G.I. Joe Collectors Club showcases gallery of Big Boa on Facebook

And is it beautiful.

Big Boa is just another one of those highly underrated figures and characters that get overlooked because they were conceived of post-1986.  I hold firm that if he had come out in time to be shown on Sunbow animation, or got more face time in the comics, he would be infinitely more popular than he is.  As it stands, he is a somewhat forgotten piece of G.I. Joe history that the Club deemed important enough to put in their Figure Subscription Service, and pretty much make him the showpiece of the entire subscription.

This is one awesome looking figure.  The tooling, the accessories…home run from start to finish.  Now the Collectors’ Club has given us a gallery of even more fantastic images on their Facebook Page.

I won’t mirror them here, because you should hit up the GIJCC on Facebook and like their page, or just check out the gallery.  Very, very cool figure and a great way to end the official reveals of the FSS.

GI Joe Collectors’ Club reveals 11th FSS Figure – COVER GIRL

Many fans have been waiting for it…and here it is!

Reveal #11 for the upcoming Collectors Club FSS (Figure Subscription Service) has been officially announced, and it is

Folks who have been anxiously waiting for some vintage homage figures may have just gotten their prayers answered.  Not in action figure form, but in Sunbow animation form!  Yes, that’s right, this great looking Cover Girl update has blonde hair!  Check out the mirrored image below, and keep your eyes peeled to GIJoeClub.com for all future FSS announcements and info!

Buckle your seat belts for FSS reveal #11 today!

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has announced on their Facebook page that they intend to make another FSS (Figure Subscription Service) reveal today!  There are currently 2 figures remaining in the sub that we have not yet seen (not including the 13th, which they have said they will not reveal ahead of time) and these last two promise to be some good ones.

I will keep my virtual eyes on the Twitter, Facebook, and GIJoeClub.com and report out as soon as we get a glimpse of today’s new addition.  Can’t wait to see it!

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FSS figure #10 is SURE FIRE!

Woooow!  I am very pleasantly surprised with this one.  A very cool looking figure.  Part of me figured they would go the blue and black route from the original release in the Real American Hero Collection, but instead they elected to go with the green colored repaint that was released in the Joe vs. Cobra line.

While I prefered the blue version, I have no glaring issues with the green, and I am impressed that the Club was able to get access to Law’s vest!  Bonus!  Awesome machine gun, flashlight, looks like some G.I. Joe: Resolute parts underneath, and potentially a new head sculpt.  Excellent.  Check out GIJoeClub.com and the image is also mirrored below.

When it comes to FSS Barrel Roll, THIS is what I was talking about!

You know when you’ve been buddies with someone for so long they seem to read your mind?  Well either that or they just think a whole lot like you do?

Over on JoeCustoms, Matthew has perfectly represented what I envisioned for the FSS (Figure Subscription Service) Barrel Roll, just using some Photoshop.  I think the figure is great, and it seems obvious that they’re going for a potential desert air team theme with him and Grunt, but I just think the Spy Troops color scheme could have been so much cooler.

Check out the mirrored image below for Matthew’s awesome Photoshop work.  It’s like he pulled it right out of my brain!


G.I. Joe Collectors Club finishes the week with a bang – JINX!

Yeah, I know I’m like the last person today to report this news, but figured better late than never.  If you follow me on Twitter you already heard my yammering, but for those who haven’t, here’s the official report.

Via Twitter, Facebook, and GIJoeClub.com, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club today revealed the 7th figure in their G.I. Joe subscription service…  Jinx.  Obviously using City Strike Scarlett as a heavy inspiration, Jinx is looking absolutely awesome with this updated tooling and colors somewhat inspired by the Valor Vs. Venom version.

A removable blindfold and some sweet weapons (also from City Strike Scarlett) gives us one hell of a nice 21st Century update to the 1987 female cousin to Storm Shadow.  I’m somewhat surprised the Club got her worked in here, since she’s in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation film, but here she is, and she looks fantastic.

All in one fell swoop, the Club has managed to cover a lot of bases.  This figure is a fantastic update to a character that many collectors have been clamoring for.  She’s a great tie-in to the G.I. Joe movie sequel.  She gives us a nice allotment of the City Strike Scarlett weapons we’ve been dying for, AND she looks like she would make a damn impressive version of Scarlett from the Sigma 6 universe.  Awesome.

Check out the mirrored images below, and make sure to keep tuning in to hear the latest news about the upcoming G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club FISS (FIgure Subscription Service).

Fan wishes get answered! GIJCC reveals Subscription IRON KLAW!

Aw hells yeah!!

It started earlier this morning when the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Tweeted about a reveal today for a character that first debuted 25 years ago.  But as sometimes happens, plans changed, and they mentioned needing to “Iron out” some details.

Well, that was about all the encouragement I needed as I kept reloading my Twitter client and GIJoeClub.com every 12 seconds until he was finally revealed.  The one, the only… Iron Klaw.

