Wave 4 and Wave 3 variants are hitting retail at Toys “R” Us!

Paul Ernst from the Fighting 118th has reported that Rise of COBRA Wave 4 as well as the Wave 3 “The Doctor” and “Arctic Storm Shadow” variants have hit retail at his local Toys “R” Us in California!  He also posted images, which I’ve mirrored below.  The hunt continues…

Some Catch Up work – A look at some recent “Alexx Shorts”

JoeBattleLines and JoeSightings member Alexx  always has a really unique look at the Rise of COBRA figures as they hit, and gives us some really neat images to go along with it, and his enthusiasm hasn’t slowed one bit since the line hit!  In fact, he’s been so enthusiastic that I haven’t been able to keep up with his frenetic posting.  He’s a machine.

However, I do feel like I should at least take some time and focus on a few of his more recent entries because they’re so awesome.  His stuff can be found on JoeSightings.com, as well as the Mission Debriefing section of JoeBattleLines.  Anyone who isn’t checking that stuff out is missing out on some really neat perspective and insight.

Enough butt kissing…

General Hawk (Single Pack)

This figure is so freaking cool.  So understated and very underrated, but one of my favorite figures in the line.  It’s perfect in its simplicity, with a great accessory compliment and some very nice, basic design work.  I really, REALLY love this figure.  I love it a lot.

Grand Slam w/ Air Assault Glider

You know, I pretty much wrote off these Target Exclusives, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me that Grand Slam had the new lower legs.  Not only that, but the Ace headsculpt is a very nice difference compared to the Flash one.  Sure, it’s reused, but at least in the Original 13 group shots he’ll still stand out.  I think I have to pick this one up now.  Thanks a lot, Alexx.  :shifty:

The Doctor

I don’t think I need to tell anyone how bad ass this figure is.  I thought the figure was pretty neat as it was, but the awesomely campy performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt only further cemented the character (and figure) in my mind.  A “must have” for the Rise of COBRA, no doubt.  Even you vintage purists should find a way to work him into the line as a deranged scientist who works alongside Dr. Mindbender.

Paris Pursuit Baroness

From the minute I saw this figure, I knew I’d dig her more than the regular one, and I was right.  Just got mine in the mail today from HasbroToyShop, so haven’t had a chance to do the full blown review, but expect good words.  Very nice figure.  Very nice.

Pit Commando

This figure is currently the bane of my existence.  One of the only Rise of COBRA figures I have yet to hold in my hands.  I have two on the way from HasbroToyShop (finally!) but beyond that I haven’t had the pleasure of messing with this figure yet.  I plan on doing a crazy intensive review once I can.  I know the base figure is just Dusty, but I am just antsy as can be waiting for all that awesome looking gear.  What a fantastic way to do a “Accessory Set” without actually doing one.  Kudos to Hasbro on this guy, I love him and I don’t even have one yet.

Great new pics from SDCC Preview night at Fighting118th.com! Resolute Stalker in the house!

SNAKE EYES from HissTank.com brings it to my attention, that NSA from fansite Fighting118th.com was at the SDCC Preview Night last night and posted some fantastic pictures on his site here and here.  Lots of great shots with angles we haven’t seen before, including a GREAT shot of what appears to be a Resolute themed Stalker action figure!  Yeah!

Anyway, check out the amazing pictures below…best images I’ve seen from SDCC to date.  Nice job!

Some updated G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA Product Images

Yet more figure news out of HissTank this morning as they’ve gotten their hands on some product images for upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA action figures.  These are thought to be from Wave 4, but that’s not known for certain.  Shown in the mirrored gallery below are:

  • Charbroil
  • The Doctor (White Labcoat)
  • Nano-Viper
  • Kamakura
  • Night Adder
  • Red Fang Ninja

Check out the original thread here, and take a peek at the images below.

A ton of reused parts and pieces…lots of Resolute Duke and Blowtorch for Charbroil…Nano-Viper is a straight up Viper Commando repaint.  Kamakura is pretty much all repainted parts.  Night Adder has Resolute Roadblock’s body and vest, though he has a new head.  Even the Red Fang Ninja looks to have the RoC Viper body, and maybe just a Resolute Trooper head with sunglasses.  They are mixing them up well, and the result is decent, but they’ve definitely got this formula down.

A few more SDCC Dio tidbits from The Terror Drome

The Terror Drome continues to upload images from the preview night floor in San Diego, and a few more have caught my eye.  These images contain the following:

  • The Doctor in white labcoat confirmed as a secondary release
  • Volcano-Viper, the driver of the Lava Pod (MolePod repaint)
  • Red Claw Ninja (I believe)

Toy News International SDCC Image rundown

Okay, I perused the gallery over at Toy News International, and there wasn’t a whole lot of consequence.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  The diorama buildings in those images pretty much blew my head clean off.  Absolutely amazing…I’d wager the fine folks at Diorama Dreams had just a little to do with those…pure  brilliance.

As far as product goes, mostly what we’ve seen before, with a few gems mixed in:

  • The Doctor in a white labcoat.  Planned variant?  Another figure entirely?  Hmmm…


  • Dusty standing next to the Desert Rockslide; Very nice camouflage patterns on both, but still repaint stuff.


