Nerd Rage Toys – Memorial Day Sale

Hey toy fans!

All you bargain hunters out there looking for some awesome deals this
Memorial Day, you have come to the right place!

Starting today, we are having a 10% off 4 day store-wide sale. That’s
right, EVERYTHING we have is 10% off including pre-orders and items
currently on sale.

We have hundreds of items to choose from, from lines like G.I. Joe,
Transformers, Thundercats, Walking Dead, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, and

Don’t miss out on these awesome deals!

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* New pre-orders plus Apex Display Case re-stock at SMALLJOES.COM *

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Hi, folks!  We here at SMALLJOES hope that you and your families had a
wonderful Christmas holiday.  We wish for you a happy, peaceful, and
prosperous 2013.  Also, we’d like to extend our thanks to you once
again for your patronage last year as we look forward to a new year
of providing great products for this hobby that we all love.


2012 was a slow year for GI JOE product.  However, a new year will see
new GI JOE products back on our shelves.  The first new assortments for
the GI JOE: Retaliation movie will be landing in February.  We have
these available for pre-order now.

As usual, we have the latest GI JOE comic books for your reading pleasure.
GI JOE main series, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, COBRA, and A Real American
Hero.  Back issues are also available for most titles dating back to the
Devil’s Due run.  We also have all of the trade paperbacks from the classic
Marvel run penned by Larry Hama.


Many of you have been asking about it and we’re pleased to announce that
the APEX action figure display case is back in stock!  We’ve made some
improvements to the tooling which results in the the cases being as crystal
clear as possible.  We’ve also improved our shipping packaging for the case
to mitigate damage due to negligent handling during shipping.  There has
never been a better time to get your collection out for display in a dust-
free environment!


Hasbro has several assortments of new Marvel Universe 4″ figures lined up
for a February release.  Be sure to check our pre-orders section for all
of the upcoming product.


Don’t forget to take a look at our clearance section.  As of the end of
December we’ve moved even more quality items over to this category.  There
are some great deals here on 1:6 scale military figures, GI JOE, comic
books, and much more.  Simply stated, these are products that we over-
ordered relative to demand.  Our error is your gain – help us get some
of this overstock out of our warehouse and get a great deal for yourself
at the same time!

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site



Happy Holidays from Nerd Rage Toys !

New to Nerd Rage Toys:

Marvel Legends 2013 Wave 1 Pre-Orders!

Having problems finding this line on the pegs? Join the club! Dont waste
your gas or your time. Secure your Pre-Order with Nerd Rage Toys and rest

On Sale!

Looking for some stocking stuffers, last minute gifts, or a few odds and
ends to complete a collection?

Check out our sale section and cash in on some huge savings. Choose from
popular lines like GI Joe, Star Wars, Transformers.

Figures start at $1!!!

Pick up a Star Wars battle 5 pack for only $10. GI Joe 2 packs for $3.
Star Wars single figures starting at $2.50!

Dont pass up on these amazing deals!

Holiday Shipping Guarantee

Make sure your items make it to you in time for the holidays. Follow our
shipping schedule to guarantee your items arrive on time.

Gift Certificates!
Not sure what to get a friend or loved one? How about a Nerd Rage Toys
gift certificate! Look for the link on the top right of the Nerd Rage Toys

Price Reductions!
Star Wars VTC have ALL been reduced in price!

All IN STOCK Marvel Legends figures have been reduced in price!

Check out the rest of the great lines we have to offer.


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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys

Nerd Rage Toys Update – March 25, 2012

Hey Everyone!

We have had a massive restock of new and vintage collectibles over the
last week! Lots of great items for every collector.

2012 Retro Classics Ninja Turtles Pre-Orders are now available. Each
Turtle stands 6-inches tall, includes signature weapon accessories, and
personalized signature base. Follow the link to jump to our pre-order

Our Star Wars section has undergone a massive expansion. Several new
categories have been added, with tons of new and old figures. Follow the
links below to jump to a specific category.