Back in ’95 Iron Klaw was the evil mastermind of the G.I. Joe Extreme universe, with a very cool design aesthetic.  For whatever complaints folks have about the toys, the cartoon universe of G.I. Joe: Extreme was fascinating, and Iron Klaw was a big part of why.

For this reason, the fans were thrilled when it looked like we might get a comic pack featuring this evil terrorist (although redubbed as a Cobra “Iron Klaw Trooper”).  However, as often happens to the G.I. Joe fandom, our hopes were crushed as the movie line took over, and subsequent Anniversary or Resolute styled comic packs vanished into the ether.

But along comes the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to the rescue, digging the tooling for Iron Klaw out of Hasbro’s vaults and finally giving the fans what they’ve been asking for over the past two years.  Can I say they’ve done a fantastic job on it, too?  This is one great looking figure, and whether you want to use it as a new Cobra “Iron Klaw Trooper”, or as the malicious Iron Klaw himself, this guy works both ways.  I love the detailed weathering on the mask, the new webgear…man, it’s all awesome!  Great work.

Kudos, GIJCC, and I think this figure will be just the first step in convincing many folks to sign up for the Sub.  For more details on the subscription service, check out GIJoeClub.com. Can’t wait to see more!


Up close look of GIJCC Topside new head sculpt

It was only this past weekend that we got our first look at the upcoming G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription Topside action figure.  While the bulk of the figure is reused tooling, the head sculpt appeared to be new.

Well, we now have confirmation that the head sculpt is indeed new, and not only is it new, it is awesome.  Yes, it is just a bearded head sculpt, but the detail is impressive, even for just a simple look.  It is truly astounding just how far the head sculpting has come in the past few years.  I’m not even that big a fan of Topside, but I’ll be damned if that head sculpt doesn’t almost sell me on this guy.  So much character crammed into one tiny, sculpted face.

Check it out at the GIJCC Facebook page, or mirrored below.

GIJCC Subscription figures to be potentially revealed at NYCC?

Consider this unconfirmed at the moment, but the Transformers Collectors’ Club and G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club have sent out an email saying that they will have a presence alongside Hasbro at the New York ComicCon coming up on Thursday.

Of course, what really caught my eye was the following text:

“We will have some exclusive content at the table and there MAY just be some GIJCC sneak peaks for Joe fans in the Hasbro case as well.”

Hmmm…  GIJCC sneak peeks for Joe fans?  Smells like Subscription figures to me!

And honestly…if the GIJCC is debuting stuff in New York, it would not surprise me in the least if Hasbro was doing the same thing.  As a Joe fan looking forward to new product, I am suddenly much more interested in what we may see coming out of New York later this week.  I think all other Joe fans should be as well.  With no more real shows coming until Toy Fair next February, something tells me we may get a nice peek at some upcoming stuff.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend as I had initially planned.  Various work SNAFU’s have necessitated a working weekend this weekend, so my trip to New York will not be happening.  However, I will certainly be watching from afar and reporting on revealed details with my normal zest and vigor.

Thanks to Pete from Fun Publications for the information!

G.I. Joe Collectors Club reveals more subscription details on Facebook

Many questions have been posed leading up to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club eventual release of information about their subscription service, and the GIJCC has gone to Facebook to answer some of the more pressing concerns.  Hit up their Facebook Page and “like” them to follow the news, as of this posting, they’re only one away from 4,000!

The info reported is as follows:

  • THIS is the Facebook page for the OFFICIAL G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club which is operated under license from Hasbro, Inc. We also operate GIJoeCon which is the ONLY official G.I. Joe Convention.
  • The official website for the Club is www.gijoeclub.com.You are not a member by liking this Facebook page.
  • Officer Level Members (paid) get a monthly magazine and a free figure each year they are an active member. Members also receive special pricing in the online store and free use of the MCAX auction site. There is also a Members Only message board.
  • The Club will soon be offering an add-on service to Officer Level Members which will be a Figure Subscription Service. This will be an additional charge to your paid Club Officer Level Membership.
  • The Figure Subscription will be 2 carded figures shipped every month for 6 months for a total of 12. Subscribers will receive a 13th figure FREE at the end if the subscription period.
  • Figure Subscriptions will only be available to Officer Level (paid) members for a limited time. After the cutoff date, no more subscriptions will be sold for that period of figure mailings.
  • The Figure Subscription and Club Membership are TWO different things and you MUST be an active Officer Level member in order to be eligible for the Figure Subscription.
  • The 12 figures will be known when the Figure Subscription window opens, but the 13th figure will be a secret. (We hope.) Don’t tell when you get yours! :-)
Okay, of course the most important information listed above is that you must be a paid Officer level member of the Collectors’ Club to take part in the subscription.  That was assumed, I think, but not known 100%.  Along with that, we find out that all twelve figures will be known before the sub window opens!
They also mentioned that they hope to start the window for subscribing “in a few weeks”!  Great news all around.  Looking forward to more intel, and thanks to the GIJCC for answering some of these pressing questions.  If you want to get a head start and join the club now, hit up this link to do so.