GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: 50th Anniversary HEAT Viper & Night Viper

The exciting 50th Anniversary reviews continue today with both HEAT Viper and Night Viper!  A concept case winner and a repaint of one of the most desirable Cobra army builders of the past few years… where can they go wrong?

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Still looking for G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 4? Hit your local Toys “R” Us

One of the most in demand figures from 2013 was the Wave 4 Night Viper, and this figure has been increasingly difficult to locate for a reasonable price. Well, good news for folks with local Toys “R” Us stores! There are reports spreading throughout the country of folks finding this latest wave at their local brick & mortar Toys “R” Us stores. Wave 4 features Jinx, Blind Master, and the aforementioned Night Viper, which should hopefully make the figure a bit more easy to locate.

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GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 4

So I’ve been getting some email wondering when the heck these were going to be posted…..  the answer is right now!

I was finally able to get my meaty grips on Jinx, Blind Master, and Night Viper, and the reviews have been posted in the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page.  You can also hit the links directly below:



JDSO Podcast Episode 5 explodes with Night Viper and Crimson Guard!

Believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  As cool as the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation Crimson Guard and Night-Viper are…and as neat as it is that they were once rumored to be 30th Anniversary figures, the JDSO crew dives into many more mysteries, both modern and vintage!

Patrick “notpicard” Stewart reviews the G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures, they talk about the awesome ARBCO Playset, and solve the long-standing mystery of what the hell is on Low Light’s leg??!

Of course any episode of JDSO is always complimented by some awesome images, so be sure to check out the thread on JoeDeClassified to soak in all of these great pictures.  I’ve mirrored a a handful of them below, but you need to check out DeClass to see the rest.  Some great, GREAT stuff.

Hit up the Podbean site to have a listen!

Wal-Mart Product listing reveals 30th Anniversary “what might have been”…

We all heard plenty about Kwinn and this “mystery” wave that he was slated to be a part of at the tail end of the 30th Anniversary line.  Well, with thanks to Viper Commando from we now have a bit more information about this mystery wave that unfortunately never came to be.

He reports that while digging into the Wal-Mart computer system for 30th Anniversary inventory, he stumbled upon the following series of figures:


He hypothosizes that perhaps this was a final wave of 30th Anniversary figures, and it certainly seems to fit that theme.  And of course, the revelation of this series of figures is causing folks to proclaim that this would have been the best wave evah!!1 but such is the nature of fandom at large.

What I find most interesting is with all of the complaints I’ve seen online about the Crimson Guard and Night Viper, folks are absolutely positive that this wave would have been amazing…we’ve obviously seen Kwinn and we know what to expect there.  Data-Viper as well.  So really the only unknown here is “Modern Flint”.  I would have absolutely loved to have seen a Modern Flint in the 30th Anniversary/Pursuit of Cobra style, but considering he’s a main character in Retaliation, I’m sure we may see a similar theme down the road.

Word from Hasbro is still that we will get Kwinn out there somehow, some way, so here’s hoping that the bulk of this wave will see the light of day.  Certainly interesting to see this come to pass, and thanks to Viper Commander for the info.

JoeDeClassified Spec Ops Podcast Episode 2 is Online

The awesome SpecOps Podcast has just kicked off, and is already making some serious waves.  The first episode slammed the fandom with the unproduced Cobra Island playset and some fantastic concept art behind it, and Episode 2 certainly is not letting up.

With a very well informed and opinionated crew, they tackle the whole Toy Fair 2012 fall out and discuss the controversy over articulation and the direction of the toyline.  But that’s not all!  Fresh from a stint in Afghanistan, JoeDeClassified owner Sam “Nomad” Damon stops by and drops some knowledge on us about the Wave 5 Night Viper and Crimson Guard!

Stop reading my words, and go check it out right now.  Hit up the Podbean page, or listen to the embedded player below.