Screen Team Media video interviews of the cast of G.I. Joe: Retaliation

These YouTube clips keep hitting, though these particular ones don’t feature any real footage, just some insight from the cast.  But the main characters aren’t the only ones getting video interviewed, and just showing what a large, ensemble cast this is, we have what look to be our first video interviews of Ray Park, Jonathon Pryce, and RZA from Scream Team Media, courtesy of Skinny Joe Fan!

Because there are so many interviews, check them out after the jump.

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New clip from G.I. Joe: Retaliation pits Snake Eyes against Jinx

We’ve seen snippets of this scene quite a bit over the past months, but IGN has now posted a movie clip with a lot more footage from this training session.  Check out some great Snake Eyes, Jinx, and RZA standing there like a boss footage below.

RZA talks to the MTV Movie Blog about G.I. Joe Sequel

Somewhat more newsworthy than Channing Tatum going Mr. Clean, hip hop star and movie producer RZA spoke with MTV about the prospect of filming the sequel to G.I. Joe.  Of course as these actors are wont to do, he expressed his undying love for G.I. Joe and claims to have been a long time G.I. Joe fan.

I never really buy that spin when the stars talk about these films, but hey, what the heck.  Look there’s video!

Does G.I. Joe 2 have its Flint and Blind Master?

Well, as if it wasn’t clear that the G.I. Joe sequel was going to delve further into Snake Eyes’ past, it is pretty clear now.

Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision site is reporting that D.J. Cotrona will be joining the G.I. Joe team in the sequel starring as famous G.I. Joe Warrant Office Flint!  Fans of Detroit 187 (such as myself) will recognize Cotrona as Detective John Stone.  He certainly has the look, and he seemed like a good actor in what I saw of him during Detroit 187 (which incidently I think was one of the most underrated television shows in a long while).

In the same article, they mention rapper-turned-actor RZA is also in talks to join the G.I. Joe motion picture sequel as the “Blind Master”, who was Jinx’s chief martial arts instructor from the Arashikage Clan.  The Blind Master is a pretty random name to pick out of a hat, so it certainly seems as if there may be something to this.  So what we have so far in the roster (if these rumors come true) are:

  • Duke (Channing Tatum)
  • Roadblock (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson)
  • Flint (DJ Cotrona)
  • Snake Eyes (Ray Park)
  • Jinx (Elodie Yung)

Certainly a pretty eclectic group.  Having Flint there would also make an appearance by Lady Jaye pretty likely as well.  Very interesting.  Really looking forward to starting to hear a bit more about who might be on the Cobra side of the roster.  Time will tell.