Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – The Answers!

I’ve had several requests for the answers to the various clues I posted throughout the week, leading to the inevitable rescue of The Pit command center.  Here are the answers:

  1. Glow-in-the-dark Heavy Water from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. – Most folks got this one right.  The image was posted in the review, which was found either in the Exclusives section or the GIJCC Review Section.
  2. Venomous Maximus – I think most folks got this one right as well.  This could also be found in my reviews section, in the Valor Vs. Venom archive.
  3. Weasel – This one seemed to give a lot of folks some trouble.  Throughout the Marvel book, Kwinn was constantly telling Dr. Venom he had the “Spirit of the Weasel”.  I gave the clue as “Search GeneralsJoes.com for the answer”.  I simply made sure that if you went to the “Search Box” in the upper right hand section of the page and entered “Weasel” you would get the right entry, with the image there.
  4. Sigma 6 Adventure Team Dusty – Come on, you guys knew I’d have to sneak a Sigma 6 figure in here somewhere, right?  It only made sense to me to make it an Adventure Team figure, since they featured prominently in the story.  :)  Dusty was featured in the “Sigma 6 Celebration” that I did a ways back, and there is still a link up in the top menu bar leading to his review, where the image was placed.
  5. “Fallen from a Dead Man’s Hand” – I kind of knew this would be a real tough one, so I made sure to post my “Top 10” article before hand, since it featured the image with Dr. Venom’s death.  For this clue, I also indicated that you should “search GeneralsJoes” for the answer, so I found an appropriate page (for the Adventure Team pre-order, naturally) and placed the fallen from a dead man’s hand phrase on that article, so it would be easily found in the search box.

And that’s really all there is to it.

This was an exceptionally fun contest, I hope everyone really enjoyed it!  Here’s hoping I can do another one sometime, though I’ll be honest, this one took me a looong time to come up with.  Sometimes I have a hard time thinking outside the box.

Thanks to everyone for playing!  And while we’re on the subject of Dr. Venom, get your butts over to GIJoeClub.com and pre-order this bad boy!  He looks great.

Congratulations, Robert Cacy… you TOOK BACK THE PIT!

Well, the contest was a blast and it sounds like fun was had by all, but unfortunately there could be only one winner, and it was Robert Cacy!

He got his entry in a scant 60 seconds before the next person in line, and I received quite a volume of entries within the first 30 minutes.  I just want to thank everyone for participating, this contest was a lot of fun to put on, and I’m thrilled that so many readers seemed to enjoy it as well.

Robert, I will be in touch to get shipping information.

Thank you all very much, and a big thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for helping sponsor the contest.

Yo Joe!

You can take back The Pit… TODAY!

Just a reminder that today is the final day for the  GeneralsJoes “Take Back The Pit” contest.  Observant and persistent readers should have four images now, and the fifth one will be posted today at some point.

The first person to email me (at justin@generalsjoes.com) all five images will win a G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Pit Playset!

Full details are right here.

Don’t forget, too, that Dr. Venom is currently available for pre-order at the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club online store.  We’ve been waiting for this figure for twenty-five years, don’t miss it now!

Best of luck!

Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – Part 2

Check out Part 1 right here!


Dr. Venom and his Cobra squad moved towards the Mobile Pit.  Three guards in gray camouflage slowly paced back and forth.  Sgt. Stone adjusted his beret as his eyes scanned the horizon, though he honestly didn’t expect to see a thing.

Truth be told, he didn’t see a thing.  Silent Cobra agents slunk through the sand and fired quick bursts of silenced weapons fire, taking down the two Pit Troopers.  Sgt. Stone only had time to turn before Dr. Venom himself hit him with a face full of knockout gas.  He collapsed, silent in the sand.

Venom lead his Cobra team into the mobile headquarters, quietly weaving through lockers, hallways, past the central elevator and into the Medical Center.  This was a huge, impressive technical marvel, but it only carried a skeleton crew at this time, and he was about to take care of that little problem as well.

