Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Baroness up for Pre-Order

While not approaching the level of posability of the 12″ figures that we all love so much, you can’t deny the fantastic display possibilities of these premium format figures.  Cobra Commander looked absolutely amazing, and The Baroness is looking just as impressive.

We know by now that Sideshow is planning to release a 12″ Baroness in late 2012, but here’s a really nice looking premium format figure to hold you over until then.  Click here to pre-order.

Baroness Premium Format Figure

More images for Sideshow’s Premium Format Cobra Commander

Good grief this thing is spectacular.

Granted, as I’ve said before, I prefer my figures to actually move, but it’s tough to argue at the sheer coolness of the display value with this particular figure.  Part statue, part figure, and full of imposing awesomeness.

I love that the images they added also include a shot of him with the upcoming premium format Baroness as well.  These would make for one cool display.

Check out the additional images right here and if you love this thing like I do, pre-order him via the banner below.

Cobra Commander Premium Format Figure

The latest Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format figure is The Baroness!

Happy Black Friday from Sideshow Collectibles!  They’re celebrating by launching a pre-order for the latest in their line of premium format figures.  To go along with the awesome Cobra Commander we’ve already seen, now we have The Baroness!

In all honesty, I’m not big on the premium format stuff.  They look gorgeous, but I’d rather my action figures move.  They are certainly some awesome display pieces, and if money wasn’t an object I’d be all over them for that purpose, but at any rate…she’s up for preorder.  Check out the links below for pre-orders.

Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Cobra Commander Revealed

So, it’s March 8th and the Production Blog has been posted, which features a plethora of new images for the upcoming Premium Format Cobra Commander from Sideshow Collectibles!

Measuring in at 18″ tall, but unfortunately with limited articulation (like pretty much no articulation) the figure looks imposing, but a lack of poseability may turn some folks off.  If I had unlimited income, I would jump on something like this, simply for display purposes, but as it stands, nope.  Going to take some articulation and accessories to make me part with my toy dollars these days.

Check out the mirrored images below and click here for more details.