Loyal Subjects Black Friday Sale features some familiar faces

Starting TONIGHT at 11:59pm Pacific Time the Loyal Subjects will be holding a special Black Friday sale, offering 40% off some upcoming products.

Included in those products are some very cool looking G.I. Joe exclusives, including a blue Baroness, Python Patrol, Glow in the Dark Snake Eyes, and an Arctic Firefly. For anyone who hasn’t gotten into them yet, you really need to check out their next generation of collectible articulated figures. They are VERY cool.


Keep your eyes on LoyalSubjects.com to see the latest!

Baroness – V2 Blue Variant
Blister Card – Ed 750
14 pts of articulation, interchangeable accessories
Ships Spring 2016
Under License from Hasbro Inc, 2016.
Snake Eyes – GID Variant
Blister Card – Ed 750
14 pts of articulation, interchangeable accessories.
Ships Spring 2016
Under License from Hasbro Inc, 2016
Firefly- Polar Force Variant
Blister Card – Ed 750
14 pts of articulation, interchangeable accessories
Ships Spring 2016
Under License from Hasbro Inc, 2016
Crimson Guard/Copperhead – Python Patrol
Windowbox – Ed 750
14 pts of articulation, interchangeable accessories
Ships Spring 2016
Under License from Hasbro Inc, 2016
Along with these there are some very fun looking MOTU pieces (with glow in the dark!) and TMNT items as well.

Check LoyalSubjects.com throughout Black Friday weekend to grab some of these great deals!

New press images for upcoming Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe items

Over on the Official Loyal Subjects Facebook group, a great selection of new press images has been revealed for upcoming G.I. Joe product and it looks insanely cool.  A great mixture of vinyl style and articulation (with removable accessories to boot!) this looks like a pretty huge step forward in the vinyl figure concept.

They also showed images of the FANG (with rotating copter blades) and the Watchtower (with rotating gun and movable spotlight).  These mini accessories can actually fit the figures!  Pretty crazy looking stuff.

Check out the images below, and keep watching TheLoyalSubjects.com and the Loyal Subjects Facebook Group for the latest info!  Also, the NerdRAHtio podcast posted an interview with Loyal Subjects designer Joe Allard recently, you should absolutely check that out, too.

Courtesy of Coil Con and NerdRahtio, the first look at Loyal Subjects VAMP

Coil Con VI happened this past weekend, and thanks to Sam with the Nerdrahtio Podcast, he was allowed to reveal the first concept art for the upcoming Loyal Subjects VAMP w/ Clutch!

As if these newly designed figures weren’t cool enough, I really can’t believe the Loyal Subjects are also doing vehicles.  Pretty awesome, and if the art is any indication, the VAMP will rock.

Check out the mirrored image below, and make sure you tune in to the Nerdrahtio Podcast for this and more G.I. Joe goodies.


Cool new Loyal Subjects Fang Gyro Copter revealed!

I’ve talked a little bit about the awesome looking new Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe product, and also mentioned they’re not just doing figures, but also vehicles.  Well, we’ve got a great first look at one of those vehicles.

Over on Facebook, Johnathon Cathey from the Loyal Subjects showed off a first look at the FANG Gyro Copter!

Thanks to Diana Davis for directing me towards a cool little movie as well.  Check out the video here.



Sneak Peek at next generation of G.I. Joe Loyal Subjects Vinyl Figures

The first run of Loyal Subjects vinyl figures was pretty fun, I thought, and I ended up with most, if not all of them. Well, for this next iteration, the folks at Loyal Subjects are truly pulling out all the stops. Increased articulation, added detail and removable masks highlight some of the offerings, but that’s not all.


That’s right, VEHICLES. The Loyal Subjects have revealed a FANG, a VAMP, and a Watchtower to fit their vinyl figures. Amazing!

Check out the details at the Loyal Subjects blog, and I’ve mirrored some of the images below.

G.I. Joe and Transformers co-mingle in new Loyal Subjects video

If you’ve been following G.I. Joe news recently, you’ve likely heard that the Loyal Subjects are reinventing their G.I. Joe vinyl figure brand in pretty exciting new ways. More on that in a bit…

For now, though, they’ve also produced a pretty hilarious video putting their Transformers and G.I. Joe vinyl figures together with pretty great results.

They have three episodes planned, with the first one now on YouTube. Check it out below, and keep watching LoyalSubjects.com for the latest info!


The NerdRAHtio Podcasts breaks some awesome news from The Loyal Subjects

Over the past few days, we’ve seen some teasers from the Loyal Subjects about their next series of G.I. Joe themed toys, and by all indications, things are looking really awesome!

The first run through of Loyal Subjects product was pretty fun in a non-articulated vinyl figure kind of way (though to be fair, they did have some articulation) but this new iteration?  It looks downright spectacular.

The guys from the Nerdrahtio Podcast took some time to talk with Jonathon Cathey from The Loyal Subjects who revealed some very cool news about the upcoming G.I. Joe line, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe.  Some really great intel is in the recording, so you gotta check it out.  We find out what to expect from the first two G.I. Joe waves.  You don’t want to miss it!

Check out the latest episode right here, take a peek at all of their images here, and I’ve mirrored a couple of the G.I. Joe ones below.  Great stuff!

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Toy Fair 2014 – Loyal Subjects catalog reveals Series Two G.I. Joe!

One very cool licensed item that was debuted last year were some great mini figures by the Loyal Subjects.  Packaged in blind boxes these unique items had some great chase figures as well as a really  cool and unique design aesthetic.

GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Matt Guzy from Awesome Toy Blog acquired a catalog from the Loyal Subjects at Toy Fair, and within was a listing for Series Two of their G.I. Joe items!

Characters like Roadblock, Beachhead, and Cobra Trooper are shown in the catalog, among others.  Check out the mirrored image below and big thanks to Matt for the heads up.  Follow him on Twitter for some great Toy Fair coverage.


New G.I. Joe items “Hot off the Truck” and pre-orders at Entertainment Earth

Hot on the heels of other online stores, Entertainment Earth has posted their own pre-order for the upcoming G.I. Joe Eaglehawk Assault Copter!  Along with that pre-order, EE has also posted some recently released G.I. Joe product.  Check out the links below.

Included in those links above are the awesome new mini figures from The Loyal Subjects as well.   Hit it up!

G.I. Joe and the Loyal Subjects – Les Schettkoe signing event at BAIT

This Saturday, March 23, 2013 from 5-8PM, BAIT will host an in-store event to celebrate the release of the GI Joe x The Loyal Subjects 3″ Mini Collectible Series and the GI Joe: Retaliation film.

Designed by Les Schettkoe, the GI Joe x The Loyal Subjects collection features articulated 3″ vinyl representations of classic characters like Cobra Commander, Destro, Duke, Snake Eyes, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Gung-Ho, Snow Job, and three mystery chase figures. The series is packaged in blind boxes that retail for $12.99 each.

Schettkoe will be in-store to help launch the figures, offering fans a chance to get their vinyls signed by the mind that created them.

This is a unique opportunity for G.I. Joe fans to interface with the artists who have created these excellent products and to get a first look at the Loyal Subjects G.I. Joe licensed offerings.  BAIT is located in Diamond Bar, California (further details are in the attached image).

Thanks to the Loyal Subjects for passing this information along!