body style with an updated head (it almost looks like Lacuna’s head with a different hairpiece) this Elf has long, pointed ears and a sleek appearance giving more credence to her role as a deadly assassin.  With gray skin (colored by dark ink to blend in to the shadows) and a fantastic combination of pale colors on the secondaries, she manages to look dark and stealthy and colorful and vibrant both at the same time.  The folks at Boss Fight have a true sense of artistry with these figures, knowing just how to combine the right colors, enhancing the figure.  So many toys these days have colors for the sake of having colors, without those color schemes really making sense.  The Vitruvian HACKS series has a clear template and purpose for each color they choose, and the end result is a far more aesthetically pleasing end product.


Cerisier uses the same secondaries as Aiyana the Autumn Elf, but with these different colors, comes across as a much different looking character, and one that I really enjoy.  It  goes without saying that the articulation on the H.A.C.K. part system only further accentuate the greatness of this figure, as she feels exceptionally well constructed, yet has been remarkably easy to swamp around.  The female body style that Boss Fight uses is the best in the business and every time I get a new figure of theirs it’s a true highlight.



One nice thing about Cerisier is that she actually comes with some new gear.  By the looks of it, it’s gear that will be repurposed for Narissa in Wave 2, but hitting first with Cerisier gives us a nice glimpse at some items still to come.  The crossbow, hip quiver, and three crossbow bolts are all really great accessories and allow this Elvish assassin some mobility as she moves about the darkness, hunting down her targets.  She also comes complete with a pair of the same knives that Aiyana initially came with as well.


Cerisier was a surprise addition to the Vitruvian HACKS universe, but has been a very welcome one.  The spectacular construction, functional accessories (she can actually hold her crossbow realistically!) and excellent new paint scheme all come together to give us another really great, really fun Vitruvian HACKS product.

The time is now! Vitruvian HACKS Series 02 Fantasy Figures Pre-Orders are LIVE!!

Ever since fans got their first glimpse at the Vitruvian HACKS Fantasy Series, they’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of these spectacular looking figures.

Well we’re not quite at release time yet, but the Pre-Orders are LIVE!  You can log into right now and buy ’em up.

You’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.  As collectors of the Greek series will tell you, product DOES run out, and I anticipate a huge demand for these gorgeous figures, so get your pre-order in while you can.  Check out some of the images below, then immediately run to and grab ’em up.

New Vitruvian HACKS images reveal Wave 7 Easter Eggs

Hot on the heels of the New Jersey Collectors Con, has posted one of their usual mind-blowing galleries of the upcoming Wave 5 Vitruvian HACKS action figures.  These images make me ecstatic, and very impatient about the short wait before Wave 5 hits Boss Fight HQ.

But even more importantly, images of the cardbacks seem to hint at the line up for an upcoming SEVENTH wave of Vitruvian HACKS Greek Mythology series.  Hell, they don’t hint at it, they pretty much outright lay it on the line.

Check out the fantastic images at, and also take a peek specifically at the cardback image which gives us the following lowdown for Wave 7:


  1. Warrior Skeleton
  2. Myrmex Warrior
  3. Gorgon Horde Serpentress Order
  4. Helios Warrior

A quick look shows us that the Helios Warrior appears to be a male counterpart of the upcoming Eos Warrior from Wave 6.  Also, the Myrmex Warriors are likely designed to be compliments to the Myrmidon Warriors, who all served Achilles.  Myrmex is also Greek for “ant” and the rumors are that Achilles’ personal army was created from ants.  It will be interesting to see how the deco’s develop.  I can’t even fathom what the story is behind that bad ass looking Gorgon.

Always great to hear new things on the horizon for Vitruvian HACKS.  Considering the long wait ahead for the fantasy line, it’s awesome that Boss Fight can keep new product in the pipeline fairly regularly.

If you like what you see from Wave 5, you can still pre-order it now!

Boss Fight Studio provides the update we’ve all been waiting for

Boss Fight Studio has sent along a Kickstarter update today and it’s a pretty fantastic one!

They have confirmed that the second batch of Kickstarter figures have arrived and are shipping out now.  Along with this, they also drop the news that they will be making a cool announcement shortly and also encourage folks to visit for information on upcoming series of the Vitruvian HACKS figures.  This seems to indicate that they will NOT be using Kickstarter going forward, and will be offering all product direct to customers through their webstore.

Check out the full text of the update below, and let’s all get ready for some more Vitruvian HACKS!

Final KS Shipping announcement and future plans!

Hi Boss-Fighters,

As you read this, we’ve have received the final items from our factory and begun shipping the remainders of KS All-in packages to supporters along with the prints and freebie figures! We cannot thank you enough for your continued support and patience.

