Marauder Task Force posts HUGE Kickstarter Update!

There is a ton of exciting news in the latest update to the Marauder Task Force Exo-Suit/K9 Kickstarter, it’s tough for me to decide just where to start.

I guess I’ll start with the biggest news first:



Amazing update to the ongoing Kickstarter is that Marauder is moving forward on producing 1:18 scale figures in suits, something that’s been missing the marketplace for a very long time.  But in true MTF style, they are making them variable with the ability to wear tactical vests and various lower arms.

But that’s not all.  Anyone who is interested in the Exo-Suit figures is getting a bunch more bang for their buck.  Where previously you had to consider getting the Exo-Suit and the additional accessories in two separate purchases, now every single Exo-Suit will come complete with ALL of the accessories!  So if you bought a 6-Pack, you no longer have to use two slots for a complete Exo-Suit.  Along with this, they’ve also shuffled around stretch goals and generally ramped things up for a strong finish.

Check out the full text of the Kickstarter update below and get yer wallets ready to finish this thing off BIG.  If you haven’t considered supporting the Kickstarter, don’t wait – DO IT NOW.

Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops! by Marauder GR — Kickstarter

Hey Taskers!

We passed $100K in pledges…thank you!  Thanks to hitting that milestone, the distance between each stretch goal has been reduced to only $8,000!  Also, we “adjusted” the order of several of the unlocked stretch goals to meet your requests!  Can unlock more K9 Dogs & Contract Ops figures sooner!  In addition, the “Exo -Suit” gear sets have been REMOVED from the event… because EACH Exo-Suit will receive ALL those additional weapons & accessories added for FREE!  So each Exo-Suit will come FULLY equipped with ALL gear!  And lastly, the highly requested “Agency-Ops” stretch goal is now OFFICIALLY in the stretch goals!  NOT added as the final stretch goal, but inserted into the middle of the unmet stretch goals!  When unlocked, each Agency-Ops figure will come with a full business suit, a 2nd Dress shirt torso, an extra set of rolled up sleeve forearms and Utility vest with pistol & holster.  

Marauder “Gun Runners” Exo Suit, K-9, Contract Ops Kickstarter is LIVE

I’m unreasonably excited about this, mostly due to the bad ass design aesthetics of the Exo-Suit.

With the posters and concept art shown off at NJCC, MJ had said to expect the Kickstarter soon, and soon means NOW.  Featuring the introduction of the K-9, the Exo-Suit and the Contract Ops Marauder Task Force figure, this Kickstarter also introduces a ton of new, exciting colors to your existing Task Force and Valkyries squads.

Personally, I’m all about this Exo-Suit.  With a ton of customizable parts there looks to be an infinite number of combinations not just for suit pieces, but also for different elements of the suit to connect directly to the figures themselves.  Truly awesome looking stuff from Marauder and the design wizards at Boss Fight Studio.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter stands at $26,000 and I expect it to blast through funding quickly before moving on to some stretch goals, so let’s get this cranking!  Daddy needs a camouflage Exo-Suit!

Boss Fight Launch Party at NJCC this weekend!

Will I see you there?

This weekend in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is the New Jersey Collectors Convention featuring a full weekend of Boss Fight Studios goodness!

Featuring the creators of Vitruvian HACKS, the guys behind the thrilling Zombie Lab Kickstarter, MJ from Marauder “Gun Runners”, the guys from NECA, and a wealth of awesome vendors, NJCC will be the place to be this weekend.

There is ONLY ONE TICKET available for what’s sure to be a great custom class on Saturday at 11:00am and there should be some great reveals going on all weekend.  

This is going to be a fantastic weekend and I’ll be down there the whole time, so I hope to see you all in Cherry Hill!  Check or their Facebook page for the latest info.


Marauder Task Force reveals fantastic new offerings for 2017

As if there wasn’t enough news already!

By all accounts the Marauder Gun Runners booth at JoeCon is hopping, and in the midst of all  the eager Task Force fans, Marauder has revealed some amazing new items coming in 2017!

First and foremost, what looks to be a Task Force compatible Exo-Suit (think Edge of Tomorrow type of thing) and a fully articulated military K-9!  Articulated animals are something that fans have been clamoring for throughout the years that I’ve been a member of the community and it’s pretty fantastic to see some of those dreams realized.  The images aren’t great I’m trying to get someone to take some better ones) but you can get an idea of what’s coming from Marauder.  Also in their booth are some test shots of upcoming items to be released including lower arms without armor and some new vests and accessories previously unrevealed!

Also, somehow I missed this news tidbit, but physical samples of the Valkyrie Test Shots have also been released via the Marauder Gun Runners Facebook Page, and those are mirrored below.

This has been an amazing start to JoeCon 2016 and both Hasbro and the G.I. Joe Collectors Club are still to come with their reveals.  What an explosive finish to the Fun Publications reign, I desperately wish I was there to enjoy it with everyone else.

Marauder Gun Runners offering special JoeCon Exclusives!

A short while ago Marauder “Gun Runners” announced that they would have some JoeCon exclusives available in Loveland, Colorado next week, and now we get an idea of what they’re offering!

Check out the post on the Marauder Facebook Page and the mirrored images below.  If you’re hitting JoeCon, make sure to stop by the Marauder booth and stock up!

