What’s on Joe Mind Episode 11 is online now!

While last week’s Canadian jail break incident left the podcast team reeling, Chuck offers up a measure of an apology while the rest of the team tackles the important G.I. Joe issues of today!  We talk about the G.I. Joe sequel, the skinny on the G.I. Joe Club subscription figures, as well as the upcoming pre-orders for the first two waves of new G.I. Joe product.

We promised to tackle the life and death of the Pursuit of Cobra, and unfortunately we could not work it into this regular episode, but expect a special “bonus” episode later in the week just covering that piece of it.

As always, you can download the show at Podbean, subscribe to it via iTunes, and of course listen to the embedded player below.  Enjoy, and please after you listen, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know “What’s on Joe Mind”!