GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Retaliation Budo and Kwinn

The news just broke today that G.I. Joe: Retaliation Wave 3.5 pre-orders are shipping from certain online retailers, but here at GeneralsJoes we’re getting a jump on things early.  Big thanks to Glumby for hooking me up with some early samples of these upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures, and I’ve posted two new reviews to the G.I. Joe: Retaliation Review Page.

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures from 2013 Toy Fair

Okay, I got the Tomahawk pictures up, and now the latest barrage is pictures of the new figures announced for Wave 3.  This includes the following:

  • Budo
  • Storm Shadow (Sunbow inspiration)
  • Cobra Commander (Sunbow inspiration)
  • “Ultimate” movie Flint
  • “Ultimate” movie Roadblock
  • Kwinn
  • Data-Viper

Check out these images over at the Events page, and more discussion will happen here shortly.

GeneralsJoes reviews canceled/pre-production 30th Anniversary Kwinn

Over the past week there has been a minor barrage of G.I. Joe news, from the Figure Subscription Service to the Canadian JoeCon, but over the next few months, things will probably be at a lull.

Well, what better time to showcase a figure that was initially slated for a final wave of the 30th Anniversary line, but never hit retail?  Hasbro has promised us a number of times that they would find a way to get this figure out there, and my conversations with Hasbro at JoeCon made me even more certain of that fact, but to date, this figure has not seen release.

As we’ve gotten used to over the past few years, G.I. Joe collector of pre-production items Gyre-Viper from has managed to get his hands on this figure, and he was kind enough to let me borrow it long enough to get this review posted.  Hopefully it provides an interesting look at a figure that will be hitting retail eventually.

With no further adeu, you can check out my 30th Anniversary Page, or hit the direct link below:

GeneralsJoes Concept Case Top 10 – Number 3

Getting down to the nitty gritty, which is where you’ll find this particular figure on most people’s want lists.  To be honest, if I had been asked a month ago what my most wanted figure would be, this guy would be pretty much have hit the top of the list without any competition.

Well, when Hasbro unveiled the Concept Case at this year’s G.I. Joe Convention suddenly there was a LOT of competition.  Vehicles, figures, ideas…  it almost relegated this guy to the “been there, done that” pile.  But not quite.

One close up look at this figure will tell you that even for folks who don’t really care for the character are still getting a very good G.I. Joe toy.

3 – G.I. Joe: 30th Anniversary Kwinn

Of course one might ask, among a team of heavily armored, heavily equipped, future tech sporting super-soldiers, where does an Eskimo with shorts, a khaki shirt, and a weasel skull necklace fit in?  That question has obviously been asked a lot, especially by Hasbro themselves as this poor guy (who is a fully tooled and ready for release figure) still has not gotten an opportunity to be released yet.

I think Hasbro pushed fans near the breaking point when they actually displayed him in a case full of unused (and perhaps never-to-be-used) concepts, but based on conversations with Hasbro at JoeCon, I think chances of Kwinn being released are probably around 85 – 90%.  This is not a guy you need to worry about never getting your hands on.  Regardless, he still stands proud pretty close to the top of my Top Ten list.  Admittedly, though, based on responses I’m seeing from the Concept Case survey, I am in the minority for putting him this far back, which should be good news for all of you Kwinn fans out there.

Check out the images from JoeCon below.

Reminder – Concept Case Survey Round 1 ENDS FRIDAY

Just wanted to drop a line to remind folks that the Concept Case Survey is still rolling along, and Round 1 will end Friday, July 20th.  Responses from Round 1 will be tabulated and I will post the actual SurveyMonkey charting to ensure 100% transparency.

Based on those results, I will set up Round 2 of the Survey to kick off, most likely next Monday, where the winners of Round 1 can face off against each other to get an idea of what the fans want!

Meanwhile, propaganda has started appearing online…the political machine is already at work.  Ladies and gentlemen…Joe fans…I encourage you to vote with your hearts.  But if you’re easily swayed…

Please be aware, as a neutral party, I believe in equal opportunity…if you have a candidate you want to endorse, find a creative way to express that, and let me know!

I approve this message!

Carded Heroes reviews upcoming (hopefully) Kwinn figure!

Considering they are apparently this far along in the production process, I would guess that chances of seeing Kwinn at some point in the future are probably pretty good.  But if not, we can all live vicariously through Gary (who owns this piece) or Jay (who reviewed this piece).

I will try to set aside my raging jealousy for a moment and commend Jay for a fantastic review of this much anticipated figure.  But even more importantly than that I can’t help but just marvel at the figure itself.  So basic, yet so amazing.  Evident now is that some of these parts were also used in the GIJCC Footloose figure, but seeing it all come together here on Kwinn is just a sight to behold.  A figure that has been so desired for so long, and seeing it done this well.  It is exceptionally painful to think this does not yet have a retail spot, yet also exhilarating to think it most likely will get some sort of release some time (hopefully) soon.  I know I’ll be hassling Hasbro about this guy in New Orleans.

Check out the full review over at and I’ve also mirrored a few images below.

And if you see Gary Godsoe at the Con, give him a nut kick and tell him to send the figure to me next time.  Kay?  Thanks.