Hey Folks!
We are excited to unveil the MTF Con Exclusive figures:

Tan with Green ASSAULT-OPS
Green with Brown RANGE-OPS
Tan with Tan HAVOC-OPS

These were the MOST requested color combinations and we are delighted to release them! In addition to new color gear for the Range-Ops & Assault-Ops versions, there are new “SKULL-FACE” balaclava heads. They’ll be available at Joecon and will make remaining inventory live on the website after the show. We hope you like them and look forward to seeing all of you next week at the con!

Marauder “Gun Runners” reveals test shot of Stedi-Cam Gunner

Okay, I think I’m in love.

Alongside their latest Kickstarter for the Marauder Task Force Valkyries, Marauder “Gun Runners” also included  a great stretch goal for the “stedi-cam gunner” an excellent looking tweaked version of the Marauder Task Force figure with rolled up sleeves, different lower legs, a fantastic new helmet, webgear, and really cool looking new stedi-cam heavy weapon.

Today over on the Marauder Gun Runners Facebook page we get a first look at an early test shot of this set and frankly, it looks amazing.  Even better than I thought it might.  The same fantastic design work that we’ve come to expect from Boss Fight Studio, all working flawlessly within the Marauder customizable figure system.  Really great stuff.  Check out the mirrored images below.

Marauder Valkyries Kickstarter Updated with 3D Models

We are just over halfway through the Marauder “Valkyries” Kickstarter campaign, and sitting at almost $68,000.  So far, all that we’ve seen of the Valkyrie figures has been some great Boss Fight Studio input drawings, but that all changed tonight.

For the first time, Marauder has revealed 3D Digital Sculpts of three of the upcoming Valkyries and they’re looking pretty sharp!

Hop on over to the Kickstarter page, and check out some of the images below.  As these stretch goals get wrapped up, the higher pledges become a whole lot more valuable.

Keep watching the campaign, there are only 18 days left, and they’ll be done before you know it.

Marauder Task Force figures and accessories are in transit!

I know once I posted my review of the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures, the overwhelming question I received was “so when are they shipping?!”

The answer to that question is… NOW.

Marauder “Gun Runners” sent out an exciting Kickstarter update thanking everyone for their patience and reporting that shipments are being packed and shipped as I type, and the first shipments may even arrive next Monday!

Also included in the update is a word of thanks to the folks from Boss Fight Studio, who have apparently been instrumental in helping with production problems. I would guess that their vast amounts of industry experience in action figure design AND production was immeasurably helpful to the Marauder Task Force, and I’m thrilled to see the end results!

Check out the full text of the Kickstarter update below.


Marauder Task Force Figures & Accessories have started to ship!
Hey Marauder Task Force Team Members!

We have begun shipping the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter reward packages! THANK YOU for your patience through this entire process and really appreciate those that stuck it out with us!  It will take some time to pack & ship all the orders, but our goal is to have EVERYTHING shipped by the end of next week.  Several of you will start receiving packages on Monday 6/22, with receipts continuing to arrive there after. International orders ship first, but will still take longer than domestic orders to arrive.

ALL our resources are directed towards packing & shipping, so please be so kind as to hold off asking for tracking info or checking if your package has shipped.   We will be DELIGHTED to  deal with specific package shipping details on a case by case basis after shipping is complete.
Also, a BIG thank you to Boss Fight Studio.  We all know about their design work on the MTF project, but the delay with our MTF project resulted in a “ripple” effect delay with the release of their Vitruvian HACKS project.   BFS went above & beyond helping to correct the production issues.  Everything from working solutions with the engineers, reviewing materials, tooling adjustments…they even took time to check out the production during their recent Hong Kong trip. Thanks to the combined efforts of BFS & MGR, and our factory vendors, we have refined our production process, hopefully ensuring smoother rollout for all upcoming BFS & MGR projects.

Again, THANK YOU for your support and we really hope you like YOUR Marauder Task Force action figures & accessories!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team

Next up for Marauder Task Force?

The folks from Marauder “Gun Runners” are furiously working out the kinks from their first assortment of Marauder Task Force figures. As they iron out that process, they are deep in the design phases for their NEXT installment!

Marauder has posted a little teaser image on their Facebook Page:


I would anticipate that this won’t go live until folks have their hands on series 1, but I’m glad the design and conceptual process appears to have started already.

Now, the only question remains… what are these? Obviously Valkyries are famous female warriors, so does that mean Marauder is working on some sort of female Task Force next? Or am I off base?

Time will tell…

Meanwhile, the Marauder “Gun Runner” six inch weapon Kickstarter continues to push onward. Consider supporting that right here.

20% off Sale at Marauder “Gun-Runners” Spring-Fever!

Hey Folks!

Tired of winter? Sick of snow? We are too! To get us all in the mood for spring…here is our FIRST ever “Spring Fever” sale on the website! 20% off ALL orders of $14.99 or more. ALL items on the site are eligible and the discount is automatically applied to the order! Event is scheduled to end Sunday night the 22nd…but we reserve the right to end the promo sooner for any reason. So now is a great time to get all your 1:18 scale miniature “gun-running” needs filled!

Also, please check out our new “geared-up” weapons, such as the gun-metal color M4 MOE rifle available with either black or tan modular accessories for just $2.99 each ($2.39 each if purchased on a qualifying order)!

M4 MOE -Black & Gun-Metal Deluxe Version

M4 MOE Tan & Gun-Metal Deluxe Version


Hope you all stop by and check out the event!  Thanks again for your support and Hooray for Spring!

MJ & the entire Marauder GR Team

Marauder “Gun-Runners”