If there are any issues with the figures you receive (missing/incorrect parts, etc.) please contact us at within 30 days of receiving the shipment for replacements. After that, we may not be able to offer any replacements. This 30 day period will be our standard for product issues going forward.

If you have not already done so, please pay a visit to and check out our webstore for additional items. Going forward, will be the home for new product launches and pre-orders. One more thing – stay tuned for a surprise announcement in the near future!

Best always,

Boss Fight Studio


Boss Fight Studio Virtuvian HACKS Update – Possible Delivery Dates!

Kickstarter supporters for Vitruvian HACKS have received an e-mail update today with some great news!

Now that the Marauder Task Force figures have been produced and distributed, the factory has been freed up to focus resources on Vitruvian HACKS, which has pushed along their production schedule nicely.

Boss Fight expects the first test shots to be in hand mid August for Quality review, with a potential initial delivery within the fourth quarter of this year. GREAT news for folks (like me) who are feeding for some Vitruvian HACKS greatness.

Check out the full text of the e-mail below and let’s go HACKS!

Manufacturing under-way!
Hi Boss-Fighters!
This is the big one.  We have the process rolling to our satisfaction and we can finally announce dates.  But first, a little background:

When we started Boss Fight Studio almost two and a half years ago, we knew we wanted to do more than freelance development for other companies – our main goal was to develop our own product.  Something without compromise, that we could stand behind,  that would be among the best collectible toys out there.  Thanks to all of you, the Kickstarter campaign was successful beyond all expectations.  Since this was our first crowd funding campaign, the flip side of this success was that we ended up adding far more items than we had initially planned on, and development on those additional items took time.

As many of you already know, we’ve also been dealing with some manufacturing hiccups on the product for our friends at Marauder “Gun-Runners”.  We’ve been intimately involved with the entire process, and Marauder is using the same factory that we’d already sourced for HACKS.  We wanted to make sure that the Marauder Task Force figures were dead-on, primarily to follow through with our friend Marauder John, but also because, if the factory that we’re partnered with couldn’t get these right, it wasn’t going to be the right place for Vitruvian HACKS.

Well, we’re happy to report that the factory went above and beyond to meet the high quality expectations of MGR and BFS. Including completely re-running the entire production run of MTF figures, and hiring new employees to do exacting quality-control checks. On our recent trip to China, we were able to witness these changes first hand and reaffirm that we are partnered with the right people, who care about delivering top-notch products. Partners who are 100% committed to forging long lasting relationships, with both BFS and MGR, for years to come. The delay to our original manufacturing window was significant, but in the end, it will be worth it.

With production and shipment of the Marauder Task Force figures, wrapped up in June, Our factory partners were freed up to continue tooling preparations for Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and have been working fast and furiously. Up until this point, we did not have a solid delivery window, and for that, we apologize.  We know you guys have been waiting a long time.

We have been told to expect our first test-shots for review in the middle of August. This represents a significant milestone in the process and we cant wait to share photos with you all! We have also been informed that, due to the large number of items, production of our order will be split into two groups shipping approximately one month apart. If all goes relatively smoothly, we are looking at a 4th quarter delivery window.  We wish it was sooner, but the complexity of the figures and sheer number of items will take time to manufacture.  We can’t thank you guys enough for your support and patience.  When we have more info, pics, whatever, they’ll be passed on to you without delay.

Best wishes,
Andrew, Fred, Dave, Erik and Catrina.


Latest update from Boss Fight Studio on Vitruvian HACKS

So the Chinese New Year celebration has come and gone, and folks were curious about the status of the Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter items…  well, Boss Fight Studio has chimed in, and released a great new image to boot.

Greetings Boss Fighters!
It’s been a while since our last update and we do so apologize for that. Rest assured that our lack of communication has given us time to further our goal of getting quality product into your hands. As some of you know, Marauder’s Gun Runners and their Marauder Task Force line of figures experienced some production issues. Boss Fight has been on the front line working with them to fix the issue. Why is this important to Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and our fantastic Kickstarter backers? Well, the same factory is being used for both the Marauder Task Force and H.A.C.K.S. figures. We felt it was in everyone’s best interest to pause our production on the V-H.A.C.K.S. Series 1 until all issues had been resolved. Now that we feel confident that these issues have been sorted out and solutions have been found, we are ready to pull the ripcord and plunge into the night. In about two weeks, two of our merry band will be traveling to the factories in China to kick off production. After their return, we will have a more solid delivery date for the figures. Now that things seem to have smoothed out at the factory, for both Marauder and ourselves, we hope to have the product to the Kickstarter backers some time this summer. For those of you that missed the initial KIckstarter (or just need more figures then you originally bought), do not fret. We will begin selling the remainder of the product in waves shortly after all of the backers have their figures in hand. Once again, we apologize for the delay, but we are committed to bringing you all the quality and high standards that we ourselves expect from a collectable toy line. We’re all very excited to not only get Series 1 into your hands, but also into our own. Until then, here are some new images of the final painted prototypes complete with shield artwork. This is the first time nearly the entire line can be seen together as a whole. SO the All-Ins will be receiving each and every one of these, plus the Ghosts of the Battlefield 2-pack, sixteen blanks, seven accessory packs, and four skeletons! Hopefully the thoughts of glorious Greek battles that will play out in your living rooms and upon your shelves will hold you over until we can get Series 1 shipped to your doors.
-Boss FIGHT!!!