JoeDeClassified continues the barrage with the Mighty KWINN!

Yes, he is not a myth.  He is not a fairy tale.  Finally after almost 30 years, the engimatic Eskimo known only as Kwinn is finally on the precipice of release…and you can get your first look at in house pictures right now over on!

It seemed to take forever for Kwinn to finally get his plastic due in his most familiar jungle khaki look, but when he debuted a JoeCon last year it seemed to be worth the wait.  He was friggen perfect.  Then, suddenly he wasn’t.  Delays.  Nobody was entirely sure how or when the figure would see release.  There were rampant rumors of convention exclusives and even *gasp* cancellation.

Well, there is still no concrete word about the fate of Kwinn the Eskimo, but evidently the figure is in some stage of production, because Gyre-Viper has got some test shots, baby, and he’s posted them RIGHT HERE.  I am mirroring all of these images below because Kwinn deserves all the attention he gets.  A day like today I absolutely love the irony…on a day where we’re all waiting with baited breath to see the 21st Century iteration of G.I. Joe in trailer form, a dated 25 year old legend gets his time in the spotlight.

It is as it should be.  Hopefully we’ll all be able to get him at retail sooner rather than later, but until then, live vicariously through Gyre-Viper.

GeneralsJoes Toy Fair 2012 Coverage – the Kwinn situation

Kwinn is a name I heard quite a bit throughout the G.I. Joe show room area, which I think is a good thing, because I’m not entirely convinced everyone within the Hasbro design team realizes just how much the fans want this figure.

I spoke with Derryl DePriest at length about Kwinn today at the Hasbro event, and he remained adamant that Kwinn was tooled up and that they are determined to find a place for him in the line.  Toy production is always a give and take process, whether you’re in finance, manufacturing, management, or design, and sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot.  I’m under the impression that they are still in “give and take” mode with Kwinn and sort of battling to figure out where to get him into the line.

Obviously, looking at the new figures we saw today, Kwinn just doesn’t seem to fit among mainstream retail offerings.  He doesn’t have next gen body armor, he is clearly from a different era in G.I. Joe’s history, and he really doesn’t mesh with the whole G.I. Joe: Retaliation concept.

That being said, there is still the possibility that we’ll see Kwinn at New York ComicCon as an NYCC exclusive.  That rumor has been going around quite a bit over the past several months, and the fact that mentions an NYCC Exclusive only seems to confirm the possibility.  Time will tell, but rest assured, folks within the G.I. Joe design team are trying like heck to get Kwinn to retail, hopefully they will succeed.

GeneralsJoes Reviews IDW’s Snake Eyes #8

Lost in the shuffle of the big Cobra Commander reveal from the mainstream G.I. Joe title last week was the most recent issue of IDW’s Snake Eyes title, which hit comic shops this past Wednesday.

Continuing the story of the Cobra Civil War, with a focus on a mysterious virus that Duke has been infected with, this run of Snake Eyes pairs up the two pseudo-rivals and sends them deep into a Cobra operated laboratory looking for a cure.  Click the Read the Rest of this Entry link below for the full review.

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G.I. Joe Q & A Answers November, 2011

Well, the guys at Hasbro’s PR firm were burning the midnight oil the night before Thanksgiving making sure we got our Q & A responses in!  Check out mine below…  I don’t remember asking two Kwinn questions, but there you are…

1) Speaking for the majority of collectors out there, I think we’re all very thankful you are going to such great lengths to finally release the perfect version of Kwinn the Eskimo. He obviously stands out quite a bit amongst the more modern and cutting edge military action figures that are hitting store shelves. How much of a challenge is it when you try and release figures that are so different aesthetically from their peers, and is that partly why Kwinn is possibly going to be relegated to a Convention Exclusive in 2012?

HASBRO:  From a marketing perspective, we had hoped to get him out with the 30th Anniversary line but the timing did not work out. You are correct in that the challenge now lies in finding the right place to put him. There is currently no final plan for Kwinn but he will make it out there eventually!

2) Back in the Marvel days, there was a tight connection between the comic and how toys appeared at retail. Have things changed from a retail perspective these days which prevents that connection between toys and the IDW comics? There are a number of great designs from the IDW comic team that Joe fans would love to see in plastic form.

HASBRO: With so many different forms of entertainment we have to prioritize which story to tell through product. There are definitely a number of great storylines in the IDW comic and we’re glad to hear you’re enjoying them!  The IDW team does an outstanding job.

3) In light of the recent issues with Kwinn finding a place at retail, how much input do retailers have with individual characters in a specific case assortment? Do they have final say about which specific figures are in each case and how they “mix” with the current retail strategy?

HASBRO:  The decision not to ship Kwinn was an internal decision based on knowledge of retail timing. With our movie product set date in early summer 2012, we did not want to risk shipping out an additional wave of figures so late in the year and risk excess inventory blocking movie product. Our retail partners trust Hasbro to make decisions regarding which figures we release in what mix.

Answers are coming in to other places around the web as well, but I’m about to depart for a day of family adventure, so I’ll have to recap that when I return.