G.I. Joe Kre-O Ninja Arashikage Dojo found at retail!

Okay, this is going to make my daughter happy.  Ever since I’ve gotten her fully invested in the G.I. Joe Kre-O craze she’s been asking when The Baroness is coming… well, the time is now near!

Over on the Leaky Suit Brigade, reports are that the Ninja Arashikage Dojo is in stock at his local Toys “R” Us.

This is great news as we’ll finally get our Destro and Baroness mini figures along with the Cobra HISS, Commando Snake Eyes, Hard Master and a couple of Gray Ninjas.  Check out the post right here, and both the boxed image and the press image below.

Retail price appears to be $75, which is steep, to be sure, but there’s a lot to love in that box!

KRE-O G.I. JOE Dojo Play Set A313 Arashikage_Dojo_In_Stock

The Baroness to be reformatted for G.I. Joe 3?

Take this with a grain of salt, as Rhett Reese  and Paul Wernick have not even been officially announced as the writers for the third G.I. Joe film, but according to IGN (who spoke to them directly) they are already filtering through ideas for G.I. Joe 3, and high on the list is bringing back The Baroness.

Personally, I can see why they’d want to revisit The Baroness, and hopefully re-orient her backstory a little bit… but it’s time for a little confession here.

I’m sick and damned tired of The Baroness.

Everywhere you look it’s The Baroness.  Everyone cos-plays as her, and she seems to be every comic writers favorite.  She’s littered throughout both the G.I. Joe main title and the G.I. Joe Special Missions title from IDW, and honestly, I thought the lack of Baroness in G.I. Joe 2 was refreshing.  Even though I loved G.I. Joe: Renegades, there’s no doubt that she’s now nearing Snake Eyes levels of overkill to me.  For whatever reason she’s become this huge focal character for the entire G.I. Joe mythology on the Cobra side, and I’m ready to shift focus to someone else.

Like… I don’t know… Destro maybe?

Regardless, it’s cool to hear that there are some plans in place for the third G.I. Joe movie, and according to IGN Dwayne Johnson has indicated he’s fully on board as well.  Looking forward to the lead up once again!

Check out the full story on IGN.com.

Acid Free Gallery presents stunning Baroness print by Rhys Cooper

Not too long ago I posted about the excellent Acid Free Gallery G.I. Joe licensed prints, which had been available at NYCC, and then were available online in their store.  Apparently they are kicking off another terrific project, this one by Rhys Cooper.

It looks like they have three Cobra prints in the hopper and the first one has been revealed in the form of The Baroness.  It looks pretty amazing, and I’m officially excited to see the other two.  Check out the image mirrored below, and keep your eyes on the Acid Free Gallery blog to see the other two and buy The Baroness on December 6th!

Sideshow Collectibles teases upcoming 12″ Baroness figure

This news crossed a couple of days ago, but I was in the middle of post Convention nervous breakdown so I didn’t get a chance to jump on it.  Thankfully, Jose over at Now Back to G.I. Joe is all over it, and actually posted the sneak peek!

Rumored to be revealed at San Diego ComicCon next week (alongside her chrome-domed companion) The Baroness looks striking in her skin-tight black outfit and layered armored plate.  Sideshow Collectibles designed a whole new female body for The Baroness, and it looks like we’re very close to finding out just how well it works.

Check out the mirrored image below and thanks again to TheRealJoseGon on Twitter for the peek.

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Baroness up for Pre-Order

While not approaching the level of posability of the 12″ figures that we all love so much, you can’t deny the fantastic display possibilities of these premium format figures.  Cobra Commander looked absolutely amazing, and The Baroness is looking just as impressive.

We know by now that Sideshow is planning to release a 12″ Baroness in late 2012, but here’s a really nice looking premium format figure to hold you over until then.  Click here to pre-order.

Baroness Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Baroness due to be released in 2012?

