Marauder “Gun Runners” reveals 3D image of Kickstarter Exo-Suit

I couldn’t love the looks of this any more if I tried.  Over on the Marauder Facebook Page (as well as via an update to his Kickstarter Page), Marauder has revealed a 3D image of the upcoming Marauder Task Force Exo-Suit.

And yes, it looks amazing.

Big, bulky, yet promising some impressive articulation, this fantastic looking mechanized Exo-Suit has been designed by the action figure wizards of Boss Fight Studio, which alone convinces me that it’s going to rock.  Check out the 3D image below, and if you haven’t kicked in some cash for the latest Marauder Kickstarter yet, what are you waiting for?  We all need this exo-suit in our lives.

Marauder “Gun Runners” Exo Suit, K-9, Contract Ops Kickstarter is LIVE

I’m unreasonably excited about this, mostly due to the bad ass design aesthetics of the Exo-Suit.

With the posters and concept art shown off at NJCC, MJ had said to expect the Kickstarter soon, and soon means NOW.  Featuring the introduction of the K-9, the Exo-Suit and the Contract Ops Marauder Task Force figure, this Kickstarter also introduces a ton of new, exciting colors to your existing Task Force and Valkyries squads.

Personally, I’m all about this Exo-Suit.  With a ton of customizable parts there looks to be an infinite number of combinations not just for suit pieces, but also for different elements of the suit to connect directly to the figures themselves.  Truly awesome looking stuff from Marauder and the design wizards at Boss Fight Studio.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter stands at $26,000 and I expect it to blast through funding quickly before moving on to some stretch goals, so let’s get this cranking!  Daddy needs a camouflage Exo-Suit!

New Jersey Collectors’ Con Recap – Marauder “Gun Runners” reveals

What.  A.  Weekend.

The New Jersey Collectors Con celebrated their first two-day event this past weekend with a Boss Fight Launch Party, promoting the launch of their Series 2 Fantasy lines and they took this opportunity to bring in the wonderful folks from Marauder, Inc. including some show exclusive “Engineering Ops” Marauder Task Force figures and more information about a wealth of projects in the works for Marauder.

Some of those exciting announcements were that due for Kickstarter, potentially in the next 1 – 2 weeks, are their K-9, the Contract Ops Task Force figure, and their spectacular looking Exo-Suit.  Marauder had some detailed images of concept art for these items at their booth and it’s pretty awesome looking stuff.

Along with the upcoming Kickstarter, there are also plans for a brand new series of Marauder weapons and new 1:12 scale weapons as well for your favorite 6″ sized action figures!

Last, but definitely not least, I have some personal investment in this next bit of news… revealed on the Friday before NJCC is that there is an upcoming RPG slated to run using the Marauder Task Force figures as a backdrop!

I will be working on this project in a writing/development capacity, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this, and I’m extremely excited for everyone to join me on this ride towards a more immersive Marauder universe. This is going to be a blast!

I can’t thank the folks at Marauder enough. They were more than gracious, great to talk to, and their customer service was exceptional throughout the entire weekend. Such a pleasure to talk and work with them. Do yourselves a favor and, if you haven’t, hit up and check out their Task Force product. You will be real glad you did.

Marauder Launches 1:12 scale 6″ Accessory Kickstarter!

Wow, this came out of nowhere!  That Marauder guy loves to launch this stuff in surprise fashion at the beginning of April.

With his Marauder Task Force figures surging their way through the production process, Marauder has launched a brand new Kickstarter featuring 1:12 scale weapons and accessories for 6″ action figures!  Similar to his 1:18 offerings, he’s presenting some of his most popular modular weapons in a larger scale.

Folks have been clamoring for a 6″ G.I. Joe line, well, get on this Kickstarter early and grab yourself an arsenal, just in case.

You can’t deny the devotion to the 6″ scale that many collectors have, so I’m sure this will go over well.  Check out the Kickstarter here, and show your support for Marauder!

If there are 6″ afficianados who are not familiar with Marauder’s work, trust me when I say the quality is second to none.  You will NOT be disappointed.


GeneralsJoes Reviews Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 6!

It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally gathered together my thoughts for the sixth series of Marauder “Gun Runners” fantastic weapons and accessories.  From standard assault rifles to a plethora of modular accessories, grips, and scopes, Series 6 of Marauder’s offerings is simply fantastic.

Check out the full review in my Marauder “Gun Runners” section, or at the direct link below.

Marauder “Gun-Runners” updates us on upcoming Wave 6

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but we’re now hearing directly from the source that the sixth wave of weapons from Marauder “Gun-Runners” is on the way!  Communicating via their Facebook page, Marauder gives us a rundown of what weapons to expect in Wave 6 and announces that it should be available by late summer!

The details are as follows, with the image gallery of the real weapons Marauder is basing his sixth series on below.  The images below are NOT the actual Marauder weapons, they are the “real world” equivalent.  Don’t forget to hit up Marauder Gun-Runners for all of your weapon or dio accessory needs!  If you want it, chances are, they’ve got it!

Hey Folks! Here is the list & images of the new Marauder Series #6. The set contains 12 weapons, 12 new “modular” attachments and several other accessories:

*-M200 “Type” Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod (Modular)
*-M240 Bravo Machine gun with Bipod (Modular)
*-AA12 Shotgun with Ammo Drum (modular)
*-MP40 Machine Gun
*-AKM ak47 Assault Rifle (modular)
*-FOS Assault Rifle (modular)
*-Vector “Type” Machine Gun (Modular)
*-QBZ Type 95 Chinese Assault Rifle (Modular)
*-Aliens “Type” Flame Thrower
*-Throwing star
*-Glock 18 “Type” Pistol
*-Desert Eagle “Type” Pistol (Modular)
*plus 4 “mod” scopes/sights, 3 “mod” grips, 2 “mod” silencers,a “mod” flashlight, a “mod” grenade launcher and several other clips & ammo cases.

The target avail date is late summer. Thanks again for all your support and PATIENCE! We hope you like what is on the way!

Marauder “Gun Runners” I.D.S. Action Figure Stands on sale now!

Displaying figures came to the forefront with the Anniversary line, as Hasbro started including display stands with every figure.  Yet, as with the vintage stands, they are static, rectangular, and just never seem to be the right size to fit every display.

Marauder to the rescue, as usual.  There was a special premier of these at JoeCon 2009 last weekend, and now they are up for sale at the site itself.  These awesome action figure stands feature a very unique interlocking design to basically build a platform of stands that is extremely versatile and infinitely useful.  Not only that, but each stand has a peg for the new Anniversary/Star Wars/Rise of COBRA peg holes, but also has a peg for the vintage style as well.  Great stuff.

Check out some images mirrored below, and pick up a set of 20 for $12.99 here!

Marauder Series 5 REVIEWED!

Well, luckily I finished taking pictures of the latest offerings from Marauder “Gun Runners” before my wife’s camera crapped out!  And what a batch of offerings they are.  The latest run of Marauder, Inc. weapons and accessories have been reviewed.  Check them out:

Marauder “Gun Runners” Series 5