Apparently Channing Tatum’s hair is news… and Sienna Miller– wait, what?

Yeah, really.  I was a bit surprised myself.

Doing my normal Google crawl today, and came across at least a dozen different “news sites” reporting that Channing Tatum had shaved his head, reportedly for the G.I. Joe movie.  Duke without blonde hair?!?  DETH of teh lien!!!11one!

If you can stand it (I can’t) check out Perez Hilton.  Good lord, do people visit that site on a regular basis?  Ugh.

Interestingly, the source article at the Daily Mail also mentions a little tidbit about Sienna Miller also starring in the sequel.  Yeah, I’m calling BS on that one.  Based on other stuff I read in the article (specifically about The Rock playing a character named “BEAST”) I’m convinced these folks have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about.

Until I see it elsewhere, no Sienna Miller is not going to be in this movie.

Scratch Sienna Miller off the Rise of Cobra Sequel cast list

I think many of us suspected that Sienna Miller might not return in the sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, but even if we weren’t certain about that, an interview with Britain’s “Time Out” magazine pretty much confirms it outright.  As reported by IMDB, Miller feels as if she “compromised values” in her role as The Baroness in the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra film.

The actress says “I’m not very good at fighting. And I’m not very good at guns. And I’m not particularly aggressive. I had to wear sunglasses because every time I shot my gun I would blink. I was completely out of place, like this little midget running round in black leather winning fights, which was just absurd. They did a wondrous job with my wardrobe to make me look threatening…”

From the sounds of it, she wasn’t really invested in the initial film, and certainly doesn’t seem to be interested in returning to the Hollywood Blockbuster realm.  She continues on with “…G.I. Joe (was) a great pay cheque. If, financially, I’m okay – which luckily I am – there’s no point in doing stuff that’s not right for me. It’s too much time away from home.”

So yeah.  I’d say her days in black leather are done.  Well, at least in the G.I. Joe franchise. :shifty:

I have no problem with this.  Granted, I think she was actually very good in her role and I was pleasantly surprised, however I hated the way The Baroness was written into the first film as Duke’s fiancee and Cobra Commander’s sister, so I think if they are going to separate from Sienna Miller, chances are all the better that we might get a more “proper” Baroness this time around, if she appears at all.

Big thanks to GeneralsJoes reader m6d for the intel.  Once again, check out the entire article on IMDB right here.

Some cast changes in the wings for G.I. Joe sequel

So, some further information about the Jon M. Chu hire comes from Heat Vision, part of the Hollywood Reporter.

First and foremost, they confirm reports that Chu as the director is pretty much a done deal, but they also start talking about the potential for returning cast members.  To no one’s surprise, Joseph Gordon-Leavitt is likely out, mostly due to his dance card being full after being thrust into the limelight with Inception.

They also specifically mention Sienna Miller and say that she doesn’t look hopeful to return as The Baroness, and that in fact, the role may end up “being recast or perhaps divided into a couple of new characters.”

Interesting.  Sounds to me like they’re trying to separate themselves a bit from the whole Baroness/Duke/Cobra Commander triangle, which was one of the things I totally disliked about the original film.  They also mention that the first priority is getting Channing Tatum back for Duke, which honestly, was probably the thing I disliked second most.  But he is a larger draw these days and he could put butts in seats.

So, not a big fan of the director, but I have some faith in the writing team, and some of the writing is on the wall that the folks behind this film understand what went wrong with the first film, and steps may be taken to try to craft something a bit more recognizable this time around.  Let’s all hope.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra nominated for MTV Movie Awards

Yeah, I know, not exactly the Oscars, but the MTV Movie Awards has listed their nominations, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has 6 of them.  The nominations are below:

Hmmm…well, we all know the MTV Movie Awards are cheese-worthy and are more for the spectacle than the actual awards…and any award that considers Channing Tatum for anything based on his role in The Rise of Cobra doesn’t get much confidence from me.

But hey, slow news day, so there ya go.  Hit up for the full run down.

Some video recap of recent Rise of COBRA press tour stops

The G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA cast has been making the rounds in a big way over the past few days, and there are a few clips online with various interviews and tv appearences.  I will, by no means, be catching them all, but here are a few interesting tidbits:

Continue reading

Special Screening for Andrews Air Force Base of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

The many military veterans and family members who were eagerly anticipating a special premier for G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA at Andrews Air Force Base got even more than they bargained for as cast members Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Rachel Nichols, and Marlon Wayans all made surprise appearences.

Read the full story at USA Today.

CMT Insider features focus on G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

Country Music Television goes Hollywood and gives some nice publicity to the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA motion picture.  Focused on heavily on the CMT Insider feature for July 22nd, there’s some footage shown (though none of it new) and nice, brief interviews with Sienna Miller, Dennis Quaid, and Channing Tatum.  Check it out here, or embedded below.

Think the Rise of COBRA Baroness figure is fugly? So does Sienna Miller…

Many a fan has wondered exactly what the hell went wrong with Hasbro’s face-scanning equipment when The Baroness figure was first revealed, since it looked absolutely nothing like the normally beautiful Sienna Miller.  Most other face sculpts all look okay, but hers?  Not so much.

Turns out, the actress has noticed.  Speaking with the New York Daily News, she had this to say:

“My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen…”  “…She looks sort of possessed.”

Click here to read the full article…I wonder if we’ll get any sort of updated face sculpt somewhere down the line?  Hopefully we don’t have to wait for the inevitable sequel.  Meanwhile, someone needs to tell her the correct term is “action figure”.  :shifty:

Entertainment Tonight talks with the cast of G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA

Entertainment Tonight spent some time with cast members Marlon Wayans, Channing Tatum, Rachel Nichols, and Sienna Miller, and captured the event on video. About five minutes along, it has some neat interactions between the cast members and little tidbits of information scattered throughout. They talk about their favorite weapons, crack jokes, and add a little insight as well. You can click here to see it, or just check out the embedded video below.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA cast members awarded at ShoWest

For the past week we’ve been getting several reports of the sizzles and footage shown at ShoWest, and now, as the show wraps up, a couple of G.I. Joe’s stars received honors during the event.  Sienna Miller, starring as The Baroness, received the award for Supporting Actress of the Year, and had this to say:

“It was a strange experience,” she says of the commercial film, which includes myriad computer-generated effects she hasn’t yet seen. “I never had to duck in front of a green screen, pretending to dodge something that wasn’t there. But it is nice to get an award before the movie’s even out. I wonder if they’d do that with the Oscars. It takes the pressure off.”

Meanwhile, Dennis Quaid received his own award for Male Star of the Year, and will be appearing as General Hawk in the upcoming film.

Good to see G.I. Joe and its cast getting some mainstream publicity!  Click here to check out the article from USA Today about ShoWest and the awards.