GeneralsJoes,, and Terror Drome team for “Best of” 2011

Frustration from the glut of merchandise clogging retail pegs and blocking the release of subsequent waves of highly-anticipated figures seemed to be the theme of 2011. When new G.I. Joe figures finally made their way into our collections, the countless accessories, innovations in articulation, and intricately-detailed sculpts made the class of 2011 among the best we’ve ever seen in the 25th Anniversary-style era. Hasbro surprised with the release of the Sky Striker as part of the 30th Anniversary line, disappointed with the cancellation of the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series, and energized with the trailer for the live-action movie sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Not to be outdone, licensees such as IDW Publishing and Sideshow Collectibles continued to impress with their offerings of G.I. Joe merchandise, an indication of the strength of the G.I. Joe brand. In retrospect of 2011, A Real American Hero, Generals Joes and The Terror Drome team up to bring you the best of G.I. Joe 2011.

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Yes, Alexx still brings the awesome

I have been woefully negligent in posting recent installments of the “Alexx Shorts” which he posts on various places like  Alexx does awesome reviews of G.I. Joe items, but adds his own twisted humorous twist, and I am absolutely in love with them.

For whatever reason, even though I’ve been reading them and enjoying them, I haven’t been posting them.  Shame on me!  Here’s some catch up from Wave 4…the links will take you back to JBL where he posted them to begin with.

Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 on Pre-Order at HasbroToyShop

Well, if a week can be considered a pre-order, anyway.

Thanks to GeneralsJoes reader m6d for passing along word that Hasbro Toy Shop now has Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 listed as “coming soon”.  You can order them now, and they will arrive anywhere from 2/1 through 2/14 depending on your shipping choice.  Check out the links below:

Go get ’em!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

No scattered reviews this time around…we’re diving right into the whole assortment!

My G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 figures arrived very late Friday evening, and I spent several hours this past weekend diving right into reviews.  I know I’ve been accused of hyperbole in the past, but I will say without hesitation that these four figures are among the coolest figures in the entire run of the Pursuit of Cobra line, and with a toyline like this one, that is really saying something.

These figures are awesome.  Simply awesome.  Check out the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page or hit the links below directly:

These are four excellent figures.  It really makes me look forward to seeing what Hasbro has up their sleeves for 2011.  Based on how much they’ve improved over the past 12 months, I can only imagine what greatness we have in store for us over the next 12.

G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 on sale at SmallJoes!

Just arrived at SmallJoes, the fourth wave of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra!  Every one of these figures is great, so I highly recommend picking up the set of four.  A great price and there are no bad figures here.

All of the links are below:

My figures should be arriving in my mailbox today.  Can’t wait to tear into these things and get reviews posted!  Keep your eyes on my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to see when the reviews get posted!

Shadow Tracker unmasked!

Many folks have been wondering exactly what Shadow Tracker looks like underneath that mask, but only Twink Viper has actually buckled down and yanked it off.  Unfortunately he ended up ruining the figure in the process, but check out the fruits of his labor below:


I know in past test shots, we’ve just seen a skull underneath there, so this certainly looks like something new, though not necessarily any more pleasant.  Here’s a lesson to ya, kids…keep his mask on.  Thanks to Twink Viper for doing the deed and posting it up on Hiss Tank.

Some great Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 images

So the fourth wave of the Pursuit of Cobra figures are trickling in, and ShockVal from Hiss Tank got his set in hand already!  Not only that, but he’s posted some great images right here.

These new images have shed some light on the figures somewhat…  Destro looks to mostly be the Arctic Threat version underneath the armor.  Low Light looks to be some amalgamation from Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead and some others.

Regardless, some great pictures, including some without gear, and other images of just the gear.  Check out the mirrored images below.

Big Bad Toy Store has Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 IN STOCK NOW!

Sweet!  Happy New Year, Joefans!

Check out the links below!

My pre-order is processing!  Boo ya!

New images posted for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4

With Wave 3 on the horizon, images are starting to leak out for the upcoming fourth wave of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra. Featuring Lowlight, Destro, Shadow Tracker, and Skydive (and notoriously devoid of Dukes, Snake Eyes, or Storm Shadows) this wave looks fantastic.  Granted, many folks already got their hands on the Skydive figure through backdoor means as Desert Battle Ripcord, but for those who haven’t, he is one of the best figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line.  Add to that this awesome Destro, the absolutely amazing Lowlight, and of course Shadow Tracker, and you have a wave that pretty much hits a home run with every single figure.

Great stuff.  Thanks to Corey Stinson of for the info!

G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 Pre-Orders at Past Generation Toys

Hot of the heels of the Diamond announcement, Past Generation Toys has announced pre-orders for the upcoming 4th wave of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra.  These figures should be hitting very early 2011.  The announcement can be read below!

Past Generation Toys has listed GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra Wave 4 as PreOrders. It’s due to be released in late January of 2011 and includes Destro v3, Low Light v1, Sky Dive v1 and the highly anticipated Shadow Tracker v1.