GeneralsJoes Reviews the 2013 Nocturnal Fire Convention Set!

The time has come!  We are just about two weeks removed from the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention in Indianapolis, and I finally have everything together to post the review.  I’m doing something a little different this year, rather than a single combined review, I actually separated everything into a whopping eighteen separate reviews.

Yes, eighteen.

In times past I’ve pushed the reviews out a day or two at a time, but I think this set is so intertwined, it would be very tough to do that.  All of the reviews are cross referenced in a single hub page for the overall look and feel of the Convention Set.  Check out the main hub review at the link below, and the other reviews are linked as well:

These reviews will, of course, also be linked at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club exclusives page as well.  Enjoy!

G.I. Joe Convention 2013 “Day Zero” Report

Hey G.I. Joe fans, we are live from Indianapolis covering the 2013 G.I. Joe Collectors Convention. Golden Ticket holders have picked up their convention sets, including the exclusive G.I. Joe Collectors Club Convention comic, which revealed some details about the convention exclusives.

The following was included in the convention comic:

– Night Force Specialist 2-Pack (LE 800)
– Night Force FLAK w/ Steeler (LE 800)
– Carded Lady Jaye (LE 1000)
– Night Boomer (LE 1000)
– KRE-O G.I. Joe Night Force 6 Figure Set (LE 1000)
– KRE-O Parachute Hit & Run (LE 500)

There are also Adventure Team and Night Force tee shirts along with a convention hat and Night Force beanie. The Club also brought 500 packaged Club exclusive Icebergs, and loose editions as well.

So, this weekend, expect to see some up close and personal pictures of the upcoming Iceberg.

There are several theories surrounding the convention exclusives. Some vendors received their Carded Lady Jaye figures already, and it is built with a vintage cardback and looks to be very similar to the concept case version, with a mixture of 25th Anniversary and more modern parts. She does look to be a darker gray, more Night Force version of the character.

Thanks to GeneralsJoes site sponsor Kokomo Toys for the image.

As for the Night Force Specialists 2-Pack, considering who appears in the comic, I think the safest bet right now is Chuckles and Crazylegs. Both characters are in the comic, and both characters seem to be the only Joes in the comic who are not already associated with exclusives.

We will find out more tomorrow!

And don’t think I haven’t noticed that we’re not getting just one… but TWO new Hit & Run items this weekend!  AWWwwwww YEAH.

Charbroil’s head sculpt revealed on GIJoeCon Facebook page

Well, look at that!  You wouldn’t necessarily think so, but a slight change in hair color makes all the difference in the world.  It helps that this head has only been used with masked characters so far as well.

Yes, Charbroil uses the same head sculpt as the Rise of Cobra Aqua-Viper Officer and more recently as the Figure Subscription Service Dice, but with the red hair he looks like a totally different guy.  The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club showed his unmasked head on their Facebook page.  It’s also mirrored below.

A full run down of Convention Exclusive images to date

As we prepare for registration today, I thought it would be helpful to capture all of the various images shown so far in one cohesive gallery.  I haven’t mirrored every single one of them, but considering we’re getting ready to plunk down some serious cash later on today, it might be beneficial to really see what we’re getting out there.

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club also posted some great group shots that I hadn’t talked about yet, which shows just how awesomely colorful this year’s set really is.  I’m loving it myself.  So here we have a break down, by set:

G.I. Joe: Nocturnal Fire (Night Force vs. Cobra Demolition Team)

While I’m still not a fan of the decisions the Club made regarding Hit & Run, I think by and large this set is really nice.  I love that they went with a different Cobra Mortal, and even with the skin-tight outfits Frag-Viper and Letal are really awesome, especially considering we may get those figures before we even get the tooling they used in the main line.

The SAW-Vipers are really cool, too, and I’m certain the colors will be a bit more muted in person as they almost always are.  Being the late 80’s/90’s freak that I am, I really love seeing this rainbow of colors throughout the convention set, and the chosen characters were done very well.

Adventure Team: Secret Mission to Dragon Island

This set is really growing on me as well.  As someone who collects 3 3/4″ almost exclusively, I’m really trying to hold myself back from jumping into this Adventure Team stuff, but the Collectors’ Club is making it very difficult.  From the awesome Henchman figure in 2010, right up through now, they’ve been really drawing from all mythologies and all pop culture and giving us some fantastic source material here.

The Adventure Team is slowly being drawn into the Real American Hero universe and I love it.  The secret spy/James Bond influences in this set are apparent, and the Club did a spectacular job with it.


