Python H.E.A.T. Viper

For the fourth figure reveal the GI Joe Club gives us the Python H.E.A.T. Viper.  With this reveal we now get the second army builder of the set.  It looks like it is a repaint of the 50th Anniversary H.E.A.T. Viper but of course this will get the Python Patrol deco.  The bright yellow torso is a little bold but I think this figure will look great with the rest of the Python Patrol figures standing next to them.  Can’t wait to see the rest of the set.

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– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure.
– Modern Era Update of Character based on 2003 design.
– THREE Army Builder action figures in this exclusive set.
– Includes removable harness, bazooka shells x 6, bazooka,
connection tube, backpack, and Cobra Logo Stand.

G.I. Joe: Battleground new Operation: Takedown Event has begun!

With no advanced warning, and fresh off a double XP weekend, G.I. Joe: Battleground has launched directly into a new Operation: Takedown event!  Following up on the Tiger Force vs. Python Patrol conflict from the previous event we have Rock Viper and Copperhead going up against Tiger Force Duke, with Tiger Force Flint as the ultimate Legendary reward card.

Some exciting other new recruits have joined the fray as well, featuring the awesome Toys “R” Us Python Patrol versions of SAW Viper and HEAT Viper along with the Valor Vs. Venom Python Patrol Viper!  I can’t get enough of this obscure awesomeness from DeNA and Mobage!  Check out a screen shot gallery below.


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G.I. Joe: Convention Mission Brazil Python Patrol Stinger Guest Review

There aren’t many Conventions that I’ve missed over the past twelve years, but it just so happens that 2011 was one of them.  It was also the year the Collectors Club officially jumped with both feet in the pool into “Modern Era” figure style.  I think this change has served them very well.  Not only do they have a lot more parts to choose from for their figures, but there seems to be a lot more collector demand and much better sell through.

That was certainly true of the Mission Brazil set.  While I was recently able to get my hands on the Python Patrol Stinger (with great help from Jay of, fellow What’s on Joe Mind host Mike wrote this review for me a while ago, and I’m eternally grateful.  A lot of folks don’t realize the amount of time and work that goes into review writing…  it’s not a short “bang it out” type of thing, and for Mike to take his valuable time to do this for me was very awesome of him.

It almost lets me overlook his repeated gut-punches regarding last year’s Super Bowl.  Almost.

All that side, he took some great pictures and did one hell of a write up.  You can check out the Python Patrol Stinger review now linked to my original Mission: Brazil Review (hosted on the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review section) or just hit up the direct link below.  The Stinger review is with the “Extra’s” on Page 3.

Official announcement and ordering info for DiC G.I. Joe series

I’ve gotten numerous messages about this, just hadn’t had a chance to post it up yet…  but yes, has a pre-order listing for the upcoming Shout! Factory release of the DiC G.I. Joe series, at the moment entitled “G.I. Joe: Series 2”.

You can check out the pre-order page for the animated series right here, which features an image of some awesome box art with Battle Armor Cobra Commander, Scoop, ’89 Stalker, and Slaughter Marauder’s Low Light & Barbecue.  Check out the cover image below.  Thanks to Captain N for the intel!

GeneralsJoes Reviews the 2011 GIJCC Convention Set!

The day has finally come!  Well, mostly, anyway.  I won’t bother getting into the various reasons why this review was so delayed, but the important thing is that I’ve got it posted…well, for the most part.

Generally even when I don’t make it to the Convention I make arrangements for someone to pick up the exclusives for me.  Well, I let that slip through the cracks a bit this year, and it bit me in the ass, so I am currently Stinger-less, Motor-Viper-less, Cobra Commander-less, Water Moccasin-less, and Tele-Viper Officer-less.  I just can’t squirrel up the extra funds to try and get this stuff on the secondary market.

Thankfully, GeneralsJoes contributor “Beachhead” Mike came through on the Water Moccasin, and Gary “Gyre Viper” Goggles hooked me up with the awesome 2-Pack, so I am able to include those reviews here, but it is essentially the boxed set, the 2-Pack, and the Water Moccasin until I can get my hands on the other stuff.   Hopefully you’ll still find the review helpful!  Check it out as always at the GIJCC Exclusives Review Page, or just click the link directly below:

If you squint really hard, you can almost see Python Patrol Croc Master

Better images will be available to subscribers of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter in the coming days or weeks, but for now you can hit up to see a very small image of the upcoming Python Patrol Croc Master running change.

You can see the thumbnail below, where he looks to have a red vest and the black and gray Python Patrol camouflage on his legs.  Kind of odd how they went with the red for him when they did the traditional colors on everyone else, but it’s still a cool look.  Keep your eyes on your mailboxes in the coming weeks for better images.

