Alexx Shorts – Cobra Surveillance Port

The only Wal-Mart Battle Station that Alexx had yet to cover has now been covered!  With his usual humerous style, Alexx has plenty to say about the somewhat flimsy looking  Battle Station with the sketchy figures…I’ve mirrored the great images below.

Reviews posted for Toys “R” Us Troop-Builder 5-Packs

I had promised to get these posted last week, but Thanksgiving events postponed that somewhat…but better late than never, right?

Over in the Rise of Cobra Review Section I’ve posted reviews for both recently released Toys “R” Us Exclusive Troop-Builder 5-Packs:

There are more images here than you will see anywhere.

Wal-Mart Battle Station Images galore

Not content with merely providing a crappy cell phone pic, Scott “madmac41” from JoeBattleLines has put his camera to use, grabbing a nice allotment of boxed images of the fresh from the retail womb Wal-Mart Battle Station sets!  Retailing for a very appealing $14.96 (in the same ballpark as the Wal-Mart 2-Pack figures, only with a whole bunch of added Battle Station goodness… WTF?) these are some very cool sets that initially left me somewhat cold, but are now leaving me a lot less cold.  Still a bit cool, though.  I’m not wild about ’em…

Frustrating thing is, there are some very cool things about each set, but none of the sets really blow me away.  I love the Heatseek Missile, but I really don’t care for that Scrap Iron, and I’ve got like 47 Neo-Vipers already.  The COBRA Surveillance port is awesome, but I really don’t need another cruddy MARS Trooper, and that Tele-Viper don’t look right.

On the Joe side, I dig the Resolute Roadblock (he looks a lot better in these pictures, for sure), but Tripwire is just bizarre, and I’m not sold on the Outpost Defender itself.  The Laser Artillary Weapon is a bit underwhelming, but that Hawk kicks all sorts of ass.  I dunno…maybe I’ll think different if I see them at retail.  There are some pretty awesome aspects to them, but not enough warranting sixty of my dollars, at least not at this point.  I know other fans are riled up about ’em, though, so enjoy the mirrored pics.

Don’t like the new Repeater? There’s a fix for that.

Werecat over on JoeBattleLines has posted a pretty nice in depth look at some ways to get a more character-accurate version of Repeater out of the recently released Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Pack.

Some nice little part swaps over some great opportunity for expanding the Joe roster.  Check out the thread right here, and some images are also mirrored below.

“Good news for those of you out there who were upset at Repeater’s needless race change. As it turns out, it’s a very easy fix to make him true-to-form, and give us a simple but effective LBC Hardball as a bonus. The only catch, is, you’ll need to buy two ‘Joe sets.

Repeater and Footloose share the same body, just with different flesh color. So if you have an extra Footloose, you’ll have a Repeater body with Caucasian skin tone. And you don’t have to worry about a proper Repeater head. Hasbro already helped us out on that angle! The extra Zartan head very much harkens back to White Repeater, because it has the patrol cap and black hair. So simply stick this head on the Footloose body, and you have an instant Repeater. You can even keep the same web gear, as it’s similar enough to the original figure in design.”

Toys “R” Us Troop Builder 5-Packs available online at!

Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for letting me know that currently has the two brand spankin’ new Troop Builder 5-Packs available for ordering through their website!

They retail for $19.99 each…I just placed my order, and it was $45.00 for the two of them including shipping.  Pretty good deal, all told, for ten figures.  There are no images in the listing, so just be aware that Trooper Builder 5-Pack 1 is the G.I. Joe one, and Troop Builder 5-Pack 2 is the Cobra one.  Go get ’em.

High Res Images of upcoming Toys “R” Us 5-Packs

The Terror Drome has scored some nice high resolution pictures of the soon-to-be-released COBRA and G.I. Joe 5-Packs coming to a Toys “R” Us store near you.  The COBRA one leaves me very cold, being pretty much a pack full of straight-reissue troop builders.  The G.I. Joe pack, however, rocks my world.  I’m not a fan of desert figures in the least, but the wealth of new characters, the very unique reuse of parts, and the impressive paint apps all come together to make one slick looking set.  Dial Tone, Law, Footloose, and Repeater are all very cool additions to the growing cast of characters, even if two of them look somewhat out of place compared to their vintage look (and one of them even had an operation…  :shifty: ).

