GeneralsJoes Reviews the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Ninja Combat Cruiser

We’re still in vehicle mode at the review desk here at GeneralsJoes, but we’ve gone up in scale!  Graduating from the Bravo level Tread Ripper tank from yesterday, today we jump into the Delta class with the Ninja Combat Cruiser!  Or if you choose to burn all of the Arashikage symbols instead of applying them, I suppose it could just be the “Combat Cruiser”.

Check out my G.I. Joe: Retaliation review page for the full review, or just tap the link below.

GeneralsJoes Reviews PoC Wave 2 Ice Cutter and AWE Striker

It seems only right as news about G.I. Joe: Renegades finally starts to ramp up that I wrap up the reviews for the first onslaught of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra toys.  Judging by all reports, the next run of PoC items should hit retail around the holiday season, so this may close that door, at least for a couple of months.  Hopefully G.I. Joe: Renegades will help fill that void, at least from an animation perspective.

The last two items on my review list have been posted to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page:

Both items have their pluses and minuses, and I lay them all out for you in the reviews.  Enjoy!

Photo Galleries for Pursuit of Cobra Ice Cutter and AWE Striker

While I’m working on my own reviews for the recently released Pursuit of Cobra Ice Cutter and AWE Striker, here are a couple of galleries from The Terror Drome featuring some fantastic images of these upcoming vehicles.

Something of note to check out is also the YouTube video of the Ice Cutter’s treads.  The reason I point this out is because I was not aware of the way these treads worked before I got my hands on the Ice Cutter, and it actually disappointed me somewhat.  I was really hoping maybe the treads would either be static or able to rotate, but instead, they just spin freely and rotate as the vehicle moves, which is kind of a bummer.  Beyond that, the vehicle looks very, very cool.

Check out the images below, with links to the original galleries at The Terror Drome as well.

Cobra Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer

G.I. Joe AWE Striker w/ Night  Fox

Wow.  That AWE Striker sucks, but Night Fox is freaking awesome.  I’ll give more of my opinions during the review…

When it rains, it pours… BBTS receiving PoC Alpha vehicles Wave 2!

Wow.  Anyone complaining about a lack of Joe product earlier in the year certainly should be happy now.  I no longer got reviews posted for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 1, then Wave 2 hit retail, then the Wave 2 Bravo vehicles hit online stores, and now, I’ve received confirmation from BBTS that my pre-order for the second wave of Alpha vehicles has arrived in their warehouse!  In fact, they’ve listed the set of two vehicles as in stock now.

This includes the awesome looking Ice Cutter w/ Snow Serpent Officer as well as the AWE Striker with Night Fox.  Really looking forward to getting these in hand.  I couldn’t care less about the Striker itself, but Night Fox looks pretty awesome.  And the Ice Cutter really looks like a winner all around.

Keep your eyes open!

Diamond Release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2

Thanks to SNAKE EYES of for revealing the release dates for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 2 as revealed by Diamond Distribution.  But to me, the best news is this crazy high resolution images provided.  Nice!

Good grief I’m in love with the Pursuit of Cobra.  These are all exceedingly awesome looking figures.  Every freaking one of them.  I do hope Jungle-Viper looks okay without his monstrous backpack suit thing, because I’d love to use him as a more generic Cobra jungle operative…and yes, I understand Snake Eyes has “Tornado Action” and that figure looks pretty wonky, but I love it all, anyway.

Check out the mirrored images below.

The release information is as follows:

Pursuit Of Cobra WAVE 2: The evil schemes of Cobra are thwarted throughout the world by the noble soldiers of G.I. Joe, and their battles can be replayed time and again with the G.I. Joe action figures! Each figure stands 3 3/4″ tall and comes with accessories. Fans can choose from Zartan (Version 2)*, Recondo, Destro (Version 2), Jungle Viper, Snake Eyes (Version 2), Dusty, and many more. Blister card packaging.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE BRAVO VEHICLES WAVE 2: Stage your own battles between the forces of G.I. Joe and Cobra with the all-new G.I. Joe Bravo Vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure height! Choose from the Vamp 4×4 with Double Clutch, or the Cobra Fury with Alley Viper.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

GI JOE ALPHA VEHICLES WAVE 2: Take your Joe and Cobra forces into battle with these 1- and 2-man vehicles, scaled to the 3 3/4″ figure, each with its own exclusive pilot/driver! Collectors can choose from the A.W.E. Striker, which comes with Nightfox, or the Cobra Ice Cutter, which comes with Snow Serpent.

