GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary “Classic Clash” 2 Pack

The 50th Anniversary reviews continue! Ever since the early days of Sunbow, Spirit and Storm Shadow have gone head-to-head, and this year’s 50th Anniversary line celebrates that with their “Classic Clash” two-pack.

Featuring a cool new look at Spirit and an updated Storm Shadow in his classic ’88 battle togs this is one of the most looked forward to packs of this year’s release.

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Package artist Mike Thompson updates his blog with PoC Spirit!

Every Friday Mike Thompson tries to post an update to his terrific blog, detailing his experiences with doing package art for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra toylines.  We’ve seen some great stuff previously including City Strike Scarlett just last week.  This week he treats us to his work on the spectacular Pursuit of Cobra Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit Iron-Knife.

You can check out all of the excellent details right here, including progress pics, source material, and even input drawings that inspired the figure’s look.

I’ve mirrored one image below, plenty more over on Mike T Artworks.  Definitely check it out.  Also, to keep informed about all the latest updates, make sure to follow Mike Thompson on Twitter as well.

TRU Exclusive Spirit and Quick Kick in stock at

A big thanks to SteelCity86 of for noticing that how as the Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Iron-Knife and Quick Kick in stock!  Check out the links below:

Go get ’em!

Pursuit of Cobra Spirit emerges from the jungle

I know I’ve been holding myself to trying not to promote the overseas auctions for toys that are hitting retail in a few short months, but I feel compelled to let folks know that the absolutely awesome looking Pursuit of Cobra Spirit Ir0n-Knife figure is hitting famed auction site the Black Sheep Toy Store.  The price is inflated, and I strongly encourage everyone to wait until he’s available at $7.00 in your local Toys “R” Us in a couple short months.

But I might just be a hypocrite. :shifty:

Check it out right here. Big thanks to GeneralsJoes reader Tony for the heads up!