What’s on Joe Mind Episode 99

Honestly, I was feeling okay, I was just tired. My favorite  team had just won the Super Bowl two nights before, but work was hectic and I hadn’t slept a whole lot in a few days, and felt like I really needed to get some rest. So when Gary and Mike offered to have Gary Head sit in for me…well, I agreed pretty quick.

This had happened a few times before. I was grateful that someone like Gary was willing to jump in at the last minute, especially because he’d asked me to be on the JDSO podcast a number of times, and I’d always found some lame excuse why I couldn’t. But the flip side of Gary filling in for me was that we rarely got a chance to record together. That seems especially hard hitting and unfortunate today.

I give Godsoe a lot of credit for sitting through this episode in editing and preparation, I’m sure I couldn’t have done it…I wouldn’t have been strong enough to listen to Goggles’ voice for three hours while deciding where to cut or adjust sound controls. It must have been difficult.

As we lead up to Episode 100, it seems appropriate that the penultimate marathon that brought us here features Gary “Goggles” Head in his last speaking role, and its a testament to his place in the G.I. Joe fandom that he got one last opportunity to voice his opinions before falling forever silent. Meanwhile, I struggle with the fact that I missed being with him on this night, I’m sure it would have been a memorable one.

You can listen to Episode 99 of What’s on Joe Mind, one that’s sure to live on for a long time, over on our Podbean page, or embedded below.

As always, the show notes are after the break.

Rest in Peace, Gary… as painful as it was, it felt good to hear your voice one last time.

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What’s On Joe Mind Episode 98 Mammoth 3 Hour Episode is online!

The way episodes have been posted lately means that a somewhat larger gap happens between them, which actually has the benefit of giving us more to talk about. For episode 98 we come close to our self imposed three hour limit, but it’s tough to say that any of the discussion was extraneous. We talk to good friend of WOJM Bill Ratner about his latest adventures, and he never fails to entertain. There’s some great discussion about regional events as well, encompassing lots of real estate from Iowa all the way to Southampton, UK… wherever there’s trouble, WOJM is there!

Of course we also talk about latest rumors of a 6″ G.I. Joe line and get back to basics about what G.I. Joe means to us. Lots of stuff crammed into that three hours, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Check out the latest episode at Podbean.com or embedded below and show notes are after the jump.

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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 95 is online! We talk about it all in this one

I know a lot of folks have been commenting that we don’t record new episodes nearly as often as we used to… but the good side of that is, when we do, they end up being 3+ hour marathons covering all sorts of different topics! Episode 95 certainly falls into that category, talking Boss Fight Studio, the late Don Levine with business partner Kirk Bozigian, and voice actor Michael Dobson. Expect the same level of back and forth blather, and relive the excitement of the final 36 hours of the Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter campaign.

Listen to the latest episode on Podbean.com or embedded below and check out the Show Notes after the jump.

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The Full Force Podcast – Episode 5 is Online!

For folks looking to bone up on their UK G.I. Joe knowledge or just get into the G.I. Joe spirit leading up to “JoeCon Week”, the latest episode of the Full Force podcast is now online!

In this ‘better late than never’ episode, the gang chat about (old) news, review a very ‘cool’ figure, look at a related item in ‘From the Vault’ and get Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studios to build a version of said ‘cool’ figure himself. It is a packed episode full of the usual toilet humour and genius insight that one finds hard to get elsewhere. Open your ear trumpets and get ready to be blown……….away!!   FULL FORCE!!

Check it out on Podbean.com and make sure you’re checking the Full Force on Facebook for their show notes and some great photos from the episode!

The Full Force Action Force Podcast Episode 2 is Online!

The worldwide take over continues as What’s on Joe Mind sister podcast The Full Force unloads it’s thrilling second action-packed episode.

Dave, Eddie, and Chris break down the latest exciting Action Force news and talk about the upcoming Roll Out Roll Call event hitting in October.

Check it out at the What’s on Joe Mind Podbean page!


What’s on Joe Mind Episode 85 is online!

The G.I. Joe news front has been somewhat quiet in recent weeks, so some of the parts of Episode 85 of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast dip back in time just a little bit.  But then again some of the discussion here is timeless.  We speak to former Hasbro designer Rick Schad who gives us some great insight into his time on G.I. Joe, and of course, with it being episode 85, we pick our favorite figures and vehicles from 1985!  Vintage love for you.

Check out episode 85 at Podbean.com (or the embedded player below) and the show notes can be seen below.

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What’s on Joe Mind Episode 84 is online!

It feels like it’s been forever, probably because…well, it’s been forever, but the latest episode of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast is officially online!  Nearly three hours devoted to some great G.I. Joe discussion with a healthy injection of Kre-O/Lego love from Brickarms, and some great Marvel SDCC talk with our old buddy Arune.

As always check out the episode on our Podbean Page, or it is also embedded below.  Click the “Read More” link for the Show Notes.



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The Full Force Action Force Podcast – Episode One is now online

What’s on Joe Mind has gone International! So much more than just a WOJM spin-off, the Full Force Podcast features the legendary British talents of Dave, Eddie, and Chris, who tackle podcasting from the other side of the pond. They contain literally an encyclopedic knowledge about G.I. Joe’s European contingent “Action Force” and offer some awesome insight as well as some great humor as well.

Episode One is officially online, and they are joined by Mike, Gary, and Justin from What’s on Joe Mind in a fearless clash of cultures… nobody was left whole after this one.

Some great conversation about a branch of G.I. Joe many folks are only peripherally aware of, and these guys speak with a level of expertise that is both impressive and a great listen. They take some time to speak with James Marshall from Blood for the Baron, and also talk to the guys at Boss Fight Studios about how they might customize some Action Force characters.

Check out the episode on Podbean.com, and take a peek at the show notes right here.

It’s another British Invasion – The Full Force Podcast unloads!

The British are coming, the British are coming!  Wait… they’re already here!

That’s right, Joe fans, the What’s on Joe mind podcast has their first official spin off, and it’s gone International.  Coming straight from England, join Palitoy expert Dave Tree, audio expert Chris “Diagnostik80″, and long time collector and toy wizard Eddie “Eddie Palitoy” as they discuss our favorite Action Force characters and storylines.  I can guarantee you’ll learn something!

They’re funny, they know their stuff, and there’s plenty to enjoy, even for us American fans.  Check out the show notes at All the Cool Stuff, and you can listen to it via the What’s on Joe Mind Podbean Page.


New G.I. Joe themed podcast – The Regular Joes

Some exciting news to report as another G.I. Joe oriented podcast has shown up, where three long time G.I. Joe collectors talk geek topics as well as talk about their G.I. Joe background.  The unique thing about this particular podcast is that the three folks involved, Barry Kay, Tod Pleasant, and Dave Pisani are all long time G.I. Joe collectors who have mainly focused their attention on the 12″ side of things.  They are all regular contributors to the G.I. Joe Collectors Club, and Tod Pleasant is the writer of the excellent Adventure Team comic that has been running through those pages.

He and Dave also work together on the “Regular Joes” comic in the newsletter, too.  So these guys are obviously very deeply invested in the G.I. Joe brand and have some really great perspective on that and on mainstream geek topics in general.

Check out their show on iTunes here, and also on Libsyn.

Their latest episode is Episode Three, and they talk about their background in collecting and even bring on actor Jon Billingsly from Star Trek and True Blood.  They’re starting off with a big splash.

Check out Episode Three right here.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this show goes!