Reminder – Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 2nd!

Just a friendly reminder that this Saturday is “Free Comic Book Day” at comic stores across the nation, and IDW is offering a combination Transformers Animated/G.I. Joe book to celebrate the event.  It will include an 11-page story from Transformers Animated, and will also contain TWO different G.I. Joe stories.  From the sounds of it, one is written by Chuck Dixon and the other by Larry Hama.

Click here for all the juicy details, but more importantly, swing by your local comic shop this Saturday and scoop one up.  Can’t beat the price!

My love affair with Transformers: Animated

Yeah, I had the same reaction you all did when I first saw that print ad for the upcoming Transformers: Animated cartoon series.  Basically I think it was something like “OMFG!! Eff Michael Bay!11!one1!  Look at those chins!11!11”

Something like that, anyway.

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