Python Patrol Infantry Commander: Major Bludd

The Python Patrol finally have their commander… Major Bludd.  The figure is based off the 2003 release that was part of the the Toys R Us Exclusive Python Patrol six figure set.  This version will include a new head sculpt with a removable helmet.  The paint scheme matches the rest of the Python Patrol and comes with some great accessories.  Bludd looks really good and is geared up to lead the Python Patrol into battle.


– 25th Anniversary Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure.
– Modern Era Update of Character based on 2003 design.
– Features NEW Head Sculpt with removable helmet.
– Includes removable grenade harness with pistol,
handgun with rocket, backpack with rockets x 3,
sonic bazooka, and Cobra Logo Stand.

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New G.I. Joe: Battleground PVP Event – Nemesis Rising!

If you’re anything like me, you were wondering exactly where Nemesis Enforcer was throughout all of these recent Cobra La events in G.I. Joe: Battleground. Well, wonder no longer, as a new PVP (Player Vs. Player) event begins today, and features the one and only winged Cobra La enforcer as the first ever Legendary Rarity card.

See the full details below, including images from event cards. And how about that? Direct To Consumer Major Bludd?! Excellent. There’s been an infusion of DTC inspired cards recently, with Scrap Iron, Mutt, and Salvo, and I love seeing the obscure source material used in the game. Very cool.

DeNA’s G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND mobile game is launching a new Player vs. Player (PvP) event called Global Warfare: Nemesis Rising. This exciting event will run through October 4, 2013.

About the Event

With the defeat of Golobulus in Shanghai, Cobra-La’s resurgence seems to have been ground to a halt. Nemesis Enforcer has awoken but is now without a master to take orders from. Without Golobulus’s command, Nemesis Enforcer has become a wild card. As Joe and Cobra forces battle each other around the world, it has become clear that Nemesis Enforcer’s intent is showering destruction all around him until he can be subdued by a new master.

G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND will introduce its first legendary rarity card – Nemesis Enforcer! Battle other players and reach the very top ranks for a chance to get this powerful new unit to your squads.


Download G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices for free at: Mobage | G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND

Check out the static images below, and be sure to check out Nemesis Enforcer and Major Bludd in their animated glory!

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #190

I feel very sad and disappointed that I didn’t get this review done more quickly, as this was an amazing issue of A Real American Hero.  This was pure Hama greatness, almost as if pulled from the 80’s, with some great hints of Special Missions tossed in for good measure.  This isn’t a “feel good” story of G.I. Joe, it’s wrought with many of the same government tensions and political frustrations as you may have witnessed with the old Special Missions series, yet it’s not obvious, it’s just a part of the story.

Every day that a new Real American Hero issue is released is a day that I’m one happy G.I. Joe fan.  Check out the full review after the jump.

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Sideshow Collectibles 12″ Major Bludd PRE-ORDER IS LIVE!

Woah!  How is that for a nice Monday surprise!  Sideshow Collectibles has their fantastic looking 12″ Major Bludd up for pre-order RIGHT NOW.  Check out the links below to pre-order this bad boy.

Sideshow Collectibles EXCLUSIVE Major Bludd

Sideshow Collectibles Major Bludd

MTV Geek provides exclusive look at upcoming Sideshow Major Bludd!

Yes, we’ve been in a G.I. Joe drought over the past several months, but MTV Geek and Sideshow Collectibles are here to provide a small glass of water in the desert of G.I. Joe retail releases!

It’s a simple image, but an insanely cool one, featuring the infamous Bludd holding some of his trademark dog tags from his victims.

Check out MTV Geek for more information, and I’ve mirrored part of this fantastic image below.  Of course you should also be checking out Sideshow Collectibles on a regular basis for great G.I. Joe items in stock now!

G.I. Joe items IN STOCK NOW!

G.I. Joe: Initiate Episode 1 Fan Film is online now, and it’s great!

I for one have been pestering all of my buddies at Coil Con for some info about G.I. Joe: Initiate, which was shown there for the first time earlier today, but nobody was biting.  Well, now Episode 1 can be seen by all.  Action packed and in High Definition, I strongly recommend you find a way to view this on the big screen.

YouTube apps are available for Playstation 3, X-Box 360, Apple TV, etc…  and I think watching this on a television screen only made it even cooler.

With Beachhead, Chuckles, and Major Bludd taking up most of the screen time of this first six minute episode, I find my mouth watering to see some more action.  Looks like Episode Two will make me VERY happy.

Check out the first episode embedded below, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.  This is GREAT stuff.  Again, check it out on your TV screen if you can.  It’s worth it.  Great work by everyone involved.  As always, stay up to date on future episodes at and on Facebook.  I suspect they’ll be getting a lot of traffic starting now!

Buckle your seat belts… G.I. Joe: Initiate opens fire this weekend!

We’ve been talking about the G.I. Joe: Initiate fanfilm for a while now, throughout the entire Kickstarter campaign, up through their various character reveals, and now it would appear that production on Episode 1 is complete, and G.I. Joe: Initiate launches for the first time at Coil Con 2012 September 8th!

The film should hit YouTube very shortly thereafter, so hopefully for all of us, by this time next week we’ll have seen G.I. Joe: Initiate.  Directed by Fred Doss, who has the distinction of being the victim of both Cobra (in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) and the Decepticons (in the 2007 Transformers live action film) has a long and storied film background, and I’m excited to see him translate that into a high quality G.I. Joe fanfilm.  Lots of military folks were involved in the making of this production, I cannot wait to see it.

To stay up to date and get all the skinny behind the film, check out the links and info below:

Image Gallery (tons more images at their Facebook page)

Mysterious Stranger Sideshow Collectibles report from ComicCon 2012

Good morning!  Some technical issues got in the way, but I have now posted a report from Mysterious Stranger, who was kind enough to travel to San Diego and cover ComicCon for GeneralsJoes.  As we know now there wasn’t much in the way of new information from Hasbro, but Sideshow Collectibles was on hand with two brand new figures to show off (The Baroness and Major Bludd) as well as in hand samples of some other upcoming figures like Snake Eyes and the Crimson Guard.

Mysterious Stranger took plenty of pictures and spoke with some Sideshow Collectibles representatives.

Click the read the rest of the story link below to read the report and see the great images from the show.

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Additional details revealed for Sideshow Collectibles Major Bludd and Baroness

Big thanks to Kenny on Twitter who pointed us in the direction of this YouTube video from Hot Chix Cool Toy Reviews that spent some time talking to Sideshow during ComicCon, and got some great info on these upcoming G.I. Joe figures straight from the source!

According to Matt from Sideshow, The Baroness has multiple portraits as well as multiple removable glasses options, both really cool touches from the toy maker.  The G.I. Joe related content is at the 7:30 mark.  Check out the embedded video below.

ComicCon starts with a 1:6 scale sized BANG from Sideshow Collectibles!

It’s only preview night, but already we’re getting some G.I. Joe related intel hot off the presses!

Sideshow Collectibles has their booth rolling, and contained within are an incredible looking Baroness and Major Bludd!  The head sculpt and robotic arm on Bludd are especially bad ass, but Baroness is certainly no slouch either.  Both figures look amazing and are currently on display at booth #1929.

The folks over at have already begun posting images, and I’ve mirrored a few images from Sideshow on Twitter below as well.  I’ve got someone on site in San Diego who will be reporting back with his own share of intel and images as the weekend goes on.  You can check out HissTank’s images right here, and if anyone wants to send some others along, I’m listening!