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Like Big Brawler and Dial Tone, the Club used the 2003 Toys “R” Us Tiger Force set as an inspiration for Stalker, and I’m glad to say, this time the execution was pretty spectacular.

I do feel the need to say up front that I would have loved Stalker even more if they’d went with the blue and orange, but even as is, this update is really well done.

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Using a combination of G.I. Joe: Retaliation parts, with arms from the G.I. Joe Trooper and legs from Ultimate Duke, Stalker has a really nice look and feel, with detailed sculpting etched into his baggy uniform, which manages to maintain a great sense of articulation mixed among all the wrinkles and design aesthetics. I really love those G.I. Joe Trooper arms especially, with the wrapped wrist devices and range of motion in the elbows. Little touches like the tactical holster on the right leg also make a huge difference, and Stalker ends up looking awesomely military even as he runs around in yellow tiger stripes.

Of course its the new head sculpt that really sets him apart. Boss Fight Studio turns in another remarkable work of art with a great rendition of Stalker, featuring a great looking open-mouth sneer and a head that nearly perfectly fits the existing beret. Not only does the head look great, but doing it without a beret gives the Club future flexibility to add other headgear to it (like a knit cap perhaps?).

joecon-2015-sgt-stalker (8)

From the next generation parts choices to the great new head sculpt, immediately Stalker stands apart from many other figures in this set. The color scheme helps, too. With a black jacket, similar to his Talking Battle Commander version, Stalker has just the right trim of yellow throughout his uniform, on his wrists and on the beret. His legs have a terrific tiger stripe pattern of yellow and black, managing to fit the theme really well, while calling back to previous iterations of the character.


joecon-2015-sgt-stalker (2)

I’ve already mentioned the removable beret, but Stalker also has the great G.I. Joe: Retaliation Snake Eyes webgear in the awesome shade of green that I love. His backpack is the Pursuit of Cobra Snow Job one with a removable phone and antenna, as well as a hole to hook his large machine gun into. Yes, Stalker also comes with the mammoth machine gun that Retaliation Roadblock came with, which disassembles into several smaller parts. Of course he also comes with a pistol for his holster and a machine gun as well.

joecon-2015-sgt-stalker (6)

Stalker is the whole package. As the Convention Tiger Force team leader, he has a fantastic new head sculpt, a great build, and some really fun accessories. He’s a great addition to the Tiger Force team and excellent Convention figure.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club brings in Tiger Force Sgt. Stalker

After a few quiet days on the 4″ G.I. Joe front, we get another reveal today with Tiger Force Sgt. Stalker!

Stalker is one of my favorite characters and I’d been looking forward to seeing how he would be represented here, and honestly, he looks pretty damn great. Not many of the previous Tiger Force reveals have really knocked me out like this one does. A great new head sculpt, really good parts combination, from what I can tell. They used the Toys “R” Us formula, but in more traditional colors. I dig it. Really great job on this one Club, and it makes me even more optimistic to see Metalhead and General Mayhem still to come.

Check out the mirrored image below, and keep watching GIJoeCon.com for the latest reveals!


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Hopefully no one thinks a lack of reviews is any indication of my enjoyment of what IDW is doing, because it is not.  I’m still thoroughly enjoying the roller coaster ride of the Real American Hero title especially, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit happy to see this Blue Ninja saga coming to an end.

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G.I. Joe: Initiate Fanfilm showcases Stalker

Another G.I. Joe team member has made their G.I. Joe: Initiate debut, and this time around it’s Stalker!  Make sure to keep your eyes on G.I. Joe: Initiate’s Facebook Page, which will be continually updated as more team members are added and more images loaded.

Check out the Facebook page here, and the mirrored image below.

GI Joe 30th Anniversary GI Joe Action Figures are IN STOCK at Past Generation Toys!

Reinforcements have arrived!

Hazard Viper GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure
Hazard Viper GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure 
Sgt. Stalker GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure
Sgt. Stalker GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure

Steel Brigade GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure

Cobra The Enemy GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure
Cobra The Enemy GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure
Viper GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure
Viper GI Joe 30th Anniversary Action Figure 

GeneralsJoes Reviews 30th Anniversary Stalker and Cobra Viper

All week long I’ve been adding Wave 1 30th Anniversary figures to my review page, and figured I shouldn’t make an exception for today!

The last two figures from the initial wave have been posted, and you can get to them directly at the links below:

More images from Canadian JoeCon – Close up of the Cobra Viper!!

Ask and ye shall receive!  Gary and Ed, both live from the Canadian JoeCon have come through with some more images of new PoC items, including a couple great close ups of the Cobra Viper with the red arm guards!

Awesome work, guys, thanks!!  And be sure to keep tuned to JoeCanuck.com for the latest and greatest details from the Canadian JoeCon!!

Sideshow Collectibles Stalker pre-order is LIVE!

I’m not sure all of the newsletters have gone out yet (I haven’t received mine) but Sideshow Collectibles has verified through their official Twitter feed that the pre-order is live for their awesome 12″ Stalker!  Follow the links below to add him to your ranks before he’s gone!

This figure looks AWESOME.  Don’t sleep on it, he may be tough to come by later on.  Check out some mirrored images below.

Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Stalker revealed

A couple of days ago when we saw the little sneak peek of the upcoming Stalker from the Sideshow Collectibles line, we could only think of what the final result would be and what sorts of exclusive might be offered.

Well, the Sideshow Production Blog went live today, and revealed the upcoming 12″ Stalker in all of his tiger stripe camouflage glory!  Turns out the exclusive is a knit sweater with camouflage patches.  I’ve seen some folks who weren’t all that excited about it, but I think it’s an awesome addition and will really tie Stalker and Beachhead nicely together as the G.I. Joe “Snake Eaters”.

I’ve mirrored a few images below, but the rest of the fantastic pictures can be found on the Sideshow Collectibles Production Blog.  Yo Joe!