What’s that?  A glow in the dark t-shirt with HIT AND FREAKING RUN on it?  Yeah.  SOLD.  Seriously, that artwork is awesome, and I’m psyched the Club is using it on a t-shirt.  The glow in the dark aspect is a great touch as well, and since it’s black and white, I can just pretend he’s got the face camouflage and a more classic look.  :)

The Adventure Team T-Shirt looks great, too, and I’m loving the hat.  All of this stuff will be available via online registration at some point (hopefully) today.  Be ready to make your choices!

Sculptor showcases unpainted head sculpts from 2013 JoeCon figures

Depending on your perspective, Facebook can be a source of frustration and potential information leaks, but for others it’s a great interface directly with designers and a look behind the scenes of the action figure production process.  The Facebook page of 2DToys currently shows off a trio of unpainted head sculpts for the upcoming 2013 G.I. Joe Convention figures.  Those three heads are Repeater, Psyche Out, and Crimson Asp.  It’s amazing to see the level of detail here in such a small scale, and it provides a nice close up look of these before we actually get them in hand.

Check out the 2DToys Facebook page, and I’ve also mirrored the images below.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club unveils last three Night Force figures

We’ve been waiting all week and tonight the G.I. Joe Collectors Club finally revealed the final three members of the 2013 Nocturnal Fire “Night Force” team.  We knew Spearhead, Repeater, and Hit & Run were on the team, but much speculation has gone around over how they would look.  Now we know.

Both Repeater and Spearhead pull significant influences from the old school Night Force, with some pretty neat parts choices.  Repeater is far away the star here with G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 2 Roadblock from the neck down and Resolute Roadblock vest…the new head with the sculpted “RANGER” hat only makes it perfect.

Spearhead seems like a mishmash of parts with the Shock-Viper body, Comic Pack Firefly vest and a removable helmet and goggles.

The last figure…  well… we all know I’ve been waiting for this one.  Hit & Run.  I’m not sure I’m equipped to judge this one fairly.  I kind of had myself convinced that we were going to see the concept case version translated piece for piece.  And we… didn’t get that.

Well, we sort of got that.  This figure has the new head, helmet, and goggles from the concept case, and uses the combination Lifeline/Agent Mouse arms, which is spectacular.  The torso and legs are from Lifeline, which is good, too, but the end result leaves me a bit mixed.  I’ve said a number of times that I don’t want faithful updates of originals.  Well, in this case, there was something very special about the camouflage paint scheme of that concept case Hit & Run.

This one looks quite different.  The plain black shirt, with some nice trim, along with the green pants are all a nice combination, but I’m not blown away like I was with the full blown camouflage Hit & Run.  This just seems like it could be more.

The foundation is there, though.  The head, helmet, and arms are all perfect.  I just think some different paint or deco would help.  I dig the accessories, I dig the foundation of the figure itself, but it hasn’t blown me away like I was hoping a Collectors’ Club version of my favorite character would do.  I’m giving it some time…  all told the set looks like it came together quite well and the colors all balance nicely off of each other.  It’s a very nice, cohesive set with some inspired vintage aesthetic, but also some very cool modern twists.  Check out the combined images below.

See you in Indy!

Final members of Cobra Demolition team revealed for 2013 Nocturnal Fire Con set

I think many of us were expecting the SAW Viper to be the last reveal, but the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club surprised us,showcasing the last two members of the Cobra Demolition Team!  Not just the SAW Viper trooper that will come three deep, but also the new Crimson Asp character.

Interestingly enough, “Crimson” Asp isn’t all that Crimson, but she is clearly aligned with Letal and the Frag-Vipers based on the uniform color and the nice grenade launcher she sports.  With a mixture of 25th Anniversary Baroness, Scarlett, and Resolute Scarlett (not to mention a new head sculpt) the Crimson Asp looks like a very interesting addition to the South American Cobra hierarchy.

Meanwhile the SAW Vipers heavily borrow from City Strike Destro and Iron Grenadier, using what appears to be the upper body, the arms, and the body armor.  The awesome thing about the body armor is they fill in the holes with knives (and sheaths) and a radio instead of the shoulder armor and gun rig.  Very nice touch.  The DTC helmet is a bit of a surprise (and it’s likely the unreleased Law & Order balaclava head sculpt underneath) and the color scheme is just a touch monotone,  but still a very cool combination.

The Cobras are plenty colorful, which is awesome in my eyes, and this set is shaping up VERY nicely.  Bring on Repeater, Spearhead, and HIT & FREAKING RUN.  Check out or the mirrored images below.