So did Boss Fight Studio just drop a bomb about upcoming HACKS series?

It seems to have flown somewhat under the radar, but over on the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page, Catrina, one of the members of BFS made what appears to be an innocuous post:

On the surface it doesn’t look like much, but check the hashtag… “‪#‎HicSuntDracones‬”.

For those unfamiliar, the term Hic Sunt Dracones was often placed on ancient maps showing the presence of danger. Translated from Latin, however, it literally means “Here Be Dragons”..

Could this be some kind of hint that we may be getting dragons in the Vitruvian HACKS line?  They have shown off several fantasy related designs as follow ups to the Greek Mythology concept.

Very interesting….stay tuned!  I know I will.

Boss Fight Studio Virtuvian HACKS Delay

When the Marauder Task Force delay was announced a short while ago, I saw some folks wondering if perhaps this didn’t bode well for the Vitruvian HACKS line, though at that point no one really knew what the issue was or if they were even using the same factory.

As luck would have it (bad luck) it appears that Vitruvian HACKS is suffering from the same unfortunate fate.

A Kickstarter update was sent out to supporters today announcing that production of the HACKS figures was going to be delayed by “a few months” as a result of not only the QC examination, but also compounded by the upcoming Chinese New Year.

It’s a disappointment to be sure, but I think everyone would agree, we’d rather wait an extra few months to get the product we really want rather than rush to market and end up with sub-standard product.

To ease the pain of this announcement, Boss Fight has also posted a first look at their spectacular Tartarus Guard, which I’ve included in this post. It’s an absolutely amazing looking new figure and will either excite you or enhance the disappointment that we still have a few months to wait before Virtuvian HACKS invades our toy shelves. You can read the full text of the delay announcement after the images.

Hey again, backers!

Thank you all, once again, Boss Fighters! You helped us unlock nearly 50 items this summer!

Up to this point, we have been optimistically targeting February as our initial ship date. However, due to current circumstances, which we will discuss below, we are going to have a slight delay in the shipment of our figures.

Along with the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter, many of you also contributed to the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter. The factory being used for both has been exceeding our expectations on nearly every level and what we have seen from them has been extraordinary. There were a few minor issues in the production of the Marauder product, which are being resolved. Our product will be produced at the same factory, and until those issues are cleared up for the MTF, our product will be pushed back. We are working closely with Marauder and the factory, and we’re optimistic that things will be resolved successfully and quickly.
Both Boss Fight Studio and Marauder are committed to providing the highest quality product possible and we are working together tirelessly to make sure the product for both teams meets or exceeds our very high expectations.

Next, because our items are being moved back slightly, our factory time is going to be pushing into Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival, which take place from February to March this year. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is a month-long celebration. During this time, our factory closes to allow the workers to celebrate with their friends and families.

When we started the V-HACKS project, we were offering 3 waves of 4 figures and 2 different Kickstarter exclusives, for a total of 15 items. As the Kickstarter moved ahead, full-steam, however, we added more figures, some completely new sculpts, along with some accessory packs, finishing with an amazing 50 different items!
Of course, when we inputted the time-line for our finished product, we had calculated for maybe reaching 30 items, but even reaching those stretch goals seemed unrealistic to us. We had no idea just how excited our backers would be for our figures! Even though we were given the opportunity to design, sculpt and produce so many additional items, we were still very hopeful that we would be able to deliver them by our February deadline. At this point, however, that is proving to be impossible.

We are estimating a few months’ delay and as we move along, we will be able to be a little less vague about exactly how long we are looking at.

We hope you all understand. We want you to be able to have the highest quality product we can provide. We will keep you updated as we receive more information and will make sure you are involved in every step of our progress. We know how excited you are. We are too!

Thank you all for all of your support!

Boss Fight!