2004 VOTC:

2006 Saga Collection:

2007 Saga Collection:

Galactic Heroes:

Who you gonna call……Nerd Rage Toys! New to the store are various vintage
Ghostbusters figures, vehicles, and playsets including the original
Firehouse, Ecto-1, Ray, Peter,Egon, and much more! Follow the link to jump
to our Ghostbusters page.

Several new categories have also been added to our GI Joe section. We have
a little bit to offer every genre of Joe collector. Follow the links below
to jump to a specific category.


Valor vs Venom:

Sigma 6:

Nerd Rage Toys is going green! We have added over 100 vintage Ninja
Turtles items to our catalog including figures, vehicles, parts, and more.
These guys are flying off the shelf faster than a tuna fish, peanut
butter, and grape jelly pizza! Follow the link to jump to our Ninja
Turtles page.

Give the gift of Nerd Rage Toys! Now available are gift certificates for Choose from multiple denominations to accommodate any
budget. You can find the gift certificate link at the top right of the
Nerd Rage Toys home page. Please refer to our FAQ page for further

Be sure to check the rest of the great lines we have to offer.

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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys

Nerd Rage Toys Sponsorship Update

Hey everyone!

Nerd Rage Toys has had quite a productive week. We had a massive re-stock
of vintage items spanning several popular lines.

Fresh on to the digital shelf is over 100 vintage GI Joe figures. With
over 200 figures now currently in stock, we a massive variety to choose
from covering over a decade of “o-ring” greatness. Follow the link below
to jump to our vintage GI Joe figure section.

If you’re in the market for Ninja Turtles, then look no further. We have
over 70 vintage figures in stock, as well some totally tubular vehicles
and playsets. Follow the link below to jump to our Ninja Turtles section.

Strange, gross, and totally awesome! Sectuars have swarmed Nerd Rage Toys.
In-Stock is a nice selection of figures and vehicles. Follow the link
below to jump to our Sectaurs section.

Visionaries! Nuff Said! We have a great selection of figures and vehicles
to choose from. Dont miss out! Follow the link below to jump to our
Visionaries section.

Be sure to check the rest of the great lines we have to offer, including
Ghostbusters, Thundercats, Star Wars, and more.

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Thank you to everyone for your business.

-Nerd Rage Toys

BBTS News: Sale, Transformers, Neca, Marvel, DC, Statues & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new arrivals, more new preorders and an inventory clearance


We’ve just reduced pricing on hundreds of older and overstocked items –
there are now over 3800 total items listed at 20% to 90% off our list
price with 900 of them at 50% off or more!  The lists are long, but a lot
of cool stuff is included – take a look here:

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New Preorders at Past Generation Toys -> DC Direct, Ghostbusters, MoTU, DC, & More

We’ve got tons of new DC DIrect preorders up for various comic and video game based lines. In the comics realm, there’s the 75th Anniversary Kubrick Set and all four figures from the new Return of Bruce Wayne line, featuring Batman in eras across time. DC Direct is also making toys based on video games these days, like these Arkham Asylum figures and the new Mass Effect 2 line, both of which are now available for preorder.  

Also new at the store are a bunch of items, including new and upcoming figures from Ghostbusters, Masters of the Universe Classics, and DC Universe Classics. Order now to make sure you don’t miss out on certain sell-outs like Count Marzo or the JLU Lobo.

And finally for all you Star Wars fans who also happen to be zombie fans (I imagine that’s pretty much everyone), you absolutely cannot miss out on this amazing new Death Trooper bust from Gentle Giant.

Moving Sale (Up to 90% Off) and New Preorders from Past Generation Toys!

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Past Generation Toys at the 2010 International GI Joe Convention in Rhode Island from April 30th to May 3rd.

We’ve got a huge new sale with big savings on hundreds of items from various lines. There are GI Joes for $2, DC Universe Classics for $5, and Transformers for $3. You can find all these deals and more on in the Past Generation Toys Moving Sale! Check it out now before they’re all gone.

Also new to the store are Living Dead Dolls preorders, so purchase now and guarantee that you won’t miss out on great characters like Beetle Juice.

And as always, check out the Past Generation Toys Blog, PGT on Facebook, and PGT on Twitter! This week we’ve got coverage of the 2010 Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo!