Fantastic new pictures of Target Exclusive Rampage (Heavy Metal)

We’ve known about the exclusive RHINO w/ Rampage for a long time, and many folks have made the connection between the driver and the old school Heavy Metal, but very few really clear images have come out of the RHINO driver to compare.  Well, that’s all changed.

Werecat, an administrator over on JoeSightings has posted some excellent images of the recently released Rampage figure.  It is astounding how Hasbro can mix and match fairly common parts and come with with such an amazing looking new character.  This figure looks terrific, and looks quite close to the vintage counterpart.  I’m still not going to pay $55.00 for the RHINO, but now I can at least salivate over Werecat’s pictures for a little while.  Check out the images mirrored below.

Royal Purple website features some great information on Rise of COBRA vehicles

I think this website for the Royal Purple/G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA promotion has been up for a while, but for some reason, we’re just noticing the vehicles section.  But this vehicle section is absolutely bad ass.  It has some great images and details for the vehicles featured in the film, many of which we haven’t heard of before!  I’ve mirrored the images below for the following vehicles:

  • Brawler – An innocuous looking van on the outside, with high tech surveillance and weapons systems on the inside
  • Attack Helicopter – No name, just looks like a generic military assault copter
  • Howler – The VTOL troop transport that carries the Joe team through the air
  • RHINO – An armored Humvee looking thing
  • Rockslide – Familiar snowmobile attack vehicle that we’ve seen in toy form already
  • Scarab – The “Steel Crusher” going by its original name
  • Spyder – A very futuristic looking motorcycle (that looks a lot cooler than the upcoming “Snarler”)

The vehicles page can be found here with some nice details on these various weapons of war, and again, all images are mirrored below.

RHINO w/ Rampage in stock now at

The exclusive that seems to have the fanboy’s drooling, the RHINO w/ Rampage is in stock now at  Click here to check it out, but expect to pay a hefty price…  $54.99.  Ouch.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA RHINO w/ Rampage – a Target Exclusive?

Ever since we saw the RHINO repaint at a Takara show a while ago, many U.S. based fans wondered how we might get our hands on it, especially considering that it comes with Rampage, an apparent homage to the Heavy Metal repaint from back in the day (who happens to look exactly like Heavy Metal).

Well, according to two separate sources, kennywr22 from and long time YoJoe veteran John Missal, Target’s latest insider magazine “RED” has reported that the RHINO repaint w/ Rampage will indeed be a Target exclusive.

Apparently price point and release date were not announced, but this at least gives us something to go by.

More images of upcoming RHINO w/ Rampage from TakaraTomy event

Thanks to HissCommander from the Terror Drome as well as cmderinchief from JBL and the Coil Club, we have more images from the upcoming RHINO repaint with Rampage.  This includes some very nice detail of the box as well as Rampage’s filecard, which is written in English.

Check out the images below!

Nightly News Recap – DTC Rhino re-issue coming for Rise of COBRA toyline

On the other side of the World, TakaraTomy has revealed a surprising repaint in the form of the DTC Rhino vehicle originally produced for the new sculpt line a few years ago.  To see all of the awesome details of what I think was the best vehicle designed in the past ten years, check out my review here.

This is one fantastic vehicle, and I think it was a brilliant choice for release.  As an added bonus it comes with Rampage, who has some obvious strong Heavy Metal influences.  For folks who don’t know, Heavy Metal was (barely) repainted back in the 80’s as a mail away and released under the name Rampage.  It would appear Hasbro is dipping back into that pool, and the figure has some very strong vintage vibe.  Loving it.  Check out the image below and thanks to Type-R and Shin Densetsu of for the scoop!


Along with the image comes the news that TakaraTomy will be distributing the G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA toyline over in Japan, which is a great news from an International standpoint.  Could Joe be going global again?  Certainly looks like it.