What’s on Joe Mind Episode 104 is online!

Hold onto your butts… What’s on Joe Mind is here with Episode 104, just recorded last week and ready to roll for JoeCon 2016!  We cover the latest news, talk about the Joes of 2004, and lose track of what we’re saying consistently for nearly two hours.  Just another day at the WOJM studio.

You can listen to the episode on Podbean, or the embedded player below.

Show Notes

We talk about the Joes from 2004, catch up on the news, begin to set the table of what will happen at JoeCon…and generally get side tracked – A LOT.  Download it now and listen to it on your way to JoeCon!

Speaking of JoeCon, be sure to catch Mike, Gary, Joe and Chris McLeod from the Full Force at our JoeCon panel on Sunday, June 19th at 1:00.  It will be the last ever panel at JoeCon. Join us as we turn out the lights…forever (maybe, maybe not, we will see – we’re looking at you Hasbro!)

If you have not signed it already, be sure to sign our petition to Save the GI Joe Convention! If you want a Joe-only convention like us, make sure you sign the petition and let the powers-that-be know what you think!  More than 2500 people have signed.  Sign on the campaign today!
G.I. Joe in 2004

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Regular Joes Podcast Episode 5 – Win an autograph from Ray Park!

Man, how do these guys rate?!  Only five episodes into their fun podcast and they already have an autograph from Ray Park to give away?!  This is obviously a high class establishment!

In all seriousness, Barry, Todd, and Dave have been deeply involved in the G.I. Joe realm for many years, and their perspective on geek topics are insightful and interesting. I would think most G.I. Joe fans can relate to them in a big way.  They contribute to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club newsletter, and give all of their opinions on the latest geek topics.

Episode Five is no different where they talk about convention season, and speak about having the opportunity to meet Ray Park himself at the Philadelphia ComicCon.  You can check out (or subscribe) to their show on iTunes, or hit up Libsyn.com as well and have a listen.  I think it’s worth your time!

Episode 65 of What’s on Joe Mind featuring IDW artist SL Gallant is online!

It’s running a few weeks late due to those pesky real life issues, but Gary was able to muddle through events of his high-paying IT career over the past few weeks and dedicate his valuable time to editing the latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind, and it is now online in it’s month-late glory!

Rejoice to the latest news from July…look forward (back?) to Canadian JoeCon, and celebrate a raucous Arbor Day with IDW G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero artist SL Gallant!  As always, you can listen to the latest episode on Podbean.com, or hit up the embedded players below.  Show notes are posted after the jump.


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What’s on Joe Mind round table with the Hasbro G.I. Joe Team at GIJoeCon 2012

Yes, here is Special Edition #16…a very special edition indeed.  Back when I hopped on this little internet radio show, it seemed like a very fun way to kill some time and explore the G.I. Joe fandom in different ways, but that’s really all it was.  Even as it felt like our bonds were growing closer with each episode and our barriers were coming down, I never really thought the show would necessarily evolve to anything…it was still just four buddies BS’ing about G.I. Joe.

Over the next many months, the show would lose a friend to other commitments, but gain another, and along the way make connections with voice actors, G.I. Joe comic professionals, and even the director of a certain major motion picture to come in March, 2013.  Through it all, it was just four guys having fun.

Well, this past weekend these four guys having fun got a very rare opportunity to sit down for a lengthy 25 minute round table discussion with several members of Hasbro’s design and marketing team.  The folks directly responsible for those four inch pieces of plastic that decorate your house in such vast numbers.  I can’t quite express how cool it was for Hasbro and for Justin Aclin from Hunter PR to make this all happen.  In normal circumstances, even having a chance to talk with one person from the Hasbro team would have been amazing.  But on Sunday morning, we were fortunate enough to sit down with not one…  not two… not even three…  we had a great round table discussion with four members of the Hasbro G.I. Joe team.

John Warden, designer mastermind of the G.I. Joe line.   Dave Proctor, sculpting manager and the sculptor of one of everyone’s favorite G.I. Joe figures ever, the 30th Anniversary Storm Shadow.  Erik Arana, an input designer, and along with Wayne Park, one of the geniuses behind the G.I. Joe: Resolute 7-Packs as well as design elements of the Slaughter’s Marauders and Dreadnoks 7-Packs.  Last, but absolutely not least we spoke with Joe Del Regno, the current Marketing Director for the G.I. Joe line.

During this discussion, we covered a wealth of topics including the controversy behind the “Concept Case” as well as how fans can get their voices heard and express their desire to see certain figures come to light.  We speak about G.I. Joe: Retaliation, upcoming releases for 2013, and much more.  It was a very fun discussion, and was the highlight of the entire weekend for the What’s on Joe Mind team.

Cold Slither came close, but in the end, the Hasbro team won the vote.

This is a very quick episode, only about 25 minutes so even folks who don’t listen to the podcast should check it out and learn some cool things that you may not have known otherwise!

I’m certain I speak from everyone on the What’s on Joe Mind team when I say THANK YOU to John, Dave, Erik, Joe, and Justin for all working so hard together to get us that slot of time and for devoting their precious time to the show.  It was extremely exciting for us, and hopefully exciting for the Joe community as well.  Check it out on Podbean, or listen via the embedded players below:



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What’s on Joe Mind Two-For-One as GIJoe Con approaches!

Without much time for editing, Gary was still able to slam out a couple episodes of What’s on Joe Mind for your listening pleasure while you travel to the G.I. Joe Convention in New Orleans this week!

I’m currently in Louisiana myself, so I won’t be doing the full blown show notes, but I figured I can at least link up the episodes in formats that everyone can check out.  You can also, of course, just hit up our Podbean Page to grab the episodes there as well.  Enjoy!

