The next FSS 3.0 figure is revealed… Repeater!

It was a bit late in the day today, but the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has revealed their next FSS 3.0 offering, and it is Repeater!

Using the same construction formula as the Night Force version from the Nocturnal Fire convention set, Repeater is decked out in a more accurate vintage paint scheme and comes with a great heavy machine gun.

Check it out at, or mirrored below.


Sculptor showcases unpainted head sculpts from 2013 JoeCon figures

Depending on your perspective, Facebook can be a source of frustration and potential information leaks, but for others it’s a great interface directly with designers and a look behind the scenes of the action figure production process.  The Facebook page of 2DToys currently shows off a trio of unpainted head sculpts for the upcoming 2013 G.I. Joe Convention figures.  Those three heads are Repeater, Psyche Out, and Crimson Asp.  It’s amazing to see the level of detail here in such a small scale, and it provides a nice close up look of these before we actually get them in hand.

Check out the 2DToys Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.

Reviews posted for Toys “R” Us Troop-Builder 5-Packs

I had promised to get these posted last week, but Thanksgiving events postponed that somewhat…but better late than never, right?

Over in the Rise of Cobra Review Section I’ve posted reviews for both recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop-Builder 5-Packs:

There are more images here than you will see anywhere.

Don’t like the new Repeater? There’s a fix for that.

Werecat over on JoeBattleLines has posted a pretty nice in depth look at some ways to get a more character-accurate version of Repeater out of the recently released Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Pack.

Some nice little part swaps over some great opportunity for expanding the Joe roster.  Check out the thread right here, and some images are also mirrored below.

“Good news for those of you out there who were upset at Repeater’s needless race change. As it turns out, it’s a very easy fix to make him true-to-form, and give us a simple but effective LBC Hardball as a bonus. The only catch, is, you’ll need to buy two ‘Joe sets.

Repeater and Footloose share the same body, just with different flesh color. So if you have an extra Footloose, you’ll have a Repeater body with Caucasian skin tone. And you don’t have to worry about a proper Repeater head. Hasbro already helped us out on that angle! The extra Zartan head very much harkens back to White Repeater, because it has the patrol cap and black hair. So simply stick this head on the Footloose body, and you have an instant Repeater. You can even keep the same web gear, as it’s similar enough to the original figure in design.”

Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Packs available online at!

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for letting me know that currently has the two brand spankin’ new Troop Builder 5-Packs available for ordering through their website!

They retail for $19.99 each…I just placed my order, and it was $45.00 for the two of them including shipping.  Pretty good deal, all told, for ten figures.  There are no images in the listing, so just be aware that Trooper Builder 5-Pack 1 is the G.I. Joe one, and Troop Builder 5-Pack 2 is the Cobra one.  Go get ’em.

G.I. Joe and Cobra Troops deploying to Toys “R” Us now!

Thanks to neo-viper from the HissTank forums for announcing that he has spotted the incredibly cool looking Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Packs at his local Toys “R” Us in Arkansas.  Keep your eyes open!


High Res Images of upcoming Toys “R” Us 5-Packs

The Terror Drome has scored some nice high resolution pictures of the soon-to-be-released COBRA and G.I. Joe 5-Packs coming to a Toys “R” Us store near you.  The COBRA one leaves me very cold, being pretty much a pack full of straight-reissue troop builders.  The G.I. Joe pack, however, rocks my world.  I’m not a fan of desert figures in the least, but the wealth of new characters, the very unique reuse of parts, and the impressive paint apps all come together to make one slick looking set.  Dial Tone, Law, Footloose, and Repeater are all very cool additions to the growing cast of characters, even if two of them look somewhat out of place compared to their vintage look (and one of them even had an operation…  :shifty: ).

I love the female Dial Tone concept, and this figure looks great.  Footlose, I think, looks absolutely awesome, even in the desert colors.  Ironically, Repeater is probably the closest to his vintage look uniform-wise, but apparently had a race change along the way.  Oh, those Hasbro designers, how they love to drive the vintage purists crazy…

Check out the images below.

SDCC Coverage Day 1 – Preview Night

I know other sites have some pictures up already, and I’m combing through them and picking out the good stuff, but I’m also expecting some images from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome potentially tonight as well.  But at this point, this is what we know about what was shown at SDCC (or what was peeked at behind enemy lines…  :shifty: )

Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle Stations

  • Heatseek Missile w/ Scrap Iron and Neo-Viper
  • Surveillance Port w/ MARS Trooper
  • Laser Artillery Weapon w/ Hawk and Hit & Run (YES!)
  • Outpost Defender w/ Tripwire and Roadblock

First impressions – I loved these battle stations as a kid, and they still look pretty cool, and I love that they’re coming with two figures.  Resolute Roadblock is GREAT, even if he looks different.  Love the QuaidHawk.  Please don’t tell me that funky green and silver Tripwire with tiger stripes is supposed to be Hit & Run…  :/

Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop Builder Packs

  • G.I. Joe “Desert Set” w/ Dial Tone (female), Law & Order, Zartan, Footloose, and Repeater
  • COBRA set w/ Unknown

Tough to make out a whole lot here, but I’m loving that Joe set.  Repeater and Footloose are both winners (yeah, I know, Footloose needs to be in green camouflage, but these paint apps look GREAT, even if they’re not vintage accurate).  Female Dial Tone is awesome to see, too, for those of us willing and able to move on from 1986.

Hopefully more to come!

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