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Well, it’s Thursday, and that means the official “kick off to JoeCon 2011”!  Unfortunately I’m lodged firmly up North in my snow-buried New Hampshire habitat while so many of my friends and co-conspirators are either in Orlando, Florida, or are on their way.

But I’m celebrating the Convention in my own way…  hit up the GIJCC Reviews Section to check out the latest (and last) Adventure Team review, or just click the link below.

GIJCC Adventure Team sets ARRIVING NOW!

A few folks throughout the Joe online fandom are reporting getting confirmation of their Adventure Team sets…and as always seems to happen, Gyre Viper is first in line!  He has posted a plethora of pictures for the Land Adventurer with the awesome Battle Blitz repaint on, and I’ve mirrored the images below.

My only complaint…  how can the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club deny the fury of Battle Luge Guy?!  Blesphemy…

I wasn’t a huge fan of the Battle Blitz in the Spy Troops days, but for some reason as an Adventure Team themed repaint, it’s pretty damn cool.  And in all seriousness, the crates of weapons rock, even if it means ole BLG is left out in the cold.

Don’t forget, you can still order these from!