  • Mini Subs!  Hell yeah…we’ve seen funky multicolored test shots, but no actual in-color production shots of what looks to be the Polar Shark Sub w/ Ice Storm (though they almost look like Volcano Vipers).  These things look pretty nasty.


All images, again, came from the Toy News International Rise of COBRA gallery.

Big update to the GeneralsJoes Rise of COBRA reviews!

It occurs to me that I neglected to post about the review update I did yesterday, and I’ve got one posted today, too…so over the past 48 hours, I’ve posted the following reviews for you to peruse:

The Rise of COBRA reviews page is posted with all links right here.

New Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA introduces “The Doctor”!

When the news cycle rains, it pours…not only is today the official jumping off point for the new Rise of COBRA toys in retail stores everywhere, but a new Japanese trailer has also premiered featuring some footage of the much-maligned Rex “The Doctor” Lewis.  Most of the rest of the footage is the “same old, same old” but there are enough new tidbits in here to get me interested at 5:25 on a Monday morning.

Thanks as always goes to HissCommander and Ramses from The Terror Drome for the information.

I have also, of course, updated the Rise of COBRA Movie SuperPage as well.

Amazing reviews and images for some upcoming Rise of COBRA figures

Staffmember for The Terror Drome, CADPAT comes through with a trio of absolutely awesome reviews with a wealth of pictures from three upcoming figures that are honestly blowing me away.  These are three perfect examples of just what Hasbro designers are capable of, especially with figures of somewhat non-desirable characters.  They can take some generic concepts on screen and really make some amazing stuff.

First, he reviews the stellar looking Pit Commando, with a lot of images of various combinations of gear and looks.  The base figure is Dusty from the Anniversary line (which is a great one…the only better one might have been Airborne).  You can check out the review itself here, and the 30+ images are hosted below!

For a generic Joe army builder (something I really do not like) the Pit Commando is just phenomenal with all of the different gear and weapons that he comes with.  This could have been a very forgettible figure of a non-character, but Hasbro manages to do something impressive with it.

Now, we’ve all seen lots of details about the Ripcord Accelerator Suit figure, but haven’t seen a whole lot with Duke.  Well, CADPAT changes that as well.  The review can be found in the same place on the Terror Drome, and the pictures are also hosted below.

Distaste for the Accelerator Suits across the fandom has been pretty universal, but I still love the idea (it ties right in with the Mega Marines, another concept I loved back in the day).  But questionable concept or not, I find it tough to argue that this figure is incredible.  Sure, he looks to share most of the same parts as Ripcord, but the color adjustments make a big difference, and just seeing the great poses that CADPAT put the figures in gave me a whole new appreciation for the looks of these figures.  Lovin’ them even more.

Lastly, CADPAT takes a look at possibly the most controversial character in the film,  The Doctor.  I’ll try not to get into too many spoilers here, but let’s just say The Doctor plays a really pivotal role in the film, but I will admit, he looks a bit rediculous from what we’ve seen so far.  However, Hasbro somehow takes this silly looking character and makes a figure that looks pretty kick ass.  The review is in the same thread, with more images below.

Fantastic looking figure.  I couldn’t care less about The Doctor from what I’ve heard so far, but this figure does an amazing job immediately bringing some character to this mystery man.  He’s got some great potential for working into an existing G.I. Joe mythos, and also meshes with the Rise of COBRA universe as well.

Some great reviews, and some fantastic images for toys that are already rocking my world and I don’t even have them in hand yet.  Great work, CADPAT!

New images come through for updated Baroness, Storm Shadow, and the Doctor

Images are showing up in various spots online for updated versions of Doctor Lewis, “Arctic Assault” Storm Shadow, and “Paris Pursuit” Baroness, including some nice accessory shots.  This version of Doctor Lewis also seems to be different, as this version sports a full head of hair, while earlier pictures showed the figure bald.

Storm Shadow’s accessories are very cool.  I love the jetpack, though I’m sure that little dagger goes in the gauntlet, and not his big, honking sword.  Still, the figure itself looks awesome, I really hope he shows up like this at some point in the movie.  Barones is cool as well, I love that she comes so stacked with weapons!  It’s fine to hate the film at this point, but I honestly can’t understand how people can be talking down these toys…just because they don’t look like reproductions of your favorite figures from the 80’s doesn’t mean they aren’t great.  These toys are flat-out impressive!  Compare what we’re seeing here with the Indiana Jones, Star Trek, or Terminator Salvation stuff and it’s not even CLOSE.  These figures blow those out of the water.

Even if I squirm the entire two hours I’m in the theater, I can rest easy knowing that the toys look absolutely incredible, and they’ll keep me going a lot longer than the film itself.  Hell, look at Sigma 6…I hated much of that cartoon, yet the toys were incredible.  Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom weren’t top shelf, yet the toys were cool.  Just think about DiC, or those folks who don’t like the Sunbow stuff.  Just because the cartoon (or film in this case) isn’t your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean you can’t still love the brand and the toys…just keep an open mind!