Regular Joes 100th Podcast Episode features special guest Derryl DePriest!

This is an episode G.I. Joe fans are not going to want to miss!

Dave, Barry, and Tod have been doing the Regular Joes podcast steadily for a little while now, but have suddenly rocketed forward to their 100th episode!  I have no idea how it happened, but here we are.

To celebrate they brought on their close friend Derryl DePriest, who obviously works with the G.I. Joe brand for Hasbro, but more importantly has been a collector and enthusiast for his entire life.  This episode focuses much more on Derryl’s “collector” role, and It’s a fantastic listen.  Here Mr. DePriest, as well as Barry, Dave, and Tod, geek out about toys, films, and pop culture in ways you have likely not heard before and reassure yourself with the kind of person we have associated with our favorite Brand.  I think you’ll find he’s as big a fanboy as the rest of us.

Check it out on the Regular Joes Podcast page.  This is a CAN’T MISS episode.


Regular Joes Podcast Episode #39 – G.I. Joe hits 50 and 50 hits back

As excited as many Real American Hero fans were about some of the announcements at Toy Fair a short while ago, there is a segment of the community that felt a little bit left out.  So when three representatives from that community invited me onto their podcast to chat about Toy Fair reveals, I jumped at the chance, eager to see their perspective.  It certainly helps that Barry, Tod, and Dave are all great guys who are really closely invested in the G.I. Joe fandom and do regular work for the G.I. Joe Collectors Club!

Well, I couldn’t have had a better time.  All three of them are veritable geek experts (as listeners of their podcast can certainly attest to) and we talked about everything from G.I. Joe’s 50th Anniversary to Guardians of the Galaxy, Harold Ramis, and many other things in between.  It was a blast.

And folks looking for information about my dio-story may want to listen to… I break a bit of news on that front as well.  :)

Heck, we even talk a little bit about the Adventure Team Chronicles and “Shattered Glass” concept, considering podcast host Tod Pleasant is the writer of that particular adventure.

You can find the latest episode over on iTunes, and the show notes are below.


In 1964 Hasbro introduced G.I. Joe, America’s Movable Fighting Man, and the Action Figure was born. As fans of G.I. Joe gear up to recognize their plastic hero’s golden anniversary, controversy, Joe’s frequent companion, one again makes an appearance. Is Hasbro giving Joe his due? Barry, Dave and Tod, the Regular Joes are joined by Justin Bell from the What’s on Joe Mind podcast to talk it out. Also, a salute to the late great Harold Ramis, with movie picks, and another round of Who Would Win in a Fight. Yo Joe!

Regular Joes


Regular Joes Podcast Episode 5 – Win an autograph from Ray Park!

Man, how do these guys rate?!  Only five episodes into their fun podcast and they already have an autograph from Ray Park to give away?!  This is obviously a high class establishment!

In all seriousness, Barry, Todd, and Dave have been deeply involved in the G.I. Joe realm for many years, and their perspective on geek topics are insightful and interesting. I would think most G.I. Joe fans can relate to them in a big way.  They contribute to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club newsletter, and give all of their opinions on the latest geek topics.

Episode Five is no different where they talk about convention season, and speak about having the opportunity to meet Ray Park himself at the Philadelphia ComicCon.  You can check out (or subscribe) to their show on iTunes, or hit up as well and have a listen.  I think it’s worth your time!

New G.I. Joe themed podcast – The Regular Joes

Some exciting news to report as another G.I. Joe oriented podcast has shown up, where three long time G.I. Joe collectors talk geek topics as well as talk about their G.I. Joe background.  The unique thing about this particular podcast is that the three folks involved, Barry Kay, Tod Pleasant, and Dave Pisani are all long time G.I. Joe collectors who have mainly focused their attention on the 12″ side of things.  They are all regular contributors to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, and Tod Pleasant is the writer of the excellent Adventure Team comic that has been running through those pages.

He and Dave also work together on the “Regular Joes” comic in the newsletter, too.  So these guys are obviously very deeply invested in the G.I. Joe brand and have some really great perspective on that and on mainstream geek topics in general.

Check out their show on iTunes here, and also on Libsyn.

Their latest episode is Episode Three, and they talk about their background in collecting and even bring on actor Jon Billingsly from Star Trek and True Blood.  They’re starting off with a big splash.

Check out Episode Three right here.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes!