Rise of Cobra “Sand Serpent” Night Raven repaint dead? Not so fast, my friend…

Wow.  The hits just keep on coming for Ross stores…  on the heels of the surprising find of the believed to be canceled Wave 3 Target Exclusives, Phil, a contributor for YoJoe.com has stumbled upon something even more shocking.

The Night Raven repaint revealed at SDCC in 2009, labeled as the “Sand Serpent”!  Like the Target Exclusives, Hasbro reported this item as being canceled, but again like the Target Exclusives, Ross begs to differ.

Purchased for an astounding $15.99, here’s yet another thing to send Joefans scrambling…either for their nearest Ross store, or for their nearest buddy who might live NEAR a Ross Store.  Kudos to Phil for finding this!

Royal Purple commercial debuts some more movie footage

Thanks to the guys over at The Terror Drome for pointing out that Royal Purple has a video commercial posted, and in this new commercial, there’s some great additional footage of the Night Raven flying through the sky and shooting down what looks to be a nanotech missile.  It’s only a few seconds, but it’s a pretty cool few seconds.

Check out the video here!

More Rise of COBRA Toy commercial goodness

With thanks to the Facebook page of the MSgijoeCollectorsClub, and the folks over at The Terror Drome, we’ve got a new toy commercial to check out, this time featuring the 12″ Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow:

Also, courtesy of the same group, better video for the previous commercial as well:

Very nice in depth pictorial and review of Rise of COBRA Night Raven

As G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA starts hitting retail shelves, expect more and more photos to start popping up…well, one of the more in depth series of images I’ve seen comes courtesy of The Terror Drome’s Dark 5cythe.

He gives it a very nice run down with lots of pictures, including comparison shots between the new and old Night Raven, and pictures of both of the recent Air-Vipers.  There are shots of the stickers, the parts, and just about every angle you can imagine.

Check out the full blown review and images here.

On a side note, yeah this thing is a lot smaller than its predecessor, but damn if it isn’t a pretty sweet looking airplane, at least in my opinion.  I love the shape, I love the style, and I don’t think the handle gets in the way at all.  Very nice.

Rise of COBRA Pit and Night Raven available to order at HasbroToyShop

Is Hasbro breaking it’s own street date??

While there’s still no sign of figures over on HTS, the site has listed the Night Raven and The Pit as shipping within 1 and within 2-4 business days.  While this doesn’t automatically mean the product is in stock, it is an indication sometimes.   Don’t forget about the discount code gijoe10 to save 10% off!  The links are below:

Thanks to Revenge Creature at HissTank.com for the info.

Some new reviews posted on HissTank.com – Night Raven, Scrap Iron, Red Star

Some HissTank forum members, General Hawk59 and Steel Brigade have posted some new reviews of upcoming product (or potentially items that will not end up seeing release).  There are a ton of images and some nice detailed writing about each of these items.

The Night Raven review can be found here, and I’ve mirrored a couple of pictures below…a lot more are posted at the previous link.  Red Star and Scrap Iron are posted here, also with a small sample of images below.  Red Star and Scrap Iron were slated for future single pack release, but got canned before they hit…will these updated  versions appear somewhere down the line?  No one knows for sure…  one thing I do know is that they both feature a very nice set of changes that make them unique from their previous counterparts, and very reminiscent of the vintage versions as well.

General Hawk59 also a video review of the Night Raven as well:

Strange auction for upcoming Night Raven… errr… Nightbird??

An overseas eBay seller has posted an auction for what appears to be the upcoming Rise of COBRA Night Raven w/ Air-Viper…however, the box proclaims this item to be a Nightbird w/ Aero-Viper.  Is this an early sample prior to the name change to Night Raven, or more likely just the International name for the COBRA Night Raven?

Regardless of any naming questions, this auction has some pretty cool pictures of the outside of the box as well as the opened box with some shots of the item inside.

Check out the auction here and the images mirrored below.

Thanks to HissCommander from the Terror Drome for the heads up.

Nice pictures of upcoming Rise of COBRA Night Raven from the Canadian Joe Con

Apparently Hasbro Canada brought some treasures with them when they visited the Canadian Joe Con this past weekend, one of which was a COBRA Night Raven from the upcoming G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA toyline.  cmderinchief grabbed some great pics and posted them on the Coil Club.  They’re mirrored below as well.

E! Online Video of The Pit, Night Raven, and Devastator

Big thanks to The Terror Drome for pointing out the following video from E! Online, which showcases a few Transformers and G.I. Joe toys, including the Night Raven and The Pit: