GeneralsJoes Reviews the 2011 GIJCC Convention Set!

The day has finally come!  Well, mostly, anyway.  I won’t bother getting into the various reasons why this review was so delayed, but the important thing is that I’ve got it posted…well, for the most part.

Generally even when I don’t make it to the Convention I make arrangements for someone to pick up the exclusives for me.  Well, I let that slip through the cracks a bit this year, and it bit me in the ass, so I am currently Stinger-less, Motor-Viper-less, Cobra Commander-less, Water Moccasin-less, and Tele-Viper Officer-less.  I just can’t squirrel up the extra funds to try and get this stuff on the secondary market.

Thankfully, GeneralsJoes contributor “Beachhead” Mike came through on the Water Moccasin, and Gary “Gyre Viper” Goggles hooked me up with the awesome 2-Pack, so I am able to include those reviews here, but it is essentially the boxed set, the 2-Pack, and the Water Moccasin until I can get my hands on the other stuff.   Hopefully you’ll still find the review helpful!  Check it out as always at the GIJCC Exclusives Review Page, or just click the link directly below:

JoeCon 2011 3 3/4″ Exclusive Sets running low

This email just came in from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, so it sounds like if you’re interested in attending the Convention and want a Special Missions Brazil boxed set, better act quick!

“We only have 68 – 3 3/4” sets left as of today.  We are reserving 50 for attending people who have not registered yet and have moved 18 over to the Homefront Hero non-attending inventory.

If you want the Mission Brazil II figure set, you need to register for it quickly at

Next week we will move more to the non-attending inventory if there are any left.

All registrations for the convention and for non-attending sets closes on March 16.

See you in Florida!


JoeCon is coming quick!  Register now!

New picture of JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Claymore

Over on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Facebook page, a quick image of the upcoming JoeCon exclusive Claymore figure was revealed!  And it rocks.  I love the character as it is, and they have provided a really, really cool update.  I especially love the Special Forces emblem on his chest featuring “De Oppresso Liber” (to free the oppressed).

And he’s totally Magnum.

Excuse the quick and dirty Photoshop.  The real image is mirrored below, and can also be found at the aforementioned G.I. Joe Collectors Club Facebook page.

JoeCon 2011 Convention Boxed Images

So last  week we got all of the exciting reveals for the 2011 JoeCon Exclusive Convention set.  This week, we have an image of the figures in their box!  It’s kind of cool to see the figures all together like this, even though it’s a very small picture.

Check out the images at or mirrored below.

JoeCon 2011 Convention Exclusive Dial Tone and Wet Suit

Oh.  Wow.

Who would have thunk it?  A Special Missions Brazil redux coming with Wet Suit…  and there isn’t a hint of silver or blue to be seen.  In fact, there isn’t a hint of dive gear to be seen.  Only head-to-toe land-based Navy SEAL awesomeness.  DAMN.

If one figure ever made an entire convention set worth it, it just might be this one.  Realistic camouflage, a retooled head, a great boonie cap, and using the awesome Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead tactical vest?  Sold.  With those flippers that hook on the back?  No doubt with both knives this time?  Double sold.

Fantastic looking figure.

Dial Tone is a bit of a departure, but not a bad one by any stretch.  It’s a fairly generic black, brown, and green deco that boasts to be a “Traditional Special Forces” outfit.  It looks good, if somewhat understated compared to the camouflaged outrageousness of Wet Suit.  Of course we knew Dial Tone would be a bit different, simply because the traditional figure is being released as the 2011 promotional incentive…but this is very cool.

Wet Suit certainly takes the cake, though.  Check out all of the updates at, and the mirrored images below.

Next two JoeCon 2011 Exclusive figures revealed – Tele Viper and Mainframe!

Following up with yesterday’s debut of Leatherneck and Python Patrol Cobra Trooper, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has, just today, revealed the next two figures in line, the Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Special Mission: Brazil Mainframe!

The figures continue to look pretty cool.  The Tele-Viper uses some different parts when compared to the original Anniversary version, utilizing Flint’s tooling instead of the Cobra Viper.  Mainframe looks to be using the same tooling as he did in the 25th Anniversary (which unfortunately also includes the somewhat squished head).  Interesting choice with Mainframe to put him in a standard “utility” uniform.  It does approximate the Special Missions: Brazil look without being a color-for-color reproduction.  Mainframe isn’t nearly as exciting to me as Leatherneck was…here’s hoping for a nicely colored Claymore or Wet Suit as a follow up.  I do like how Mainframe’s colors are very similar to Leatherneck, only in reverse.  It shows a neat kind of cohesiveness, without Mainframe looking too out of place.

Check out the gallery below with all four figures listed to date.

G.I. Joe Convention Exclusive Leatherneck and Cobra Trooper images

Late last week we got a little sneak peek at the upcoming Python Patrol Cobra Trooper that is coming with the 2011 Convention Set.  We also received email notification that images for the rest of the Convention figures would be going live this week.

The GI Joe Collectors’ Club has delivered on that today, with images posted for the upcoming JoeCon Special Missions Brazil Leatherneck as well as the Python Patrol Cobra Trooper!  Immediately I can’t help but notice that they went traditional with the Leatherneck figure!  Awesome move.

Not only does that give the fans the Leatherneck they’ve been looking for, but also puts to bed any thoughts that this set will simply be a Special Missions: Brazil re-issue.  Also of note, Leatherneck is NOT using Buzzer’s torso!  Another great improvement.

Check out the images below, and keep your browser pointed directly at for the latest news and announcements for next year’s G.I. Joe Convention in Orlando!

First look at 2011 JoeCon figures on

Granted it’s a very small image, but over on the GIJoeCon website, a new splashpage has been posted.  And within that splash page, a very small image is in the lower left hand corner, featuring the very familiar Python Patrol Cobra Trooper!

If that small peek isn’t enough, apparently a full reveal of the first Convention figure will appear in the January issue of the Collectors’ Club newsletter.  I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere outside of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club forums.  A short while ago, in a thread dedicated to the 2011 exclusive sets, GIJCC staff member “The Commander” posted the following:

“Dec. update:

I just wanted to confirm that we are in the final stage of approving sample figures.

The first one will be previewed in the January issue of the GIJCC Magazine!”

So it looks like the figure reveals could start cranking pretty quick.  For folks who don’t remember, the full details on the 2011 Convention Set can be found right here.

Clues emerge for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive Convention set

With the JoeCon coming much earlier in the year next year, we’re getting some nice early hints about what to expect for the Convention set in 2011.  Thanks to “The Commander” over on the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club forums (which members and non-members should really visit more often) we have the following clues:

  • “My, you look good in that camo pattern!”
  • “Time for a Rumble in the Jungle!”

The first clue was courtesy of the latest Collectors’ Club newsletter, while clue #2 came on the forums.  I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.  On the Convention request forums every single year, I’ve been practically begging for a jungle-themed set…certainly seems like this would be the year.

I have my own little guess, too…  on the Collectors’ Club forums a number of months ago, I hypothesized that if the Club was moving to the modern sculpts, they should consider a “Special Missions: Brazil” type of theme.  Use existing characters like Footloose, Dial Tone, Leatherneck, and Claymore, and do them up in jungle camouflage.  This would get the fans the 25th homage Footloose and Leatherneck they want, and would also help nicely develop the more obscure (yet awesome) Claymore character from the original Toys “R” Us Exclusive set back in the day.

It seems clear from the 2011 exclusive Dial Tone that the Club is thinking along these lines, so let’s see what further clues bring!  Once again, I strongly suggest fans visit the Collectors’ Club forums to stay abreast of all the upcoming convention updates.