What’s on Joe Mind Special Edition #53 – Interview with Larry Houston

Anyone who has watched an animated series from the 80s and 90s has likely watched something Larry Houston had a hand in.  An exceedingly prolific storyboard artist, director, and all around animation legend, Houston was directly involved in much of the Sunbow product, and most famously was the storyboard director for quite possibly the greatest three minutes in animated G.I. Joe history, the opening to 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie.

Mike and I sat down and talked all about his work on G.I. Joe as well as other landmark animated series of the time and he was a fantastic interview.

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Add Larry Houston to my list of personal heroes

If you’ve been watching cartoons for any length of time, chances are the name Larry Houston at least looks familiar.  He’s had his hands in several epic animated series throughout the past three decades including X-Men, COPS n Crooks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Animated Series, Exosquad… yeah, the list is huge.

So what makes him such a hero all of a sudden?

Just this:


Yes, according to a panel at this past weekend’s PowerCon, Larry Houston was the storyboard artist who designed the entire opening sequence to G.I. Joe: The Movie.  Widely regarded as perhaps the greatest three minutes in G.I. Joe animated history, Mr. Houston was apparently surprised and very pleased that the final animated version came back so close to his storyboard.

I think it’s safe to assume all G.I. Joe fans are just as pleased.  A big thanks to the Twitter account of Joe A Day for relaying this cool bit of information.