Looking for a Skystriker at Target? This might help

First of all, a big thanks to Outbakk from the Terror Drome for providing this link.  This is a link to a Target product finder, which auto-fills the Skystriker DCPI.  All you need to do is enter your zip code or city/state and it will search neighboring Target stores and let you know which ones have it in stock.

For the record, I’m 0 for 12.  :/

Check it out right here, and please let me know if it works for you.  It definitely generates a result for me, but I have no idea how accurate it is.  For the record, the DCPI for the Skystriker is 087-06-1686.

Happy hunting!

Collectors, start your engines… the Skystriker has hit US Retail!

Over at HissTank.com, OSOK reports that he found a stash at his local Target, and he has pictoral proof.

Check out the thread right here.  Then stop reading, and GET HUNTING!

GeneralsJoes Reviews final 2 Target Exclusive Vehicle Sets

No longer “canceled”, the third wave of “Target Exclusive” vehicle sets are now hitting Ross Stores nationwide (well…for folks unlike me who actually have one within 350 miles, anyway).

Thankfully I have some very kind readers who have extended their generosity and allowed me to get my full of these vehicle sets at killer prices.  I reviewed two of them yesterday, and today I will add the final two to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.  Check out the links below.

New G.I. Joe scale Crysis 2 figures look pretty freaking cool

I’m not really much of a gamer myself, though I’m a pretty devout Halo fan.  That being said, I don’t know much of anything about the game Crysis (or thus, Crysis 2).  But apparently there are guys in there in crazy battle armor and with cool ass cybernetic parts.

Looking like Duke and Ripcord in Accelerator Suits and on steroids, there are currently Joescale Crysis 2 figures hitting Targets across the country.  Ranging in price from $1.99 to $8.00 perhaps on how lucky you are.  I haven’t seen them in person yet, but I’ll be damned if they don’t look pretty bad ass.  To see some nice detail, check out images at JoeCustoms.com and HissTank.com.

There’s an embedded video below as well.  For folks who don’t have a local Target, check out SmallJoes.com they have a pre-order going, too.  These things look pretty damn cool, I gotta say.

How did I miss this? Target DCPI listings for Pursuit of Cobra posted!

Maybe I’ve been recuperating from the Convention, I dunno…  but reliable Target staffer kennywr22 over at HissTank dug up and posted the Target DCPI numbers for the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra product.  I will repeat them below:

  • Figures 087-06-2239 6.99 each
  • Mechs 087-06-2240 19.99 each
  • Bravo vehicles(new #) 087-06-2241 24.99 each

Figures $6.99!  Coolness.  He also mentions that these are hitting distribution centers, and could start arriving in stores within 1 – 2 months.  Retail typically does their section “resets” in late July or early August, so that would certainly fit the time frame.

It seems like freaking forever since we saw these figures for the first time.  Holy crap am I fired up to finally start getting production versions in hand.  Bring ’em on!

Target Exclusive “Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando” Reviewed!

Umm… what the hell?  Did I forget to post this?

As I was preparing the Past and Present set for review, I noticed that I had no link up on the Rise of Cobra Review Page for the Serpent Armor set that I reviewed like…I dunno…months ago?  Did I forget to post it?

I have no idea.  If I did, well, it’s posted now.  That’s a damn shame.  I love the set, and I figured I’d told everyone how much I loved it by now.  Go buy it if you can find any left.

Elite-Viper w/ Flight Pod Target Exclusive images

Rulz over at HissTank.com has gotten a hold of another upcoming Rise of Cobra exclusive item, this time the Target Exclusive Cobra Flight Pod w/ Elite-Viper.  I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m really loving this paint scheme for the Elite-Viper.  Absolutely love the combination of black and red with the camouflage pants.  A very cool look…I may end up grabbing a couple of these.  It’s weird…the first two waves of Target Exclusive items were fairly “bleh”, but this third wave looks very freaking cool.  Love this set.

Thanks to the Terror Drome for the intel as well!

Wave 2 Target exclusive mini-vehicles posted online, though not yet for sale

In a move that seems to indicate that we’ll see these vehicles for sale online shortly, Target.com has posted entries for their second wave of highly anticipated exclusive mini-vehicles, including the Serpent Armor and Rocket Pack.  Check out the links below.

Thanks to m6d for the information!

G.I. Joe “Past and Present” Rockslide 2-Pack IN STOCK at Target.com!

Big thanks to GeneralsJoes commentor m6d for pointing out that Target.com now has the Rockslide “Past and Present” 2-Pack IN STOCK now for $24.99!  Click here to grab it before it’s gone.

Target: Rescue Mission 4-Pack Review Posted!

Hot on the heels of the Toys “R” Us Attack on the Pit review comes the follow up review for the Target exclusive Rescue Mission 4-Pack.  While it doesn’t have as many figures, or quite as much value, I think the set itself has a whole lot more “cool factor” than the TRU one.

Check out the review right here!