Mike Thompson breaks his G.I. Joe silence with some more RoC art!

Every Joe fan’s favorite package artist Mike Thompson had a stretch where he was posting several awesome pieces of his Joe art on an almost weekly basis.  Working as a package artist through the Rise of Cobra and into the Pursuit of Cobra era, Mike’s excellent blog, Mike T Artworks showcased his excellent renditions of characters like Spirit, City Strike Scarlett, and Whiteout.

He’s taken a break from posting G.I. Joe related art, most likely because he’s either shown most of it already, or is still waiting for them to be cleared by Hasbro to post…but today that changed!  During our interview of Mike Thompson on the What’s on Joe Mind podcast we were lucky enough to see some of his other pieces, and now he has posted them via his Twitter page.

These head shots were to be used on some canceled Wal-Mart 2-Packs featuring Nano-B.A.T., Zap, Budo, and Dr. Mindbender.  Check out these excellent images below.  Also make sure you keep your eyes on MikeTArtworks.com which is his main site featuring some fantastic work that he’s done over the years.  He has some amazing talent, even if you’re checking out some non-G.I. Joe work, I think you’ll appreciate what he does.  He’s obviously a geek at heart!

To hear straight from the source about the process for producing this incredible artwork, hit up the embedded player below to listen to our interview with Mr. Thompson.  It’s enlightening to say the least!

A new piece of package art added to Mike Thompson’s blog

So Mike has had his hands full with deadline requirements, so we’ve been G.I. Joe-less for a few weeks…but we forgive him.

He posted an update today on his awesome production art blog, this time featuring…  White Out!  The Rise of Cobra era driver for the updated Snow Cat, he was one of the lucky ones to be carried over into the Pursuit of Cobra line, and as usual, Mike does him proud.

He gives us a terrific run down of the step-by-step process for translating White Out from plastic to art form and as usual, the results are impressive.  I especially love seeing these vehicle drivers, because we usually just get a head shot on the package, and now we get to see the whole head-to-toe piece all at once.  Awesome.

Check out the blog post right here with tons of great pictures.  I’ve mirrored only one of them below.  Great stuff as usual.

Package artist Mike Thompson updates his blog with PoC Spirit!

Every Friday Mike Thompson tries to post an update to his terrific blog, detailing his experiences with doing package art for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra toylines.  We’ve seen some great stuff previously including City Strike Scarlett just last week.  This week he treats us to his work on the spectacular Pursuit of Cobra Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit Iron-Knife.

You can check out all of the excellent details right here, including progress pics, source material, and even input drawings that inspired the figure’s look.

I’ve mirrored one image below, plenty more over on Mike T Artworks.  Definitely check it out.  Also, to keep informed about all the latest updates, make sure to follow Mike Thompson on Twitter as well.

City Strike Scarlett is the next subject of Mike Thompson’s art blog!

Ohhhh yeah!!  Ever since Mike mentioned this piece on What’s on Joe Mind last week I’ve been dying to see it up close and personal…and here it is!

This time around he not only posted the progress piece for Scarlett on his awesome WordPress blog, but also posted the stylesheet and some set photos that Hasbro sent him for reference.  Probably one of the most in depth and process-oriented pieces you’ll see about package artwork for the G.I. Joe line.

I cannot recommend hitting his site enough.  He has been very open and accessible to the Joe fandom and is an awesome artist to boot.  I’ve mirrored one of the City Strike Scarlett images below, but be sure to hit up MikeTArtworks.WordPress.Com to see the full skinny.  Some awesome stuff there for fans of the art, especially for City Strike Scarlett, a figure that was never released at  retail.

Mammoth What’s on Joe Mind Episode 25 is Online!

Yeah, it got posted a bit later than usual, but clocking in at a whopping 2.5 hours, it took Gary some time to get it edited and ready.  So as always props to Gary for his hard work doing all the behind the scenes stuff to make this podcast happen.

We spend some serious time with Mike Thompson, illustrator extraordinaire for G.I. Joe packaging, and get some fantastic insight behind the process, as well as some top secret intel about unreleased Rise of Cobra items that nobody knew about until now!  As always, his blog is a great source of awesome art and details from the Rise of Cobra and Pursuit of Cobra era.

