Happy Hasbro Toy Shop Day!

But really, is anything about this day happy?

Today marks the day that Hasbro ComicCon exclusives go on sale on HasbroToyShop.com, and it’s a day that lives in infamy.

Typically these items go on sale around 9:30 – 10:30am Eastern Time, but only the gods of HasbroToyShop themselves can know for sure.

I know in years’ past, folks typically put a search string in for “SDCC” or “ComicCon” and kept hitting refresh to get a head start on when those categories might have product.  I have no idea if this will work, but if you want to give it a shot;

Again, no promises that any of those search algorithms will help…  but it’s wortha  shot.

Just as a reminder – the Desert Duel ComicCon Exclusive set was a joint Toys “R” Us/ComicCon exclusive and will NOT be available on HasbroToyShop. If you’re preparing your F5 fingers today it’ll be for the Crimson Strike set or the Slaughter Marauder/Iron Grenadier Kre-O set.

Gentlemen, start your refreshing!


One Day Only – Kre-O Building sets 40% off at Entertainment Earth

A great little bit of sales news today, as online retailer Entertainment Earth has 40% off all in stock Kre-O building sets!

While they don’t carry the G.I. Joe specific sets, as those are exclusive to Toys “R” Us, they have many other great sets from Battleship, Cityville, and Star Trek which would be awesome compliments for your G.I. Joe display.  Battleship especially has some terrific military elements to it.  Check out the Entertainment Earth Kre-O section, and check out some of the more specific sets below.  Great prices and a really good selection!

Order Kre-o Battleship Battle Base Set from Entertainment Earth!

Order Kre-o Battleship Combat Chopper Helicopter from Entertainment Earth!

Order Kre-o Battleship Land Defense Battle Pack from Entertainment Earth!

Order Kre-O Cityville Invasion Marina Madness Set from Entertainment Earth!

Order Star Trek Kre-O Star Trek Transporter Trouble Set from Entertainment Earth!

Episode 92 of What’s on Joe Mind has it all!

Sorry, Internet, we took a forced sabbatical for a little while as some technical issues nearly wiped out Episode 92 from existence!  Thankfully Gary’s technical wizardry pulled it back from the brink, and we have it ready to go.

This episode is absolutely chock full.  You want to hear about vintage G.I. Joe?  We got Kirk Bozigian for that!  You want to hear about stuff rolling with Boss Fight Studio?  Andrew Franks is actually one of the co-hosts!  You want to hear about some other cool projects from G.I. Joe fans?  Chris Sims and Chad Bowers lay the hammer about Down, Set, Fight!

There is literally something for everyone in this one.  Check out Episode 92 on our Podbean Page, or embedded below, and don’t forget to check the show notes!

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Two new Kre-O set listings appear in Toys “R” Us Computers

I was just digging through my review of the second wave of Kre-O mini figures when this news popped in my feed appropriately. According to Master Chief over atHissTank.com two new listings have appeared in Toys “R” Us computers for upcoming G.I. Joe Kre-O sets!

The listings are as follows:

GI JOE Kreo Wolverine Tank $29.99
GI JOE Kreo Outpost Defender $12.99

Master Chief has been a long time G.I. Joe fan and has been a very reliable source of information in the past, so I have no reason to doubt his information. This is great news for those of us Kre-O fanatics who have been anticipating some new trickle of information.

According to Master Chief, these sets may even hit in time for the Holiday season!

Sound off below! Are you excited? What do you think these sets will contain?

Personally, I’m not entirely sure if the “Wolverine” will truly be a classic “Wolverine”. The $29.99 price point is a bit higher than something of that size might indicate. I think we might get a more full-fledged battle tank, but I could be wrong.

Regardless, I’m excited to see and hear more! Thanks to Master Chief for the intel.


Fill that Kre-O void with some other excellent building sets

I realize it’s a strange time to talk about a G.I. Joe Kre-O “void” when the Ghoststriker and Wave 2 Kre-Ons are officially at retail, but the fact remains once those come and go, and the Arashikage Temple makes its appearance, any future iteration of G.I. Joe’s Kre-O line is officially up in the air.

Yes, Derryl DePriest did confirm at ComicCon that the line would continue into 2014 at Toys “R” Us which is fantastic news, but without any concrete information, Kre-O fanatics have started to look at other alternatives for their “building block” fix.

Big props have to go to the cadre of Kre-O fans on Twitter like Twitziller, Kenny, Todd, Flag Points, GeeWunner, AT_GIJoe and many others who find some really cool stuff on the outskirts.  Toys from companies like Cobi, Character Building and Oxford (which actually is the company that works with Hasbro to produce Kre-O) offer some awesome pieces to compliment your growing Kre-O collection.  Of course some of these items are only available overseas, and you need to expect some increased cost due to shipping or dollar conversion, but they exist and they are available.  Check out some examples below:

Character Building – Monsters Vs. Zombies “Lab of Doom”

Recreate the perfect Zombie-Viper outbreak scenario with some great alternate heads or use it as Mindbender’s lab or a B.A.T. Factory!


