GeneralsJoes Reviews Figure Subscription Service Barrel Roll and TNT

The Figure Subscription Service has wrapped shipping and I’m finally getting those last loose ends tied up.  Not quite done with the mythical “Number 13” yet, but here are numbers 11 and 12.  Barrel Roll is one of my all time favorite characters, especially in recent years, and I’m glad to see him released.  Meanwhile, TNT was a very pleasant surprise, to be sure.

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G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals back story for TNT – 6 days left for FSS!

Like they did with Quarrel last week, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has revealed some past history for TNT, who started his career as an Argentinian Blowtorch repaint.  While I’m not really a fan of the 25th Anniversary Blowtorch figure at all, the color scheme for this figure is just bright enough to make me smile and think back to the glory days of the 90’s.

You can check out the Club’s article on TNT right here, and keep in mind there are only SIX DAYS left to sign up for the Figure Subscription Service.  The below email comes courtesy of the G.I. Joe Collectors Club as well:

Hello all you G.I. Joe Fans!

The Figure Subscription Service ends at midnight on September 4th central time.  DON’T MISS OUT!  Go to the club site for the official link.

Please note that if you are checking your FSS order, you do this at the FSS site NOT the club store. The two systems are independent even though they are able to use your same login and passwords.

NOTE ABOUT SINGLE FIGURES:  There will not be a large quantity of single figures ordered for the club store so if you are interested in most of the figures offered, we recommend that you subscribe and sell the items you are not interested in to others.  This will ensure that you receive the figures that you really want.

If you log in to check your order(s) (click My Account at the bottom after you log in), and you are not seeing your invoice or emails, please drop us an email using the link at the bottom of the My Account page and we will have your file reconstructed.  Your invoices are in the system but there are a few accounts that are not displaying correctly.  After the subscription period ends, we will only send out emails to the FSS subscribers concerning shipping/billing updates and all of those emails will appear in your My Account.

Thanks for your patience and support of this new system.


1. You must be a member of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to take advantage of the Figure Subscription Service.

2. This is a build to order system.  We will build as many as you order, so we cannot run out.  YOU CAN ORDER AS MANY AS YOU WANT, there is no limit.

3. What you do need to be concerned about is the closing date of the subscription service, which ENDS on September 4th at midnight.

4. You can either pay In Full or by Installment.  There will be 3 installments.  When you subscribe and choose pay by Installment, you will be billed for the first two months’ shipments.  Then sometime during the second month, you will be billed for the 3rd and 4th months’ shipments and sometime during the 4th month you will be billed for the final 2 months’ shipments.

5. Your free surprise 13th figure will come with your final shipment during the 6th month.

6. The figures will be shipped in random order. All members receive the same figures each month.  The figure pairings will not be preannounced.  So if you don’t mind, when you get your shipment each month, PLEASE do not go online and tell what you received. We want each shipment to be a surprise for as many members as possible.

7. The cost is $294 if Paid In Full (plus shipping) or three Installments of $98 (plus shipping).  Please note that there is a $3 online processing fee for each billing. We take Visa, Discover or MasterCard.  Unfortunately we cannot accept Money Orders or Checks for this offer.

8. If you pick a shipping service that does not include insurance or if you don’t pick the insurance, we do not have any responsibility for replacement of lost or damaged or misdirected orders.

9. If you move or need to change your credit card during the program, you can log into your account at the FSS and change it there.  This will change all of your future FSS billings and shipments.  We will also be sending you reminders to check your address and cc before each billing/shipment goes out.  We are not responsible for shipments that are lost due to incorrect shipping information on file.

10. We are waiting on the final schedule from China so we don’t know exactly when the first figures will ship.  We hope it will be by Christmas. We will announce this as soon as we get the final schedule.

11. Some of the figures (single figures) MAY be available in the Club Store after the subscriber’s figures ship. These will be at a price of $32 per figure.  There is no guarantee of availability of any of the figures in the club store. If you want to ensure getting these limited edition figures, you need to subscribe to the service.  The single figures will be very limited.

Oye! The G.I. Joe Collectors Club unveils latest FSS Sub figure – TNT!!

As promised on Facebook yesterday the G.I. Joe Collectors Club revealed their latest FSS (Figure Subscription Service) figure today, and long time fans will immediately recognize it.

TNT, creatively called Theodore N. Thomas is a Blowtorch repaint that was originally released as part of the Argentinian release of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.  He’s got a very unique deco that should be familiar to most Joe fans out there.

If I have any complaints it is that I’m not a big fan of the Blowtorch tooling.  The figure is so bulky and over detailed that it loses some of the articulation, which is too bad.  Beyond those issues, the concept is sound and the end result looks neat.  Check out or take a peek at the mirrored image below.

Now, something of a trend I see forming here, which is cool, I’ll give you that.  During the 2009 Convention, the Collectors Club released Manleh, Shimik, Topson, and Redmack, who were three excellently done foreign exclusive figures from…  you guessed it, Argentina.  Keep in mind, Hasbro also released Pilot Scarlett, which was a Glenda-inspired repaint, also from Argentina.

Fast forward to 2011, and the Collectors’ Club included Sparta as part of their Special Missions: Brazil Convention Set, and really if you think about it, the FSS Tan Grunt could also pass for Sokerk.

So looking back a few years, it would certainly seem as if the Collectors Club has an affinity for the Argentinian era, and it’s pretty cool that they now have a very respectable group of foreign inspirations that you can sort of have forming up your own South American branch of G.I. Joe.  Pretty damn awesome, even if I have my doubts about the Blowtorch tooling.

Now excuse me while I hit up eBay and see if I can track down those 2009 Convention Exclusives…