Episode 60

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Episode 61 (Raw and Uncut!)

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Love What’s on Joe Mind? Check out these other great podcasts!

So as we push on towards JoeCon, Gary and Mike are making their own promotional push…they’re appearing regularly on other podcasts to help promote JoeCon, and of course, talk up the What’s on Joe Mind podcast a little bit.

Here are some recent shows you can catch them on:

  • Open Your Toys Episode 73 – Join Slick McFavorite and Mrs. McFavorite as they talk to Mike and Gary on this great toy-themed podcast that has been a mainstay on my personal playlist for a while now.
  • Geek Cast Radio Network  JoeCon Special – Gary and Mike join Steve and Mike on GCRN to talk up JoeCon and get into all of your favorite geek topics.  A couple of very well established podcasting pro’s talking Joe, where can you go wrong?
  • Star Joes Episode 70 – Old podcast buddies Chuck and Ryan bring Mike and Gary on this episode, once again, to talk a little bit about JoeCon and the G.I. Joe hobby in general.  One of our favorite G.I. Joe themed podcasts out there, don’t miss this one!

More to come!  Enjoy.

What’s on Joe Mind Episode 55 is online

You know I almost didn’t post this, because as usual, I missed an episode with a famous Sunbow voice actor, and the guys took the opportunity to rib me about it…so screw ’em, right?

Nah.  I’m nothing if not forgiving, so I’ll play nice and post the latest update for the What’s on Joe Mind podcast.  This episode the guys are joined by Sunbow voice actor Neil Ross, who voiced the indelible Shipwreck, one of the most popular characters in the G.I. Joe mythology!

They also tackle all the latest news and information, and talk about the GIJCC 2012 Convention Set in its entirety. I’m jealous that I didn’t get the chance to share my .02.  Ah, well, maybe I’ll make them revisit it tomorrow night.

Check out the latest episode on our Podbean page, or via the embedded player below, and don’t forget to hit the jump for our show notes.



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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 45 featuring GI Joe: Initiate and Buzz Dixon is online!

Yes, it went up a little late, but those cross-Atlantic plane trips will do that to ya!  Recently returned from a whirlwind voyage to Southampton for Roll Out Roll Call 3, Gary has posted Episode 45 of What’s on Joe Mind for your Thursday morning listening enjoyment!  In this episode we interview Frederic Doss, the only man known to have been killed by both Cobra and the Decepticons on the big screen (yes, he was victimized in both G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and the first Michael Bay Transformers film), and a key mastermind behind the development of upcoming fanfilm, G.I. Joe: Initiate.

We’re also joined by a very special guest, Will Bell, recently returned from Afghanistan, who spends some time with us, just shooting the breeze about G.I. Joe.  As if that wasn’t enough, an informative interview with Buzz Dixon rounds out this action packed episode.

Hit up our Podbean Page, or check it out via the embedded player below.

Show Notes

WOW! Episode 45 is here! Better late than never, right? So yeah, its a week late, but we gave ya over 3 hours of RORC3 coverage, so that made up for something didn’t it? Apologies in advance. With travel and all, it made it difficult getting this out in a timely manner. We’ll make it up to you, trust us! In this episode we are joined by TWO very special guests. First, just joining us as a guest host and hanging out is US Marine, fan of the show and a REAL American Hero, Will Bell (no relation to Justin). Siting in the interview chair this week is Frederic Doss to talk to us about his upcoming fanfilm GI Joe: Initiate and his roles in BOTH the live action Joe and Transformer films. From the mailbag, Chuck is asked about the obscure South African wrestler Col. DeBeers joining the ranks of Cobra, Gary is asked why he hates Transformers so much, and was there ever a time anyone on the cast has ever lost interest in Joe and *gasp* STOPPED collecting. In the news, Hasbro responds to the latest issues with Fun Pub and the guys celebrate the conclusion of a long running show joke. Also covered in the news is the lack of new Joe broadcasting on the hub and a mystery Joe wave was found in the WalMart computers that has the look of being cancelled. After the break you will hear a pre-recorded interview with Sunbow writer Buzz Dixon as we talk to him about the toon and find out some stuff about the most dangerous man in the world AND what would have happened to Cobra Commander in season 3 if the series didn’t get lost to DIC. We thank Will for joining us and wish him continued success in his rehab and thank him for her service to our country. If you agree, kindly drop a comment in on this episode to let Will know how much you appreciate him as well!!

Frederic Doss from G.I. Joe: Initiate

Buzz Dixon

News and Intel

Episode 43 of What’s on Joe Mind online featuring Ryan Penagos

It’s been a crazy recording week this week for the What’s on Joe Mind crew…heck for most of them it’s been a crazy few weeks!  We spent some time this past week talking to various different folks at different levels of the geek stratosphere, but perhaps none with such a large following as Ryan Penagos, AKA Agent M on Twitter.  As Executive Editorial Director for Marvel.com he has his hands in many different pies, and is of course, a social media mastermind.

We interrogate him about Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, Twitter, and even manage to sneak in some G.I. Joe related discussion.  Check it out on our Podbean page, or listen to the embedded player below.  Click the Read the Rest of the Story link below the player for the show notes.

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Fwooshcast Year in Review Podcast features What’s on Joe Mind flavor!

Yes, we’re two weeks into 2012 and the “Best Of” 2011 lists are still going strong!  The latest one is courtesy of the Fwooshcast, a personal favorite podcast of mine, mostly because of one of the hosts Craig, who I have known for years, and who guest hosted on What’s on Joe Mind for a number of weeks.

So obviously, when he asked us to submit something for their 2011 “Year in Review” episode, we didn’t hesitate to comply.

Check out the latest episode of the Fwooshcast right here!