G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode 8 Online Now

Along with the aforementioned Baroness focused episode, Hasbro has also posted the 8th installment of G.I. Joe: Operation: HISS, this time featuring a showdown of Storm Shadow vs….  Kamakura?!  Sweet.  Love seeing those somewhat obscure Joes getting their due.

And yeah, as much as the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game didn’t inspire much love among the fandom, I did enjoy the costumes they used (a neat mixture of the movie themed Reactive Armor, and some more toy-centric colors).  Since these are obviously the same models they used for the video game, it’s neat to see Kamakura sporting those togs here, too.

Check out the episode right here, and I’ve mirrored some images below.

And yes, if I go through the trouble of screen-capping even these cheesy mini-webisodes, can you just imagine the kind of treatment Renegades will get once it hits?  It’ll be epic, I promise you.

Operation: HISS Update – The Baroness

Thanks to tkprime of the MS GI Joe Collectors’ Club for pointing out that GIJoe.com has updated with a new installment of Operation: HISS, so to speak.  It’s a short 60 second episode that shows The Baroness infiltrating a G.I. Joe base.  Nothing exciting, but hey, it’s new content.

Another interesting thing I noticed while checking this out, was that Hasbro’s online video site, MonkeybarTV has a banner on top proclaiming that the content is all moving to HubWorld.com!  So apparently the Hub’s website will also be a repository for Hasbro’s other video content.  Interesting news.

Check out some mirrored images below from the webisode.

G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode 7 Online

Hot on the heels of the Pursuit of Cobra revamp of GIJoe.com, Hasbro has also posted the latest installment of their much maligned Operation: HISS animated series.  Check it out right here, and I’ve also grabbed some screen caps below.

Obviously the producers here know some of their past G.I. Joe history, with a nice little tribute to the Silent Issue…  it still amazes me that these webisodes are so short, though.  Tough to tell a decent story in 2 minutes.

Operation: HISS Webisodes 4 & 5 online now!

Looks like Hasbro is making up for some lost time.  After a few months in limbo, a couple of days ago, we got a short Scarlett spotlight, which was the first Operation: HISS update we’d gotten in quite a while.  Now this morning, it would appear that even though Hasbro hasn’t posted them on their site yet, MonkeybarTV.com has Episodes 4 and 5 posted for the animated series that has gotten quite mixed reviews.

Well, not so mixed.  Pretty much just bad.  But hey!  Look!  It’s Agent Helix!

Seriously, this is obviously made for kids…not much money invested in it…and not a whole lot of emotion either.  But it’s always cool to see Joe characters come to life on screen, and I can’t help but smile seeing Helix running around alongside Snake Eyes in animated form.  Check out the episodes at the links below.  These actually have a nice little helping of action…and yes, it’s quite obvious they’re simply using the video game models to make these, but hey, I guess it’s something, right?

Episode 4

Episode 5

Operation: HISS web series updated with Scarlett spotlight

For a short while we were getting monthly updates to a new animated G.I. Joe short-format “web series” that takes place in the Rise of Cobra universe, called “Operation: HISS”.  Initially designed to bridge the story between Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra, but is obviously something that was not necessarily created with the highest standard in mind.

Regardless, it’s been a couple of months since we saw anything new from the Operation: HISS series, and some folks (probably not many) were wondering what the heck happened.  No idea.  But I do know at least, that Hasbro posted a short Scarlett Spotlight on their video page, and the MS G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club posted a very nice high def encode up on their Facebook page.

I’ve encoded it below.

I know this is pretty hokey, but I was at least hoping to see someone like Helix show up somewhere along the way…

Will the real Operation: HISS Webisode 2 please stand up?

Yeah, looks like someone at MonkeyBarTV got a little tipsy the night before work last Friday…  what was being advertised as Episode 2 of Operation: HISS was likely Episode 3, and has now been pulled.  However, the real Episode 2 is now online, featuring some arctic action.  We see Timber, a little cameo from Snow Job, and hear some thick Scottish juice straight from Destro.

Check out the episode here, and some gratuitous screenshots below.

If it wasn’t already obvious enough, looking at this one, it’s pretty clear that Hasbro is taking full advantage of the 3d models from the video game.  I mean, these designs look nearly identical…

G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode Two online now

With a big thanks to MSGiJoe Collectors’ Club Facebook page and The Terror Drome for informing us that Webisode Two for Operation: H.I.S.S. has been posted!  It can be seen on MonkeybarTV right here.  Taking queues from the Pursuit of Cobra concept, it’s obviously based in the Rise of Cobra universe, this episode features the debut of Recondo and mention of a Cobra Terror Drome.

Now, we all know it’s no great shakes, but this episode wasn’t quite as cheesy as the last one.  It was still far from perfect, but it’s not terrible.  Compared to something like Resolute…well…  we don’t need to go there.

Along with Webisode Two, there’s also a feature focusing on Operation: HISS Duke, with some nice Accelerator Suit action.  Check that 56 second feature right here.  Yeah, this stuff even makes the Rise of Cobra film look like oscar material…  bring on the IDW Operation: HISS comic!  That’s the post-Rise of Cobra storyline I’m sticking with.

Operation: HISS 5-Page preview from IDW

While the Operation: HISS animated short left quite a bit to be desired, I think fans of the Rise of Cobra universe have at least a little more enthusiasm for the upcoming IDW Mini-Series that takes place after the events in the motion picture.  Hopefully they’ll explain some inconsistencies (like how Storm Shadow is still alive, and why Cobra is still such a threat with Destro, Cobra Commander, and Baroness all behind bars) and give the fans some more…  “mature” action.  The preview itself looks like the same comic we got with the Electronic Arts video game, but obviously with 4 issues to work with, it’ll branch out more from there.

Check out the preview below!

Quick review of Operation: HISS Webisode #1

Heh…in the last post I mentioned a month was a long time to wait for a follow up to a 5 minute webisode.  Turns out, the action itself only took just over 3 minutes.  Overall impression?  About what you’d expect for a direct-to-website feature catered to kids.  It’s done in CGI animation, purely computer models, and they looked like they were pulled from the cut scenes of the console game (which isn’t necessarily a good thing).  Some choppy animation, some stilted voice acting, and nothing that will really make the long time fans go crazy.  Definitely not G.I. Joe’s best side.

I still kinda dig seeing the movie universe further explored (especially since it would appear it’s vanishing entirely from store shelves with this G.I. Joe “reboot” this fall), but the end result did not blow my skirt up, which is really saying something when coming from this fanboy.  Regardless, I’ll be waiting the first Friday of every month just to see what’s next.

On the positive side, we did get some cool intel when the credits rolled!  I’ve mirrored some screen shots below, including a shot of the voice credits, which indicate that some other characters will be appearing in the series like Recondo, Helix, and Snow Job!  I’ll check out further installments just for that.

A fun way to spend a few minutes, but don’t expect Beast Wars or Starship Troopers…  the gallery is below.

G.I. Joe: Operation HISS Webisode #1 online now!

Big thanks to The Terror Drome for breaking the news that the rumored web-based animated series “G.I. Joe: Operation H.I.S.S.” has hit the airwaves on the eve of Toy Fair, 2010.  Broken up into what appears to be five minute episodes, apparently new installments will appear on the first Friday of each month.  Man…a full month between five minute episodes? Interesting.

Haven’t even checked it out yet, but will be doing so shortly.  Take a peek yourself right here.