Weekend Recap – Alpha vehicles Wave 3 high res gallery

Another nice post over on HissTank.com reveals some great images of the soon to be released third wave of Alpha scale vehicles, slated to hit in early 2010, according to the latest Hasbro Q & A.  Some very nice pictures of all vehicles and vehicle drivers.  Not really wild about any of the three vehicles, but Volcano Viper is insane!  The new Dusty is pretty freaking great, too, but Leatherneck leaves me a bit “bleh”.  Still cool to see the images, though.

Reviews of Rockslide and MolePod on The Terror Drome

Picking up where he left off with the Night Raven, Terror Drome staff member Dark 5cythe has come through with some very nice pictorial reviews of the Alpha class vehicles from the first assortment of The Rise of COBRA figures.  I’ve mirrored a few of the images below, but also definitely hit up the links for the full allotment of images and the nicely written reviews!

Rockslide w/ Snow Job

COBRA Mole Pod w/ Terra-Viper