Roll Out Roll Call 3 UK Joe and Transformers Convention Exclusives Revealed!

I’ve talked quite a bit about the UK Convention Roll Out Roll Call III on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast (in fact, this week’s episode will feature an interview with David Tree, who is the mastermind behind the convention), but I haven’t mentioned it here on the site lately.

With member “Blot” revealing the awesome Roll Out Roll Call III exclusives, this seemed like a good time to do it!

The infamous Cobra Snake Armor will make a huge, triumphant return at Roll Out Roll Call III, with a whole new aesthetic! But, wait…  that’s not all!  There will also be an exclusive Red Shadow “Dreadnaught” featuring an awesome G.I. Joe/ Transformers crossover…  and an o-ring Baron Ironblood!

These are some truly awesome looking exclusives…makes me want to run out and buy a plane ticket.

Check out these amazing exclusives mirrored below.

For more details about the exclusives, keep your eyes on the Roll Out Roll Call 3 Exclusives Page.  Full details on the exclusives are below, and more info can be found at All the Cool Stuff.

Roll Out Roll Call 3, the show dedicated to Transformers, GI-Joe & Action Force is a little over a week away.
There is so much lined up for the show, from amazing guests to presentations & panels to competitions to exclusives.
The 2012 exclusives have been revealed.
RORC-04 V.I.P.E.R Armour is proving to be our most anticipated show item ever. Available in 3 colours and limited to just 30 of each colour at £49.99 each.
RORC-05 Dreadnought is an evil reworking that would sit nicely in any Transformer or GI-Joe collection. Limited to 25 at £24.99 each.
The exclusives will available to Weekend Ticket holders from 20.00GMT tonite, so if you still need to order a ticket, please make sure you book before 19.30GMT to ensure your account is active for 20.00GMT exclusives ‘go-live’.

Alexx is at it again… Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando

Holy crap what a difference a little color alteration makes.  I’m getting pretty sick and tired of the same ole black and silver Neo-Vipers, but Hasbro gives the “Viper Commando” in the Serpent Armor set a black head with red eyes, and it gets whole new life.  Damn what a cool looking version of the way-too-abundant Neo-Viper.  Add that to the fact that he comes with a great looking black and silver SNAKE armor, and you get a win all around.

In fact, if you get your hands on a 25th Anniversary Stinger, a Heatseek Missile set, and this Serpent Armor, you get the start of a very awesome looking black/red color scheme COBRA strike squad…  but I’ll let Alexx’s always funny pictures speak for themselves.  You can see the thread on JBL here, too.

Great images of Target Exclusive Serpent Armor

Terror Drome member RainbowViper has posted a really nice review with some great pictures of the very recently released Serpent Armor w/ Viper Commando Target Exclusive set.  This set features a nice black and red repaint of the infamous SNAKE Armor, as well as an absolutely BAD ASS dark repaint of the Neo-Viper.  Though, again, he’s being called a Viper Commando for some strange reason.  No matter what his name is, though, the figure looks absolutely awesome in the dark black paint scheme with those crazy looking red eyes.  Love it.

I’ve hosted some of the images below.

New Target Exclusive vehicles revealed with some great vintage retools!

New_Target_Mini_VehiclesShin Densetsu over on breaks the news that there are some apparently new Target Exclusives on the horizon featuring some great  vintage vehicles making their first re-appearence in a long while!  These exclusives are:

  • COBRA Viper Commando w/ Serpent Armor
  • Wet Suit w/ Dragonfish
  • Storm Shadow w/ Arashikage Cycle
  • Air-Viper w/ Rocket Pack

The Serpent Armor appears to be a black repaint of the SNAKE Armor from the 80’s, and done up in a paint scheme similar to how they make their appearences in the upcoming video game.  It’s tough to tell how the Viper Commando is changed, but he must be painted a bit differently.  Wet Suit is in an apparent gray and black uniform, that almost looks like it might be the rumored “Wet Down” that was seen on eBay a little while ago.  Storm Shadow in the red trim is the repaint we’ve seen here and there, and we’re getting yet another Air-Viper/Strato-Viper repaint, but with a very odd choice. The COBRA Jet Pack that hasn’t made an appearence since 1987.  This seems like a bit of an odd choice, it’s never been a fan favorite, but it’s still cool to see.  Just goes to show that nothing is off the table.

I’m astounding by the sheer volume of product that appears to be coming out this year…and we are just barely approaching ComicCon.  I only hope that if there’s not much new revealed in San Diego that the fandom doesn’t get in an uproar with Hasbro…after all, there’s a TON of stuff they would have debuted there had images not leaked before hand.  Let’s all keep things in perspective.  ;)