Curse you, ROSS STORES!!

Well, they’re at it again.  Ross, the bane of my collectors’ existence has once again scored a coup, this time with the previously released only in Canada Wave 3 of the Rise of Cobra Alpha vehicles.  This wave contains the Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm, the Desert Rockslide w/ Dusty, the Tiger Claw ATV w/ Leatherneck, and the Lavapod w/ Volcano Viper.

Now, I’ve been able to get these, so really, I’m not feeling too wounded, but every time I hear about Ross getting these cool tail enders, I just get reminded how the nearest store is like 350 miles away.  The vehicles are retailing for about $8.99 apiece, just to twist that knife a bit deeper.

Thanks to GeneralsJoes regular Nas for the info, with confirmation pics at  If you have a Ross near you, GO GET ‘EM.

Weekend Recap – Alpha vehicles Wave 3 high res gallery

Another nice post over on reveals some great images of the soon to be released third wave of Alpha scale vehicles, slated to hit in early 2010, according to the latest Hasbro Q & A.  Some very nice pictures of all vehicles and vehicle drivers.  Not really wild about any of the three vehicles, but Volcano Viper is insane!  The new Dusty is pretty freaking great, too, but Leatherneck leaves me a bit “bleh”.  Still cool to see the images, though.

In hand images of upcoming Leatherneck

Not two minutes after I ranted heavily about the upcoming Alpha vehicles, I read over on JoeBattleLines that madmac41 got his mits on the Leatherneck that is slated to come with the Tiger Claw ATV.  And even though I focused almost an entire paragraph on ranting about this figure specifically, I do appreciate a neat looking figure, even if it’s not the vintage homage so many folks were hoping for, and even if he uses Gung Ho’s clunky head sculpt and Buzzer’s downright bizarre webgear.

At least it’s a Leatherneck that can jungle crawl, though, instead of one stuck in the desert.  Check out the great images below!