Estimated ship date: 9/29/10

New Pursuit of Cobra Dusty and Night Fox images

Keep in mind that I really don’t like desert figures.  I never really have.  Yet, for some reason, the figure that I was most drawn to with those unreleased Target sets was Sandstorm…for some reason I just thought he was awesome.  Whether it was the story with Zartan, or the desert camouflage and reactive armor combination…I’m not sure why, but that figure really drew me in.

And now, The Pursuit of Cobra keeps up the trend.  Dusty, coming in Wave 2, is one of the cooler Joe figures I’ve seen in recent memory.  Night Fox as well, who is slated to come with the upcoming AWE Striker, is another fantastic looking desert themed figure.  Combine that with the HISS v.5 I already have, and suddenly I have a veritable desert arsenal, and they’re all cool!

Gyre-Viper from, of course, doesn’t help much when he keeps posting great pictures…I love some of the gear swaps he shows off in this thread, and I’ve mirrored just a few of the awesome images below.

As if I wasn’t fired up enough for Pursuit of Cobra – new Shadow Tracker and Night Fox images

Gyre-Viper strikes again, this time getting us some great images of a Pursuit of Cobra Shadow Tracker test shot as well as the upcoming Alpha class vehicle AWE Striker w/ Night Fox.  I’m not quite so enamored with the AWE Striker itself, but hot damn if that  Night Fox isn’t one sexy bitch.

The Shadow Tracker we see in the images below is an uncolored test shot, so obviously this won’t be the final deco, but in some ways that adds to the appeal.  With the black and white colors, you can really pick out the detail work, and I love the focus on the wrist articulation here.  Look at all that freaking gear, too.  What a fantastic looking figure.

Night Fox is a bit of a surprise, as I thought it was pretty much a frankensteined mis-matched mess…updated images a month or so ago changed my mind.  And Gyre-Viper’s pictures even further pushed me over the edge.  What a great looking combination of parts and new webgear.  A very cool looking new character.

Check out the huge gallery mirrored below.

New images reveal the awesomeness of Night Fox

Since JoeCon 2009 I’ve been looking at that AWE Striker w/ Night Fox and have been filled with an overwhelming sense of “meh”… nothing about it really resonated.  We’ve gotten a Night Ops AWE Striker, we’ve gotten a desert AWE Striker, so why do we need this bizarre amalgamation of the two of them?  I couldn’t really find a reason to be excited about it.  Even Night Fox, a new character (which I normally love) seemed like a strange mish mash of parts and pieces that didn’t necessarily flow.

But then both Gyre-Viper and GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief dug up some new images from overseas specialist toyssir898.  And these new images really struck a nerve with me.  In these images, Night Fox is wearing a helmet, not his ill-fitting cap, and for whatever reason, it makes a world of difference.  For the first time I noticed the great webgear…I love the fact that he uses Jungle Assault Ripcord’s  baggy-sleeved arms.  The whole figure looks very, very cool.  I’m not sure why the helmet and close up picture suddenly made all of this difference, but it did.  I find myself really looking forward to this now, even though I’ll likely discard the AWE Striker and just use Night Fox as a night ops specialist.

Also in the series of images was the Ice Cutter with the original version of the Snow Serpent slated to come with the vehicle originally (before it appeared to be changed to a paint scheme resembling the Toys “R” Us version from last year).  I find myself liking that red, especially when looking at the cancelled Elite Ice-Viper and Arctic Destro figures.  The red and white paint apps would have all blended very nicely together…

Check out the images mirrored below and let me know what you think.