Character Building – Monsters Vs. Zombies “Laboratory of Doom”

Yes this one is a bit different than the one above.  Looks like a different doorway and some different mini-figures.  Very similar set up with just some minor tweaks.


Amazon.co.uk Building Block Listings

I showcased those two specific sets, but a cursory search of building block sets on Amazon’s UK site reveals a wealth of decent military offerings, from tanks and anti-aircraft to transport planes.


Character Building – Dr. Who

Made by the same company responsible for the HM Forces military sets also do some great Dr. Who sets that would also be a great source of B.A.T. factory or Cobra base pieces.  There is a particular seller on eBay who specializes in these sets.

Character Building sets from Roxy Media on eBay

G.I. Joe Kre-O Ghoststriker w/ Cobra Asp on sale at TRU.com!

For you fellow Kre-O fans who don’t have a local Toys R Us, rejoice!  The awesome looking Ghoststriker w/ Cobra ASP is on sale now at ToysRUs.com!  Not only that, but all Kre-O are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, so if you have a couple to pick up, it’ll completely offset those pesky shipping charges.

Big thanks to Kenny on Twitter for the info.  Go get ’em!

KRE-O G.I. JOE Fighter Jet Set A4478

Kre-O confirmed to continue through 2014 and talk of G.I. Joe’s future from SDCC

Over on Toy News International, Pixel Dan interviewed Derryl DePriest from Hasbro and spoke about 2014 and what potential plans are for G.I. Joe throughout next year. Mr. DePriest was quick to temper too much talk about the future, preferring to focus on G.I. Joe: Retaliation and their present assortments, which does make sense considering the DVD releases are hitting in a scant couple of weeks.

However, Derryl did open up just a bit on some possible happenings in 2014, and confirmed that Kre-O would be continuing through Toys “R” Us into next year. Along with that, he also mentioned that there might be some G.I. Joe related “surprises” at Toy Fair 2014, which indicates there is some sort of product plan for the coming year. Check out the video interview below.

Now, what’s interesting to me was that Derryl specifically mentioned Toy Fair 2014 as a possible source of “surprises”, which clearly says that product is planned for next year, but probably not until later in the year. If these items aren’t even being revealed until February, seems to me that chances are good we won’t see that product until summer at the earliest. That’s kind of a double-edged sword. On the positive side, it does show that Hasbro is still actively making plans for the G.I. Joe brand, even without a movie to support it. On the negative side that does seem to support some ideas that G.I. Joe at mass retail is on… well… I think we all know what the “h word” means by now, right?

I’m not trying to instigate some kind of “doom and gloom” scenario, though. Truth is, over the next 4 – 6 weeks we should be getting quite a few cool new figures, and the FSS 2.0 should be striking near the end of the year as well, so there will be G.I. Joe product to buy and seek out. Let’s face it, too, it’s not like we haven’t been through this before. Heck, there was the big brouhaha over the Rise of Cobra transition to the Pursuit of Cobra, and the figures that came out of that transition were some of the best toys we’ve seen in decades.

Regardless of the final outcome, it will be an interesting few months, but as G.I. Joe fans, I think we’re used to that by now. But I think we also know that G.I. Joe is a resilient brand. Not many other brands would have survived the constant re-inventions that we have over the past several years and the fact that as a brand G.I. Joe remains on the radar and viable is a testament to its core concepts and to the devotion of the design teams involved in its production. Hopefully that level of skill and enthusiasm is still behind the line and we can look forward to more great product still to come.

Think like a Kre-On Episode 2 features G.I. Joe dodgeball awesomeness

In April, “Think Like a Kre-On” Episode 1 hit the web, and it featured Transformers…  and many Joe fans asked “what about us?”  Well, over on the YouTube page for Toys R Us Hong Kong, us Kre-O G.I. Joe fans now have our own video to check out, and it ROCKS.

This is G.I. Joe dodgeball at its finest.  Check it out on YouTube and also mirrored below.  I’ll be watching this allllll day!  Thanks to BCYOJOE of HissTank for the info.

G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club announces 2013 Convention Parachute Drop… with KRE-ONS!

This press release hit my email box this morning, with the G.I. Joe Collectors Club officially announcing the parachute drop for the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention in Indianapolis!  One key surprise was immediately evident.  The parachute figure this year will be a KRE-ON.

For those of us who are into Kre-O sets and figures this is a pretty cool twist, although I will say part of me was looking forward to a typical 4″ G.I. Joe parachute figure as well.  Regardless, it will be very interesting to see what the Collectors’ Club has up their sleeve for Kre-O at JoeCon this year.

Click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link below for the full release.

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GeneralsJoes reviews G.I. Joe Kre-O Battle Platform and Thunderwave Jet Boat

The two largest G.I. Joe Kre-O sets from the first series caused some mixed reactions with me…some very positive, but some not so much.  You’ll have to check out the reviews to see which was which.  G.I. Joe Kre-O week continues on GeneralsJoes on my G.I. Joe Kre-O Review Page, or the direct links below!