We also cross over this episode with the great guys from Flag Points and spend a healthy amount of time just shooting the G.I. Joe breeze.  You also get some raw and direct analysis about the new G.I. Joe 7-Packs, as they were literally revealed in line with the show recording!  You’ll get some full blown GeneralsJoes geek out right in the moment.

As always check out our Podbean page, or use the embedded player below.

G.I. Joe Package Artist Mike Thompson in booth 667 at NYCC on Friday

For folks who have been following along, I’ve been lavishing praise upon the great Mike Thompson for his work over on his WordPress Blog, where he has been revealing some terrific items he worked on for Hasbro, mostly during the Rise of Cobra and early Pursuit of Cobra era.  We were lucky enough to interview him last night on Whats on Joe Mind, and he revealed some pretty neat items that had not yet been revealed to the public!

He also revealed that on Friday, he will be working with Corel Painter in the Wacom booth, which is Booth #667 at New York ComicCon, and he would love to talk Joe to anyone who wants to swing by.

Also, if you have a carded PoC Recondo, Rise of Cobra Sand Serpent w/ Star Viper, Arctic Threat Storm Shadow, or Toys “R” Us Exclusive Spirit, bring ’em by the booth, he’d love to sign some of his work, and you’ll have a great collectors’ item.

Anyway, just wanted to get that out there for folks who might be at NYCC and might be interested in talking to one of the folks who painted some of the awesome artwork we see on our toy packages.  And while you’re waiting for Friday to come, check out his site right here.

More cool G.I. Joe art revealed by Mike Thompson, this time of the 12″ variety!

One thing that we discussed on the last episode of Whats on Joe Mind was an interesting piece of art that package artist Mike Thompson had posted on his WordPress blog earlier in the year.  January to be exact.

It was obviously a G.I. Joe item, but we were having trouble identifying it.  Well, to our surprise, the ever astute Chuck (can sarcasm be properly transmitted over digital words?) directed us to the somewhat recently released 12″ Paratrooper figure, and sure enough it’s a match!

So for you 12″ fans out there, or you Joe fans who just love the package art, there you go.  You can see the original post on Mike’s excellent blog right here.

Also, if you like what you see at the blog, DO NOT MISS What’s on Joe Mind this week!  We will be talking directly with the very cool Mike Thompson himself about his experiences doing the package art, working with Hasbro, and we’ll be busting out the nail files and water boards to yank out all those trade secrets he’s got.

Keep your eyes on the Podbean Page and expect it to go up Thursday/Friday.

G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Recondo artwork on Mike Thompson’s art blog

Nice!  I’ve been talking about it for a few weeks, and Mike Thompson himself is going to join us on What’s on Joe Mind next week, and now Mr. Thompson has posted the artistic process behind the awesome artwork for the Pursuit of Cobra Recondo figure!

Aesthetically one of my favorite Pursuit of Cobra figures, Recondo faltered somewhat in translation to plastic, but that doesn’t change just how cool the painting was.  Check out his fantastic artwork at his WordPress blog, and tune in to What’s on Joe Mind next week to hear some insight behind the design work!

The coolest thing about this art reveal is that this is the first real time we’ve seen the full body artwork for Recondo.  BAD ASS.  A huge thanks to Mike for sharing these great details.

AWESOME Rise of Cobra era packaging art revealed in greater detail

While it takes only a few minutes for your average Joe fan to wander into Wal-Mart and scoop up a G.I. Joe figure, many of us forget the amount of preparation, planning, and work that goes into designing and producing every single figure.  Yes, even Arctic Destro.

From inputs to package art, pen and paper artists are just as important to the design process as the sculptors and figure painters.  One of those artists has seen fit to reveal some of his work on G.I. Joe packaging from the past few years, and we’re all glad he did.  His name is Mike Thompson, and you can find his WordPress blog right here.

He’s already posted four separate introspectives about package design, including the Star-Viper, the Sand-Viper, Night Force Outback, and Arctic Threat Storm Shadow.

Love the detail in this art, and a huge thanks to Mr. Thompson for sharing it.  If you want to keep up to date on any more of his postings, follow him on Twitter.  Also a big thanks to GeekIJoe on Twitter and Greg from What’s on Joe Mind for directing us to this awesome site.

I’ve mirrored one image of Outback below, but lots of great other pictures and details at the site itself.  Check it out.