Big thanks to Rich from ARealAmericanHero.com for spotting an interview between Cool Toy Review and Sideshow Collectibles who talked quite a bit about Sideshow’s G.I. Joe releases.  Chief among the revelations was that Sideshow is currently working on a new female body, with the initial plans to be for a 12″ Baroness figure!

The exact text is below:

DMM The DC Universe has a varying range of characters from adult male and female, to teens, and scrawny adults. Are you prepared to move past the iconic male figure? 

BB Hopefully so, yeah. We’ve got a new female body in the early production phases. We’re working through test shots and things. We’ll be debuting it this year in the G.I. Joe line, as Baroness. That’ll be in the mid part of 2012, and then superhero, super villain gals will follow after that. Our new beefier male body is quite different from our Prometheus and trooper male bodies. 

DMM Have we seen parts of this new body in Rock ‘N Roll or even Duke? 

BB No. While the proportions may be similar, this new body will be unique. “

So they plan on revealing the Baroness in mid 2012 for potential release later in the year.  Very cool news.  They talk a bit further about G.I. Joe as well, confirming that the Crimson Guard head was influenced by “Fred” and that their design for the Cobra Viper was influenced by what Cobra did in the 4″ line for Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary.

All in all, it’s a fascinating read, and you should check it out right here.

The latest Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format figure is The Baroness!

Happy Black Friday from Sideshow Collectibles!  They’re celebrating by launching a pre-order for the latest in their line of premium format figures.  To go along with the awesome Cobra Commander we’ve already seen, now we have The Baroness!

In all honesty, I’m not big on the premium format stuff.  They look gorgeous, but I’d rather my action figures move.  They are certainly some awesome display pieces, and if money wasn’t an object I’d be all over them for that purpose, but at any rate…she’s up for preorder.  Check out the links below for pre-orders.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode Twenty-Five added to Episode Guide

The beginning of the end is here.  Over the past several months we’ve seen these characters evolve, seen the story play out (some would say a bit too slowly) and we’ve been through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.

Ups as we saw the great growth of characters like Major Bludd, Zartan, and Destro…. ups as we got great cameos by Wild Bill, Barbecue, and Law & Order.  Downs as the Bio-Vipers made appearance after appearance, and downs as Ripcord turned out to be a lot less dead than previously believed.  The biggest down, of course, came with the announcement that Season One would be essentially the only season of G.I. Joe: Renegades before an ill-timed “hiatus” to give them a chance to retool for the movie sequel.

Through it all, I’ve been here, staying up way too late, and while many folks consider Friday and Saturday nights a time for letting loose and partying, I glued myself to the computer and encoded, then uploaded video.

I’ve had people actually ask if me I was sort of glad the series was ending, just because I wouldn’t have to spend several hours every episode posting a review.

Hell No.

I’d trade that time for G.I. Joe: Renegades continuing.  In a heartbeat.  This show got the short end of the stick, and it is a shame.

Enough of that.  Onward and upward.  As this universe ends, the G.I. Joe movie sequel begins, and hey, it could be worse…it could be 1995.  So, time to sit back and watch this stage of A Real American Hero fade into the ether, and see where things go from here.  Check the Episode Guide, or click the link below to go there directly.

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 18 Added to Episode Guide

With absolutely no idea what this episode was going to be like, considering we never saw a promo on television, I ended up very pleasantly surprised!  Long time Joe fans will want to know that this episode was written by Eugene Son, of YoJoe.com fame, who has a long and established history writing for the animation industry.

Eugene’s ties to the Joe fandom have never been more evident than they were with this episode, as we got a number of great little Easter Eggs and a very cool, action packed 22 minutes.

Check out the Episode Guide to see what I thought, or just click the link below!

G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 17 “Castle: Destro” added to Episode Guide

You know, I was wondering with preparations for Easter whether or not I’d be able to get this done tonight.  Turns out I got it done in record time!  Episode 17, Castle Destro has been added to the G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode Guide and it’s a doozy!

One of the best episodes we’ve seen in a while, it features Destro in all of his iron masked glory, tons of firefight action and some great character building.  Check out the episode guide here, or just hit the link below to go direct!