Ten things for G.I. Joe fans to look forward to in 2015

I know it’s been somewhat doom and gloom in the G.I. Joe realm over the past few months, even with the releases of 50th Anniversary product and continued rumors of the third G.I. Joe film, but hey, you know what? ¬†Things aren’t all bad.

As 2015 gets kicked off, it’s important to think back on recent history, and look forward on what’s to come. ¬†And when you really look at it, the future has some brightness for G.I. Joe fans.

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G.I. Joe Collectors Club introduces new Brand Manager of G.I. Joe

A pleasant surprise for a few folks who have received their G.I. Joe Collectors Club newsletter tonight. A full-page interview introduces the G.I. Joe collecting community to Mark Weber, the new Brand Manager on G.I. Joe!

Mr. Weber brings a wealth of experience, working within Transformers, and also managing the Sports Picks brands for MacFarlane Toys. As a long time G.I. Joe fan, he seems poised to make some great changes to our favorite brand going forward.

He does get into some details about plans for G.I. Joe in 2015 and going forward, focusing on “future entertainment”, which most likely refers to the third film. One piece of good news he gives us is plans for 2015 include “a lineup constructively similar to 2014″ which means more modern format G.I. Joe figures in a 4″ scale. More news should be coming at JoeCon in Springfield, IL.

With the news so quiet on the G.I. Joe front recently, it’s great to see someone actively working on the brand. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Weber to G.I. Joe, and hopefully we can all work together towards some great things in the coming years!

To see Mr. Weber in action, check out Vangelus’ interview of him at Botcon 2014 below.