I love the female Dial Tone concept, and this figure looks great.  Footlose, I think, looks absolutely awesome, even in the desert colors.  Ironically, Repeater is probably the closest to his vintage look uniform-wise, but apparently had a race change along the way.  Oh, those Hasbro designers, how they love to drive the vintage purists crazy…

Check out the images below.

COBRA Surveillance Port images online

Rulz over at is making quite the name for himself with all of his pre-production scores, and he’s come up with another one, this time the COBRA Surveillance Port with MARS Trooper and Tele-Viper.

I’m torn on this a bit…  I’m actually not a huge fan of these mini-playsets, and I’m one of those grumbling guys who is ready to move on from the vintage homage stuff, but the Surveillance Port fits in nicely to the new universe.  I actually like it an awful lot in this blue paint scheme…more than I thought I would.  The figures, though?  Eh, not so much.  I wasn’t a big fan of the MARS Trooper initially, and he’s not doing anything more for me now.  The Tele-Viper is all right, but that black and red paint scheme just doesn’t mesh real well.  I do really like how Hasbro is integrating the vintage stuff with the more modern style, but that Tele-Viper just doesn’t have any real “flow”.  It feels like a vintage head slapped on a new body, and not like a real cohesive new trooper.  There’s some neat gear here (like the COBRA style laptop) and the Surveillance Port itself appeals, just not sure I’m sold on the whole package.

We’ll see.

Toys “R” Us COBRA 5-Pack images online

Rulz over on got his hands on the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive COBRA 5-Pack (to go along with his G.I. Joe 5-Pack) and has posted images here, which I’m also mirroring below.

As cool as the G.I. Joe 5-Pack is, I find the COBRA pack pretty underwhelming.  Sure, it’s great for army builders, since there are few changes to any of the troopers within (save for Elite-Viper’s COBRA symbol), but I’m not crazy about those two MARS Trooper/Officer figures, and I certainly don’t need a sixth Neo-Viper necessarily.  I wouldn’t mind another Elite-Viper, and that infiltration Duke is completely bad ass, but I don’t see myself paying $20 just for those two figures.  I’ll probably crawl eBay and see who’s dumping that Duke and keeping the troopers.

Interesting that the Joe set seems full of creative thinking and new characters, while the COBRA set just seems to be rehash central.  But again, for an army builder pack, maybe that’s what folks want in a COBRA set…we’ve already got plenty of Skittle-Vipers as it is.  :shifty:

Packaged shots for Wal-Mart Battle Stations online

The Terror Drome has dug up some nice packaged shots of the upcoming Wal-Mart Exclusive Battle Stations which come with familiar mini playsets and a pair of Rise of COBRA themed action figures.  They should retail for $17.99 and be available at Wal-Mart.  The sets include:

  • Heatseeker Missile Launcher w/ Scrap Iron and Neo-Viper
  • Laser Artillary Weapon w/ Hawk and Grand Slam
  • COBRA Surveillance Port w/ Tele-Viper and MARS Trooper
  • Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock and Tripwire

I’m sort of on the fence with these.  I love the Surveillance Port, and really dig that RoC Tele-Viper, but I’m not wild about another MARS Trooper.  The green camouflage Hawk kicks ass, but I don’t really need another Grand Slam, and I’m not crazy about the LAW either.  I am a bit tempted on the Outpost Defender, simply for the Resolute styled Roadblock, but I’ve got a pre-production version, and I really don’t care for Tripwire.  The Heatseek Missile is probably my favorite of the actual mini playsets, but I don’t really like either figure.  It’ll help Scrap Iron if he’s got the newer construction from the unreleased Wave 15 version, but beyond that…I dunno.  Nothing with these sets is knocking my socks off.  Check out the images for yourself.