GeneralsJoes Reviews FSS 2.0 Widescope and Skullbuster!

As we march towards 2014, it’s “catch up” time with reviews that have fallen slightly behind. GeneralsJoes covered Shipwreck and Airtight yesterday, and today we’re tackling Wide Scope and Skullbuster. Certainly an eclectic series of choices for the first four figures, but it’s making me pretty excited as we move forward, as there are still a lot of highly desirable figures left to come.

Check out the GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page, or just click the links directly below:


Some fantastic additions to FSS 2.0 entries at

Playing catch up a little bit here, as the G.I. Joe Collectors Club website has continued to post some great updates to the FSS 2.0 figures.  Included in these updates are some snippets of card art as well as a fantastic detailed look at the head sculpt for Keel Haul!  The entries are below:

The head sculpt for Keel Haul was posted on as well, and you can see those images below: