SDCC Update – Kwinn NOT canceled, “Spring, 2012” is a misprint

Okay, I’ve got Mysterious Stranger on the floor of the convention center in San Diego interrogating Hasbro staffers, and he relays this information to me via his Twitter account.  His info was also verified by Tweets from Entertainment News International, and A Real American

Essentially, what it comes down to, is Kwinn is NOT canceled.  Hasbro chose to showcase him at JoeCon (and in Canada) because they knew he was a fan favorite and those two locations would be a good place to debut him.

He WILL STILL BE RELEASED just not until a later, unannounced wave.  We currently have no idea when and where that wave will hit, but that’s the word from Hasbro.

Considering the movie sequel is on the horizon, I’m not entirely sure where they plan on fitting this mystery wave in, but I guess time will (hopefully) tell.  Tweets from A Real American also seem to indicate that Data-Viper is not necessarily canceled, and that Hasbro has every intention of trying to get him into a future assortment as well, they just cannot confirm where or when.

Last, but not least, the figure placards proclaiming a “Spring, 2012” release date are apparently misprints.  Mysterious Stranger thought the correct time frame was November/December, 2011, but he told me not to quote him on that.

Still bummed that we’re not seeing much of anything new at all (so far) but at least there is some positive news compared to the doom and gloom we were feeling a bit earlier.

GeneralsJoes Top Ten moments in Dr. Venom’s Cobra Career

As I conclude this week focusing some attention on Dr. Venom, I thought it only appropriate to do up a post about Dr. Venom’s short, but illustrious career with the Cobra organization.  I know Gary “cmderinchief” already posted his views, but I’ve got my own unique take!  Below are what I consider Dr. Venom’s “Top Ten” moments in his short, but storied history.  Click the “Read the rest of this Entry” link below to check out the full blown rundown!

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