Images arriving for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive figures and vehicles!

As I reported yesterday, the following is the list of JoeCon exclusive items (above and beyond the boxed set):

  • Lightning, AKA “Relampago” and Trigger, AKA “Gatilho”: LE 650
  • PP Stinger with PP Motor Viper 500
  • PP Water moccasin LE 400
  • MOC Dial-Tone LE 600
  • Silver edition Cobra Commander LE 500
  • PP Tele Viper parachute trooper LE 500
  • Freebie Armadillo

Images have now started arriving for these items, courtesy of and Toy News International.

As I feared, I freaking love these.  LOVE.  The Lightning and Trigger 2-Pack is absolutely fantastic.  That tooling translates exceptionally well to the Python Patrol paint apps, and I really dig that Lightning is the Water Moccasin driver with Trigger as a sniper.  Very cool additions to the crew.

The Stinger is terrific as well.  It will fit in seamlessly with the old school Python Patrol vehicles, it can pull the ASP, and the Motor-Viper can be used to drive the old school Stun while the Python Trooper (who looks like a Stinger Driver) can pilot the Jeep.  As the beer commercial goes…  “BRILLIANT”.

I’m not a fan of the Water Moccasin generally, but this red paint scheme looks really sharp.  And man…the idea of a Python Officer paint scheme for the Tele-Viper to make a Tele-Viper officer?  Pretty damn inspired.

I kinda think the Cobra Commander is a bit “gimmicky” and that one doesn’t really float my boat…but man, everything else is very, very well done.  As if I should expect anything else.  Looking good, Collectors’ Club.  Now to figure out how to get my hands on these things.  :shifty:

Final list of 2011 JoeCon Exclusive items (and production numbers)

Roshan, once again over at has come through with a final tally/list of the Exclusives for this year’s JoeCon!  No images, but the listing would appear to be accurate, and is as follows:

  • Relampago and gatilho: LE 650
  • PP Stinger with PP Motor Viper 500
  • PP Water moccasin LE 400
  • MOC Dial-Tone LE 600
  • Silver edition Cobra Commander LE 500
  • PP Tele Viper parachute trooper LE 500
  • Freebie Armadillo

For folks wondering how these will look…  Relampago and Gathilo are based on existing Brazilian exclusive figures in Python Patrol deco, using Ripcord and Airborne as base figures:

  1. Relampago
  2. Gatilho

The Python Patrol Stinger and Motor Viper are pretty self explanatory.  Motor-Viper was spotted on eBay a few weeks ago, and is a Python Patrol repaint of the Steel Crusher driver.

As I previously mentioned, the Water Moccasin is likely based on the Brazilian Hedroelice De Emboscada.

The MOC Dial Tone we’ve seen before, and is the GIJCC Exclusive incentive Dial Tone, only mint on card.

Silver edition Cobra Commander?  Absolutely no clue on this one.

The Parachute Tele-Viper was also spotted on eBay a short while ago.

And there you have it.  Obviously, this post is probably considered useless without pictures, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.  Expect more information tomorrow as the actual items are unveiled!

GIJCC JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Items Revealed – Now with Images!

Well, JoeCon officially begins tomorrow night, but thanks to some “Golden Ticket” members and a few enterprising Joefans, we now have some information about the 2011 JoeCon Exclusives!  Tonight folks were allowed to grab some of their items, and also got a peek at the Club Comic, which showcased many of the characters we’ll be seeing in the convention set this year.

I will update this list as we find out more information…the news comes straight from the JoeBattleLines Twitter Feed!

UPDATE – Roshan from has posted some images that I’ve mirrored below!

Items of note so far are:

  • The “Freebie Item” is a repaint of the Rise of Cobra Armadillo – The Armadillo is repainted in jungle camouflage for the Mission: Brazil Joe team
  • The Comic contains a Python Patrol deco’d Cobra Stinger, quite possibly with the previously seen Motor-Viper as the driver
  • The Comic also contains a red Water Moccasin, likely a tribute to the South American repaint, known there as the Hidroelice De Emboscada

JoeCon 2011 3 3/4″ Exclusive Sets running low

This email just came in from the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, so it sounds like if you’re interested in attending the Convention and want a Special Missions Brazil boxed set, better act quick!

“We only have 68 – 3 3/4” sets left as of today.  We are reserving 50 for attending people who have not registered yet and have moved 18 over to the Homefront Hero non-attending inventory.

If you want the Mission Brazil II figure set, you need to register for it quickly at

Next week we will move more to the non-attending inventory if there are any left.

All registrations for the convention and for non-attending sets closes on March 16.

See you in Florida!


JoeCon is coming quick!  Register now!