The latest G.I. Joe Nocturnal Fire Convention Set reveals – Muskrat and Psyche Out

The Night Force love continues here at GeneralsJoes and over at!  Following up their first Night Force reveal with Charbroil yesterday, we have Muskrat and Psyche Out unleashed on us today.  With some terrific parts, excellent call outs to the originals, and some awesome Toys “R” Us Exclusive accurate paint deco, both Muskrat and Psyche Out are awesome characters and look terrific in their new Night Force battle togs.

I grow more impressed every day…and if this stays like this, when I finally see Hit & Run?  Yeesh.  If I don’t post about it, call the authorities, I might just be passed out and convulsing next to my computer.

Check out the images at and also mirrored below.

The next 2013 G.I. Joe Convention Exclusive revealed – Night Force Charbroil!

And this just might be a figure that is better than his previous version.  Far, far better.

Charbroil was always somewhat of a second rate Blowtorch in my opinion, and even though his Night Force version did add some nice credibility to the character (I really hated the brown, yellow, and silver look) he still wasn’t really high on my list of knock out characters.  Of course, appearing in the same assortment as Hit & Run, one might expect he got a little overshadowed.

The Collectors Club has revealed their version of Night Force Charbroil now, and it is pretty nice.  Using what appears to be the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Joe Trooper body from neck to toe (which I have ZERO issues with, as demonstrated by my Best Toys of 2012 article), he’s got a newly tooled helmet and backpack and even without a ton of detail work, the figure looks really nice.  Love the combination of gray and blue here.

Check out the latest update at, and I’ve mirrored the image below.

G.I. Joe Collectors Club announces 2013 Convention Date, Location, and Theme

Okay, I already spewed up a very quick post about this, but as over-analytical as a I tend to be, I had to come back and do something more official and fleshed out.  JoeCon is serious business, after all!

The email came through just a couple of hours ago, announcing that the 2013 International G.I. Joe Collectors Convention will be held in Indianapolis, IN from April 4th – April 7th.  My immediate reaction is crushing disappointment, as this exact time frame is usually when I’m stuck in Kansas City at a conference for work, but I’m gonna see if I can grease some wheels this year to get out of that.  We’ll have to see.

My second reaction was directed at fellow What’s on Joe Mind co-host Gary Godsoe who has been very vocal in his desire to not have a convention in Indianapolis (because that’s where he lives…so you know, pretty much the opposite of any normal human reaction).  I only have one thing to say to this:

In all seriousness, this announcement is good news, even though it’s not quite in time for a grand G.I. Joe: Retaliation premier, it’s close enough to the film launch to hopefully draw in some excited fans, and perhaps even encourage some of the Hollywood type to make an appearance.

Along with announcing the date and time, the Collectors Club also posted the following banner image and announced the theme for the 3 3/4″ set as “Nocturnal Fire”.

So at this point I’m not sure there’s a fan out there that doesn’t think Night Force plays into this somehow.  “Nocturnal” means “Night” and G.I. Joe is giving Cobra a reason to “be afraid of the dark”.  Heck, just look at the green grid lines and tell me that’s not amazingly representative of the Toys “R” Us Exclusive Night Force 6-Pack from Valor Vs. Venom.  The Collectors’ Club even confirmed at the Convention last year that they were including Night Force Falcon in Wave 2 of the Figure Subscription Service.  We all know how they love to tie everything together.  The real question at this point is what unique twist will they put on it, and what Cobra elements are involved?

Hot damn, I friggen LOVE Convention speculation season.  Good stuff.  The full text of the e-mail is posted below, and keep watching!  Gotta wonder how long it will be before the brochure is posted and before we start seeing toys!  Hell yeah!

“FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           
G.I.JoeCon 2013 Coming to Indianapolis, Indiana April 4th – April 7th!
Fort Worth, TX – December 4th, 2012 – Fun Publications, Inc., licensee for Hasbro’s official G.I.Joe Collectors’ Convention, G.I.JoeCon, announced today that next year’s convention will take place at the JW Marriott from April 4th thru April 7th in the great city of Indianapolis. You can make your hotel reservations now at 
In the coming weeks, Pop Culture enthusiasts from around the world will be able to register for G.I.JoeCon 2013 through the online registration system. Fans and Collectors’ who register for G.I.JoeCon as a General OR American Hero package holder will receive either the 12-inch Secret Mission to Dragon Island or 3 3/4-inch Nocturnal Fire convention set, admission to the Friday private sales room experience, priority seating at all panels and seminars throughout the weekend and admittance to the Saturday Night Casino Night Dinner event.  Finally, General and American Hero package attendees will also receive a special bonus to go along with their convention box set. General Admission for non-registered guests will be available on Saturday and Sunday only.
For more information on G.I.JoeCon and all activities and the exclusive figure offerings, please visit
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