Breaking News! There will be swords in the new G.I. Joe movie!

Whenever you guys are getting sick of the snark, let me know.  I certainly don’t intend to make light of the sudden resurgence of G.I. Joe movie news, but as I plan to jump on every last ounce of news that’s out there, I can’t help but poke a little bit of fun at myself.

After all, a quick picture of a pair of swords that simply look like the same swords from the Rise of Cobra isn’t really news.   However, the fact that Jon Chu Tweeted the image along with the phrase “ninjas never die” certain qualifies.  At this point, we all knew that Storm Shadow as going to survive, so I don’t think that’s particularly news worthy, but the fact that the director of the film is already so engaged with the fandom is nothing but a good thing.

This could be very fun over the next year as Joe fans get a pretty unprecedented chance to communicate, interact, and interface with the movie makers…gotta love the wonders of Social Media.  If you want to see what Jon Chu says first hand, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.