In the Medical Center was the Pit’s water supply.  Venom swiftly pulled a bottle from his coat and examined it.

“The Venom protocols…” he chortled.  “What is this a joke?”  Since returning, he’d only spent a scant few moments researching the accomplishments of Dr. Mindbender since he had been gone.  He was fairly unimpressed.  Still, these “Venom Protocols” had promise…force-feeding animal genetic markers into a human test subject was just the kind of dastardly experiment that made Dr. Venom smile.

He approached the water supply, getting ready to pour.


Honor and valor aren’t Venom’s strength

So be sure to keep him at your left arm’s length

When Valor fights Venom he leads the evil team

Is he real, or just one of Hawk’s bad dreams?

Who is this, and what does General Hawk think of him?

Dr. Venom Attacks The Pit – Part 1

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about the “Take Back the Pit” contest starting today, did you?  Of course not.  The first installment, and the first clue is below!

Dr. Venom still remembered the dubious look he got from Cobra Commander when he made his return.  Certainly he didn’t expect a genetic mastermind like Venom to be so easily destroyed?  Sure, it has been over two decades, but these things take time.

The Commander had looked even more dubious when Venom told him his plan.  Yet, he still donated a trio of Python Patrol Stuns and the use of a squad of one of his most unique troopers that would prove useful to this Cobra agent.

Slipping over the desert sands, Venom remembered what the last location of the G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center had been in the Utah desert.  Could he hope G.I. Joe still had a presence there?  Cobra intelligence had said that G.I. Joe was possibly testing a new mobile headquarters in this region of desert…a state of the art mobile version of their underground bunker, The Pit.  He wasn’t convinced, but he made the trip anyway.  Turns out Cobra Intelligence had improved in the last twenty-five years…looming before them was the mammoth slant-armored behemoth that he instantly recognized from the stolen documentation…he had found The Pit.

He and these Cobra Troopers silently disembarked from the stealth cloaked vehicles and moved towards the mobile base as it rested atop four trios of monstrous rubber tires.  Security was slim…after all, this was just a test run, and nobody was supposed to know, right?

Venom gathered together his mysterious Cobra squad…


Like the Mass Device Element, they’re not light.

But you see them best when it’s not bright.

Who are these Cobra Troopers, and what does General Hawk think of them?

Take back the Pit! Win a Rise of Cobra Pit Playset from GeneralsJoes

In celebration of the long awaited arrival of Dr. Venom to plastic form, GeneralsJoes.com is proud to offer the readers a chance to Take Back the Pit!  Next week, from April 12th – 16th, clues will be posted, leading GeneralsJoes readers through the site.

Finally, after almost three decades, the immortal Cobra villain Dr. Venom is being produced in an action figure only available from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club!  But Joe fans didn’t know what they had coming…  Dr. Venom has arrived, but now he’s captured the G.I. Joe Pit Mobile Headquarters!

Only the most clever and wily GeneralsJoes readers will be able to help recapture the G.I. Joe headquarters, and the winner of the contest will get The Pit playset in their mailbox for free.  Contest rules are as follows:

  • Once per day, Monday through Friday, a chapter in a short (and hokey) Dr. Venom story will be posted.  Along with that short story snippet, a clue will be revealed.
  • Based on that clue, find the page hidden on GeneralsJoes.com with a piece of the final puzzle.  The clues may lead to a review of a particular action figure or a news story.
  • On Friday, once all of the clues have been revealed, the first person to send me all 5 hidden images via email to justin@generalsjoes.com (either in pieces, or pieced together) will WIN.

This contest is open to anyone and everyone, though please keep in mind if someone in another country wins the prize, we may have to share shipping costs, depending on price.  The Pit is the first newly tooled G.I. Joe playset to be produced in several years…don’t miss your chance to win one for free!

A huge thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for sponsoring this contest.  Good luck!