GeneralsJoes Reviews SDCC Starstriker and Zarana Cold Slither variant

It’s a San Diego ComicCon wrap up!  I reviewed the standard release Zarana a couple of weeks ago, but had to wait a little while before I could the reviews wrapped up on these other two items.  As always, a big thanks goes out to longtime GeneralsJoes friend Gyre Viper for doing me yet another favor and getting me a line on the Cold Slither Zarana while old pal Mysterious Stranger is always there with the hook up for the SDCC Starstriker.

You can check out the review in the 30th Anniversary Section, or just hit the links directly below:

More SDCC Tidbits and the truth about HTS availability?

As I was getting ready to travel back North yesterday, I received a few messages from the guys at Fighting 118th, who have posted some more information related to SDCC.  The first bit of intel comes from their Hasbro Booth Update and includes some contradictory information from what was being passed around earlier.  Contrary to earlier reports that the Data-Viper might make a later assortment, according to Hasbro reps at SDCC, he is definitely “cancelled, no ifs, ands, or buts”.

Also going against previous reports, apparently the Spring, 2012 date on the placard may in fact be the truth.  At least according to Fighting 118th.

One of the issues you run into with so many reps at the Con is that you sometimes get some contradictory information.  Guess we’ll have to hold tight to find out which one was right.

Last, but not least, they also passed along a report about Hasbro Toy Shop, the timeline for getting things posted, and how “rare” these SDCC exclusives truly are.  You can read that enlightening report right here as you prepare for your morning post-SDCC ritual of F5’s while you wait for Zarana and Starscream at HasbroToyShop.

Thanks again to Paul from Fighting 118th for the heads up.

Upcoming Crimson HISS, Crimson Horseman, and Starscream Skystriker images online!

Leading right up to SDCC, G.I. Joe aficianado Gyre-Viper is at it again!

This time around we get an awesome gallery of the upcoming Crimson HISS Tank, slated for release in Wave 2 of the Bravo line…but more importantly along with the Crimson HISS, we get Cobra’s Crimson Horseman.  For some reason I am unreasonably in love with this figure.  We’ve been inundated with Crimson clones over the years, but this guy just kicks my ass.  Even with that Snake Eyes vest.  Good stuff.

Checkout for the details, and I’ve also mirrored some images below.

Along with the Crimson HISS and Horseman, he’s also posted some images of the SDCC Starscream Skystriker along with a few more pics of the regular release Skystriker.  Hot damn Starscream looks sexy.  Kinda weird that he’s the same color gray as the regular plane, but I love the Transformers twist.  The stickers, the oversized rubsign…awesome stuff.

That thread on JoeDeclassified can be found here, with some images also mirrored below.

New press images for G.I. Joe SDCC Exclusives

Thanks to the fine bearded triumvirate at Hunter PR we have some very nice shiny new press images for the upcoming SDCC Exclusives.  Between the Starscream themed Skystriker and the twin Zarana’s this looks like a crazy cool year for exclusive items out of San Diego.

Check out the images below, and brace yourselves for SDCC, coming in 2 short weeks!