A special treat for GeneralsJoes readers – Coming next week!

Okay, I’ve been trying to keep quiet about this, but I’ve been really excited ever since I heard that this might happen.  I’m not going to reveal the full details yet, but GeneralsJoes readers should expect an onslaught of reviews all throughout next week…reviews of a lot of great stuff, including some stuff you probably don’t expect.

Suffice it to say, I owe a certain member of this community huge for this opportunity, but I think the GeneralsJoes readers are going to be the biggest beneficiaries.

The week is going to kick off first thing tomorrow morning with reviews of recently released Bravo vehicles, and will hopefully (fingers crossed) keep going full steam ahead all week long.

Stay tuned!

GeneralsJoes reviews IDW’s G.I. Joe: Origins #20 – 21

During New York ComicCon it was revealed that the G.I. Joe: Origins title was going to be fading away, and to be honest, I wasn’t extremely bothered by the news.  Sure, it’s one less G.I. Joe title on the shelves, but beyond snippets into the backgrounds of various characters, what were we really missing?

Well, then I remembered Issues #16 – 18…the Zartan origin.  That was good stuff.  Very good stuff.  Probably the best three issue run during the Origins series, which is pretty ironic, considering it was written by Chuck Dixon, who has been infamous for his up and down roller coaster through the main G.I. Joe title.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Hama stuff at the beginning, but I’m ready to start moving on.  I’m ready to start evolving the story, and not continuing to mull about in the past.  Origins going away was no big shakes.  What was more important to me was how was it going to leave?

Well, turns out, as one of the last stories to run within G.I. Joe: Origins, the mysterious tale of Michael Monk might just end the series on a very high note.

To avoid spoilers, click the “Read the rest of the story” link below for the full review.

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More reviews added to Rise of COBRA Review Index

To go along with Snake Eyes (City Strike) I’ve posted reviews for two of his Wave 5 compatriots:

Check them out and more at the Rise of COBRA Review Page!

Marauder Series 5 REVIEWED!

Well, luckily I finished taking pictures of the latest offerings from Marauder “Gun Runners” before my wife’s camera crapped out!  And what a batch of offerings they are.  The latest run of Marauder, Inc. weapons and accessories have been reviewed.  Check them out:

Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 5

Exclusives Reviews – G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

I’m breaking up the exclusive reviews a bit to put more focus on the excellent product provided by the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club. They do great work, in my opinion, and deserve their own section.

Convention Exclusives:

  1. Force of Battle (2017)
  2. Project: Downfall (2016)
  3. Peril in Paradise (2015)
  4. Zombie Initiative (2014)
  5. Nocturnal Fire (2013)
  6. Operation Bear Trap (2012)
  7. Adventure Team Last Man Standing 12″ (2012)
  8. Special Mission: Brazil II (2011)
  9. Vacation in the Shadows (2010)
  10. Crimson Strike Team (2009)
  11. COBRA Headhunters (2008)
  12. Tanks for the Memories (2007)
  13. COBRA’s Most Wanted: Mercenaries (2006)
  14. MARS Invades Convention Set (2005)
  15. Dreadnok Rampage Con Set (2004)
  16. Operation: Anaconda Con Set (2003)
  17. Crimson Strike Team (2002)

Figure Subscription Service

Series 5

  1. Charbroil
  2. COBRA Viper
  3. Salvo
  4. Darklon
  5. General Flagg
  6. Sneak Peek
  7. Ambush
  8. Scoop

Series 4

  1. Law & Order
  2. Nunchuk
  3. Barricade
  4. Night Creeper
  5. Jammer
  6. Pathfinder
  7. Bullhorn
  8. Inferno B.A.T.
  9. Billy
  10. Interrogator
  11. Tiger Force Sneak Peek
  12. Tiger Force Outback
  13. Carla “Doc” Greer

Series 3

  1. Psyche Out
  2. Repeater
  3. Muskrat
  4. Slice
  5. Spearhead
  6. Vypra
  7. Hit & Run
  8. Alpine
  9. Night Creeper Leader
  10. Bombstrike
  11. Crimson Guard Immortal
  12. Big Ben
  13. Frostbite

Series 2

  1. Airtight (Tiger Force)
  2. Shipwreck (Tiger Force)
  3. Wide Scope
  4. Skullbuster
  5. Tollbooth
  6. Desert Scorpion
  7. Night Force Lt. Falcon
  8. Cesspool
  9. Keel Haul
  10. Bombardier
  11. Big Bear
  12. Dragonsky
  13. Grand Slam

Series 1

  1. Cobra Ninja Dice (2013)
  2. Kim “Jinx” Arashikage (2013)
  3. Quarrel (2013)
  4. Nano B.A.T. (2013)
  5. Topside (2013)
  6. Big Boa (2013)
  7. Sure Fire (2013)
  8. Iron Klaw (2013)
  9. Cover Girl (2013)
  10. Grunt (2013)
  11. Barrel Roll (2013)
  12. TNT (2013)
  13. Blackout (2013)

Yearly Membership Incentives

  1. Pythona
  2. COBRA Wave Crusher w/ Sub Viper
  3. Dr. Mindbender (Arctic)
  4. Cross Country
  5. Iceberg
  6. Footloose
  7. Man of Evil (12″)
  8. Dial Tone
  9. Big Lob
  10. Undertow
  11. COBRA Commander
  12. Copperhead
  13. Nullifier
  14. Jungle Viper
  15. Heavy Water
  16. Clear Zartan

Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

  1. Marissa Faireborn w/ Afterbreaker
  2. Old Snake w/ Stealth B.A.T.s

Adventure Team

  1. Adventure Team Commander
  2. Dr. Venom
  3. Adventure Team “Air Adventurer”
  4. Adventure Team “Sea Adventurer”
  5. Adventure Team “Land Adventurer”

Operation: Flaming MOTH

  1. Arctic Theater
  2. Pacific Theater
  3. Desert Theater
  4. Jungle Theatre